My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace ( Xanthea and Mirand ) Chapter 21

My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace ( Xanthea and Mirand ) Chapter 21

Chapter 21

“Angel, stop singing, you’ve already captured my heart!”

Good Lord, even 3D modeling can’t craft a figure so flawless. This contestant must be at visual treat planted by the show’s producers!”

Matthew had planned to present flowers to Miranda as a pre-show gesture, but the moment the challenger appeared, he froze, especially when he saw her wearing at seductive fox mask, revealing just her rosy lips, mesmerizing enough to make the bouquet in his hand crash to the floor.

What a beauty, so enchanting that his eyes couldn’t move away.

Previously, the most beautiful person he had seen was Xanthea, but the girl before him. now surpassed Xanthea in grace and aura, unimaginable how stunning she would be without the mask.



Cedric covered his mouth and nose, fearing his excitement might lead to a nosebleed. She was just too, too beautiful! He turned his face and saw the man next to him focused on his work, quickly shut his mouth. Orion, aside from his special attention to Ms. Nightshade, showed no interest in other beauties, and Cedric knew better than to disturb. Oliver stood with arms crossed, smiling proudly from the audience. This was exactly as he had imagined; a show-stopping entrance!

Only Miranda, observing the stirring atmosphere and Matthew’s obvious distraction, felt a flicker of disgust and jealousy.

An attention-grabbing outfit like that, just a ploy for fame, no shortcuts here on Masked Singer’ stage for mere looks, without talent one is just a jester!

The stage filled with elegant, soothing music, the unique gentle tones of the viol gradually calming the restless air.

Xanthea approached the microphone and as the music climaxed, she began to si Her voice brought a deathly silence over the audience so intense you could hear a drop.

The three judges on stage were stunned, incredulous as they looked towards the gorgeous girl behind the microphone. It had been years since they’d heard such a captivating voice in the industry, years since anyone made them feel the urge to bow respect. Today, it happened on this stage!

Her pure, ethereal voice, like a gentle breeze, traveled through the hall, knocking on the



Chapter 2

and leaping into every listener’s


nerve, reaching even the VIP seats where a focused man

Orion’s hand paused on his mouse, his gaze slowly lifting from his computer and following the divine contours of the girl up to the seductive fox mask adorned with a

delicate iris on one side.

It was her!

Her sublime tone, the piano’s fluctuating melodies, and the gripping lyrics unleashed at powerful energy that contrasted with her appearance, immersing the entire auditorium in her beautiful song. Some listened enraptured, others teared up, lost in a dreamlike intoxication.

Could there really be a girl so beautiful and with such a melodious voice, a true fairy descended?

Cedric, excitedly turning to look, saw Orion was also watching her, no, more than just watching.

In his deep eyes, there seemed to stretch a vast net, intricately binding the radiant girl under the spotlights, pulling her into a boiling, scorching depth, slowly devouring her completely.

Cedric saw a nearly savage emotion in his eyes, a possessiveness so intense it was palpable.

For the first time, he saw Orion show such fierce emotion for someone other than Ms. Nightshade, utterly surprising. But who could not love the stunning beauty on stage with a voice of an angel?

Who knew, not only was she gorgeous, but her singing was enchanting too. Is the such a perfect girl in the world? Matthew was completely mesmerized, forgetting pick up the bouquet intended for Miranda.

“Goodness, this is too delightful! Even I, a singer of many years, must admit defeat me, this has nothing to do with technique or practice, it’s pure natural talent!”

My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace ( Xanthea and Mirand )

My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace ( Xanthea and Mirand )


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