My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace ( Xanthea and Mirand ) Chapter 270

My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace ( Xanthea and Mirand ) Chapter 270

Chapter 270 

Xanthea leaned in closer to her, a mischievous glint in her eyes. “Because if you don’t listen to me, I might tell everyone about your snoring during sleep!”

As she finished her words, Isabella froze, then glared furiously. “What are you talking about? Who snores in their sleep?”

You know very well whether I’m making this up. Choose wisely–cooperate, or let your perfect image be shattered.” 

“Xanthea, stop threatening me. Do you really think anyone would believe your nonsense?!” 

Isabella gritted her teeth in anger, while Xanthea remained cool. “Whether they believe it is up to them, but whether I say it is up to me. And I will say it when we get back!”

Say it when they get back?

A sudden realization hit Isabella, causing her to panic. “No! You better not spread rumors when we return, especially not before O…”

She cut herself off, and Xanthea looked at her puzzled, “O what?”

Never mind. Fine, we’ll cooperate. But how do we make sure to eliminate them first?”

“Just follow my lead.”

Xanthea whispered a few strategies in her ear. While Olivia and Rachel were wondering what they were discussing, Isabella suddenly held Xanthea tightly, taunting her, “Xanthea, begging me for mercy? No chance! Olivia, Rachel, come help me! I can’t tear her off by myself!”

“I knew it would come to this,” said Olivia.

Olivia and Rachel immediately ran over. Just as they reached to tear off Xanthea’s name tag, there was a “rip!” sound–suddenly, Xanthea and Isabella turned around and reached behind behind their backs, taking Olivia and Rachel completely by surprise. The broadcast announced, “Olivia OUT, Rachel OUT.”


The two stood there, as if unable to react, staring at Xanthea and Isabella in shock. After a moment, Olivia finally said in disbelief, “You two teamed up to trick me?”

Her voice quivered, and her eyes were filled with extreme anger.

“All’s fair in love and war, especially when it’s within the rules,” Xanthea smirked, casually spinning her tag. “Unlike some people, pulling dirty tricks in front of millions of viewers, right?”

Don’t you slander me, who played dirty?”

“Pfff. You treat the audience like fools, let’s see if they’ll let you get away with it.”

Olivia glared at her, wishing she could tear her apart like a tag.

“Xanthea, enough talk. Let’s start our duel!”

Isabella said, tossing her tag aside and walking towards Xanthea with a murderous look. Xanthea stepped back, rubbed her wrists, ready for the inevitable showdown.

But she wouldn’t lose.

At the sound of the whistle, the two immediately tangled and wrestled with each other. With both burning with a fierce desire to winthis name tag duel became exceptionally intense and exciting, eliciting cheers from the crowd and live chat alike.

After half an hour, an exhausted Isabella was finally eliminated with a rip by an equally worn–out Xanthea, who took advantage of her longer reach.

“Isabella OUT. The final victor of the tag–tearing battle is Xanthea. Congratulations on defending your tag and earning a reward of 60 dollars!” 

“Isabella OUT, the final winner of Tag of War is Xanthea. Congratulations to Xanthea, on defending your name tag and earning 6 points!”

[Ahhh congratulations to my Xan. She’s turning the tide!

[I didn’t become a fan just for Xanthea’s natural beauty, nor for the sweet moments with her and Oranthea, but now I can’t resist! I always fall for smart and determined beauties!]

[Xanthea is so clever, taking out the strongest first and then eliminating them one by one. Totally love it!]

Chapter 271

My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace ( Xanthea and Mirand )

My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace ( Xanthea and Mirand )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 5/14/2024 Native Language: English
My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace ( Xanthea and Mirand )"After Xanthea died, she witnessed the cold and ruthless president,

My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace

had actually killed the couple who harmed her. He knelt before her grave with bloodied hands, kissing her body, saying, “Xan, it’s too cold underground, I’m here to accompany you.”Reborn into her youth, Xanthea tormented the shameless bastard, Matthew and the despicable woman, Miranda, while also curiously investigating Orion, as they were completely unfamiliar before. Unexpectedly, as soon as they became familiar with each other, she was cornered by the man. “Xan, you know full well that I love you deeply, yet you dare to provoke me! In that case, never think of leaving me.”

My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace


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