Let’s start all over again shall we? ( Maggie Adam ) CHAPTER 228

Let’s start all over again shall we? ( Maggie Adam ) CHAPTER 228

Chapter 228 The Unfairness 

Maggie couldn’t quite articulate the reason, but her heart inexplicably tightened, adding a touch of 




She accompanied Samuel to a nearby seat and extended her wrist across the table

Samuel gently took her pulse, his concentration unwavering

Meanwhile, Timmothy stood nearby, a slight furrow creasing his brow

With each passing moment, Maggie’s heart grew heavier. Samuel’s demeanour lacked optimism, signalling a worrisome development

After some time, Samuel withdrew his hand slowly, deliberating before speaking

Maggie and Timmothy refrained from pushing for responses, and it wasn’t until later that Samuel asked, Ms. Adam, do you have any particular tastes in food? Have you been prescribed any medication to maintain your health?” 

Maggie halted to ponder. I haven’t been on any medication lately. When you mention particular food. could you clarify what you’re referring to?” 

Like something that might have poisonous substances,Samuel elucidated gradually

Maggie was startled, feeling her spirits plummet

Poisonous substances in my food? Was he insinuating that I might have been poisoned

Maybe there weren’t any poisonous substances in her food after all. It might have been Samuel’s subtle way of cautioning her

Are you suggesting that I’m displaying symptoms of poisoning?Maggie fixed her gaze on Samuel, her voice barely above a whisper

Samuel paused briefly before replying, Based on the analysis of your pulse, it seems that the effects of the poisoning have been building up in your body for quite some time. It’s a worrisome circumstance.” 

Maggie was shocked suddenly

I was poisoned

But in my previous life, I never heard 

Hold on, Mr. Hudson remark about the prolonged poisoning suggested it wasn’t a recent occurrence since my rebirth. So, is it conceivable that I was also poisoned in my previous life

Maggie tried to catch elusive thoughts that slipped away from her mind like quicksilver

Is there any remedy?Timmothy inquired, his brow creased with worry and voice resonant

Samuel contemplated for a moment. It’s a formidable predicament. I don’t hold much hope. Ms. Adam 



14:48 Fri, 24 May

Chapter 228 The Unfairness 

goes, illnesses arrive swiftly like a crumbling mountain but depart slowly like pulling silk. Poisoning follows a similar course

If the poisoning had taken place not long ago, I’d be roughly eighty percent certain, but considering the 

situation now

His statement remained incomplete, but both Maggie and Timmothy grasped its meaning

How long do I have?Maggie locked eyes with Samuel, silently pleading for confirmation of her fears

Considering the present circumstances, you probably has about five to six years remaining,” he relayed, his tone solemn

Upon hearing this, Maggie’s heart sank a notch further

So that’s the situation

This year marked her twentyfourth, and in another five to six years, she’d be approaching thirty. In her previous life, when Joseph had abducted her and posed a threat to Nathael, she had reached precisely thirty

What had perplexed her previously suddenly became lucid in that instant

Nathael had taken elaborate measures to shield her from the truth in her previous life, safeguarding Joseph and the Camerons

As long as she remained alive, Joseph and his family stood a chance of survival. Otherwise, Nathael would have undoubtedly eradicated them

Yet, at thirty, Joseph unexpectedly abducted her, demanding a sizable ransom

It was an abrupt twist of fate

After grasping the truth in retrospect, she had often pondered why Joseph had endured for such a prolonged period, only to reach a breaking point precisely when Nathael’s patience appeared to be growing

Why had he opted for such a drastic step, jeopardizing everything by kidnapping met 

Now, if Mr. Hudson’s words proved accurate, everything fell into alignment

Her imminent demise before reaching thirty signified that once she was gone, Nathael would show no mercy towards them

Ronald, Joseph, and the rest comprehended this reality thoroughly, prompting their risky gamble

There remained a faint glimmer of hope for triumph

However, if they remained passive and simply awaited her demise, their fate would undoubtedly be unfavourable

What about Nathael

Does he know about this

14:48 Fri, 24 May

Chapter 228 The Unfairness 

She couldn’t help but reflect on the past year or two, a period during which her hostility towards Nathael had notably waned

Apart from the occasional bouts of mood swings due to her blindness and disfigurement, most of the time, she could even interact with him calmly

She had become familiar with his company

Yet. Maggie remembered that her health appeared to decline over those two years, frequently suffering from bouts of coughing up blood and making frequent trips to the hospital

Despite Nathael dedicating more time to her, his hectic agenda, influenced by the influential Harrises and the necessity to fend off familial plots, kept him preoccupied

Following a hospital visit, she awoke and asked, Is my condition terminal? Am I facing a lifethreatening illness?” 

He stayed quiet for a brief period, then hugged her and murmured, You harbour disdain for me, it’s only natural that you won’t depart without a struggle


Maggie’s face lost colour as she softly laughed, Once I’m gone, you’ll be free. No one will trouble you again

She felt like a weighty burden, subject to frequent mood swings

He was the sole individual who fully embraced her

Yet, she truly weighed heavily on his entire being

Nathael’s eyes filled with tears as he tightly held her hand. But you haven’t endured adequate consequences. You’ll pull through, live a good life for many years to come

Maggie chuckled softly. Then what’s the reason behind my illness? Why have I been feeling unwell. recently?” 

Nathael’s profound, fiery eyes, adorned with long, gently drooping lashes, whispered, When Sierra orchestrated your abduction, you suffered significant injuries to your heart, lungs, and various other organs, leading to complications.” 

Is my end drawing near?she listened intently, her emotions steady

She rested her head against his shoulder, hesitant to acknowledge the comfort she found in their proximity

No, wait a couple more years to boost your health. A few minor surgeries will be adequate,Nathael comforted gently


Maggie lapsed into silence, placing her faith in his assurances

However, she recalled enduring unexplained physical discomfort over those two years, beginning with mild unease and escalating to intense agony

Despite her blindness and the trauma inflicted by Sierra, she had frequently fallen ill, attributing it to her 


14:48 Fri, 24 May UB 

Chapter 228 The Unfairness 

preexisting conditions

However, now it seemed more intricate

It was poison

Maggie cast her eyes downward, masking the bitterness within them

She had hoped that in this lifetime, she could change her situation, but destiny had already decided her 


So when Master Cameron mentioned a few more years, when he insinuated that even if she were no longer 

Maggie felt a dull ache in her heart, a deep sorrow and righteous anger brewing inside her, longing to be unleashed

Who did the Camerons think they were

How dare they arbitrarily decide my life and death

How could they exploit me at will and decided my fate

They are indeed a den of beasts

What right does they have to abruptly end my life like this? What right does they have to let I die in such a manner

Was there any fairness in this world

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