My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace ( Xanthea and Mirand ) Chapter 227

My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace ( Xanthea and Mirand ) Chapter 227

Chapter 227 

“Orion, why didn’t you give me a call before dropping by?”

“Why?” Orion glared at her with a shadow of displeasure in his eyes. “Did interrupt something important by coming unannounced?”


Having encountered him unexpectedly last night at the elevator while saying goodbye to Benjamin, Xanthea immediately sensed the odd tone in his voice. Remembering how she and Benjamin were holding a coffee mug just as Orion walked in, she hastily waved her hands to explain.

“Benjamin and I were just discussing the script. Don’t get us wrong. It’s just your words could easily be misunderstood, don’t you know that?”

“Isn’t what I said true?” 

Orion stepped closer, his tall frame imposing, which forced Xanthea to instinctively step back.

“It is true, but to those unaware.”

“Or is it that Xan wants to hide something?”

His eyes narrowed slightly, catching the guilty spark in Xanthea’s eyes. She immediately widened her eyes, trying to defend herself, “Who? Me? How can I want to hide anything?”

Why was he getting so close to her? His proximity disrupted her thoughts, filling her mind with a buzzing noise that made it impossible for her to think clearly.

“So, what are you afraid of then?”

Orion cornered her against the table and suddenly leaned in close, startling Xanthea so much that she knocked over the mug standing on the table.

With a “crash,” the mug tumbled to the floorshattering into pieces.

Xanthea looked down at the broken mug. Her mind was still in a haze, as she saw Orion bending down to pick up the fragments.


Her expression paled with worry, and she quickly bent down, grabbing his hand, “What are you doing? There’s broken glass everywhere. What if you hurt yourself?”

As she spoke, the man paused abruptly.

He slowly looked up at her, his dark eyes sparkling with extreme joy.

She didn’t care about the broken mug, only that he might get hurt.

“The mug is broken.”

“If it’s broken, we’ll just buy a new one. But if you’re hurt, I’d…”

Xanthea caught herself before almost saying “I’d be worried,” and stumbled over her words, “I’d feel guilty.”


Orion smiled and grasped her hand back. His eyes were full of tender affections. “I’ll buy Xan another one.”

He held her hand tightly, the warmth of his hand seeping through her skin, making Xanthea think of what happened last night. How he had tied her to the bed post, his body pressing down on hers, as he whispered sweet nothings with unabashed affection.

Her heart pounded and her mouth went dry.

What was going on?

What was she even thinking? Those were just acting!

Xanthea felt not quite like herself since last night. She shook her head vigorously and pulled her hand away, forcing herself to keep a clear head, “I’m kind of hungry. Let’s have the afternoon tea!”


Orion laid out the box of coffeepastries, and snacks on the table.

Xanthea spotted a pink sakura mousse cake among them, her eyes lighting up as she grabbed a fork, “This is my favorite!”

Her eyelashes fluttered with delight, her eyes twinkling with joy as she held up her fork, looking every bit the adorable food enthusiast, which made Orion’s throat tighten a little.

“Give it a try.”


Chapter 22.

“Will do!”

Xanthea eagerly forked a piece and popped it into her mouth, her eyes blissfully narrowing, and mumbled through her mouthful, “Oh, this is so good, Orionyou really outdid yourself!” 

My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace ( Xanthea and Mirand )

My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace ( Xanthea and Mirand )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 5/14/2024 Native Language: English
My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace ( Xanthea and Mirand )"After Xanthea died, she witnessed the cold and ruthless president,

My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace

had actually killed the couple who harmed her. He knelt before her grave with bloodied hands, kissing her body, saying, “Xan, it’s too cold underground, I’m here to accompany you.”Reborn into her youth, Xanthea tormented the shameless bastard, Matthew and the despicable woman, Miranda, while also curiously investigating Orion, as they were completely unfamiliar before. Unexpectedly, as soon as they became familiar with each other, she was cornered by the man. “Xan, you know full well that I love you deeply, yet you dare to provoke me! In that case, never think of leaving me.”

My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace


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