Let’s start all over again shall we? ( Maggie Adam ) CHAPTER 57

Let’s start all over again shall we? ( Maggie Adam ) CHAPTER 57

Chapter 57 With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies 

could they let her leave like this

Grandma, you and grandpa take good care of yourselves. I will come back to see you often in the future.Maggie looked at Madam Cameron with tears in her eyes, full of reluctance

Nonsense! We will always be a family, how can you say such things!Master Cameron reprimanded sternly, no longer caring about the Herschire Cultural Park project

After all, besides the Herschire Cultural Park project, they had a deepseated hatred with the Adams

Unfortunately, the Adams had been thriving in recent years, while the Camerons had been on a downward


If they lost the pawn that was Maggie, sooner or later, they would be trampled underfoot by the Adams

Grandpa, it’s not that I don’t want to respect you, but this family can’t accommodate me. Although I don’t know why Sierra hates me, after all, I grew up with her. I can’t bear to see her suffer like this because of me, nor can I bear to see this family torn apart because of me.” 

Maggie spoke sincerely, carefully considering their feelings with every word and sentence. The tears in her eyes blurred the hidden coldness

During her time with the Camerons, she hadn’t learned much else. However, she had mastered the art of acting. They were sincere and considerate,” so she should reciprocate

Master Cameron was overwhelmed and unable to speak as Maggie’s reasons left no room for argument. Maggie, stop pretending! Grandpadon’t believe her!Sierra was shaking with anger, and the pain in her body became even more unbearable, almost causing her to faint

Olivia frowned and stepped forward, covering her mouth. She lowered her voice and said, Please be quiet” 

Maggie looked at Sierra, smiled lightly, and comforted her, Sierra, you should take good care of your injuries. Don’t worry, no one will take away your love from this family in the future, nor will anyone take away your jewelry and accessories. No one will compare me to you anymore.” 

Sierra was furious, her eyes filled with rage

Maggie, that despicable woman

When did she become so malicious

Observing her thoughts, Maggie smiled slightly, her eyes cold and detached

The most effective way to destroy a family without relying too heavily on external forces was to let it decay 

from within

At that moment, Ronald stepped forward and said, Maggie, I know you’ve been wronged this time, but you’ve never been a burden to our family. We need you, and I need you. Will you stay and help me?” 

Yes, Maggie, your father is right. You know the situation at home these past few years, and we can’t do without you right now.Master Cameron snapped out of his daze and immediately agreed

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Chapter 57 With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies 

Ronald was indeed skilled at manipulating people’s emotions

Maggie knew that when Ronald spoke like this, as a foster daughter who was wholeheartedly devoted to the Camerons, she had no reason to refuse

After a moment of hesitation, Maggie looked at Ronald and said softly, But Dad, if I stay, it might not sit well with Sierra. She might think that I will compete with her for the Cameronsinheritance.” 

At that moment, Sierra pulled her hand away from Olivia and sneered, Maggie, you’ve always had hidden motives! You’re only interested in the Cameronswealth. Stop pretending to be innocent! If you dare, let Dad write a will and not leave you a single penny!” 

Upon hearing this, Maggie couldn’t help but applaud. She looked up and noticed that Ronald and Master Cameron’s expressions had become tense

With allies like her, who needs enemies

Maggie pretended to be angry and said, Dad is in good health, and Grandpa is still alive, so why would we need a will? Sierra, even if you dislike me, you shouldn’t curse Dad like that!” 

Maggie subtly steered the conversation towards the division of the family’s assets, and as expected, Sierra didn’t disappoint her

In the next moment, Sierra declared, Fine, no will then! Let’s create a fair property agreement, stating that none of the Cameronswealth will be given to you!” 

Shut up!This time, it was Ronald who exploded in anger. The usually gentle man now had veins bulging on his forehead, clearly struggling to control himself

Ronald felt particularly uneasy at this moment, fearing that Maggie would seize upon the property 


Because if the Camerons wanted to continue using Maggie as a pawn, they couldn’t afford to lose her trust. And in order to maintain the facade of their deep affection for her, he couldn’t possibly give her nothing

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Let’s start all over again,shall we? ( Maggie Adam )

Let’s start all over again,shall we? ( Maggie Adam )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 5/16/2024 Native Language: English
Let's start all over again,shall we? ( Maggie Adam ) Maggie's previous life was like a joke. When she died, it was Nathael, the husband she had hated all her life, who avenged her and risked his life to save her! When she got a second chance to restart her life, Maggie vowed to make those who had hurt her people pay the price! As for the husband she had hated all her life, she just wants to patch thing up with him. Someone said, "Nathael is cruel and cunning."

Let's start all over again,shall we

 "Nonsense! He is obviously brilliant and noble,"Maggie retorted in anger. Another one said, "Nathael is a psy cho. He will retaliate, forcing people to have their families destroyed." Maggie sneered, "Bullsh*t! He has always been a man who doesn't offend if no one offended him." Some one else said, "Nathael is heartless. You will not live happily with him." Maggie chuckled, "That's ridiculous! He is full of sincerity and loves me deeply. He is the best man in the world." Others said, "Although Nathael is good, he is not good at 'that'. It is a pity that Maggie is still in her prime." Maggie responded, "Well ... " She seemed unable to argue with this. That night, Maggie kissed Nathael comfortingly, saying, "It's okay, Honey. I don't mind." "Really?" Nathael chuckled, a bit helpless. He turned over, pressed her under him, and kissed her fiercely. Later, the only sound left in the room was Maggie's choking, begging for mercy.
Let's start all over again,shall we


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