Let’s start all over again shall we? ( Maggie Adam ) CHAPTER 209

Let’s start all over again shall we? ( Maggie Adam ) CHAPTER 209

Chapter 209 Spending the Night at Your Place 

A single sentence that left Sierra inexplicably uneasy and flustered

Normally, Olivia would watch her practice the piano at home. Still, she hardly practiced during this time at her grandparentsplace

Her grandparents were often out and about, so she would often pretend to be practicing when they returned home

Feeling aggrieved at times, they would coax her to cheer up, and they wouldn’t bring up practicing the piano again

But upon second thought, Sierra put her mind back in place

Grandpa had already used his connections and pleaded with old friends for her. Grandma had been actively seeking help recently. Among these judges, more than half had already been approached

With another push these past couple of days and with the support of judges and fans, there shouldn’t be any problem 

When Sierra snapped out of her thoughts, she noticed that Maggie had already lowered her head and started looking at her phone

Nathael sent a message: I’m waiting outside for you. I’ll take you home.” 

Maggie blinked and replied: Take me home?” 

Is this guy trying to trick me into going to his place again

Nathael looked at the message and placed the documents on the nearby desk, focusing on his reply: Then I’ll sleep at your place tonight.” 

Most likely, the message was typed too quickly, and the keyboard activated autotext before sending

As a result, when Maggie saw the message, her mind was filled with question marks

Insanely shameless, Nathael sent: Then I’ll sleep with you tonight

Maggie immediately replied: !!!‘ 

Are you out of your mind? Nathael, I have a competition tomorrow! Are you even human?!?” 

Nathael looked at the message, stunned for a few seconds

It wasn’t until he realised the message he had sent that he chuckled lightly. Then he quickly edited it again: Then another day

Maggie looked at those few short words, and her cheeks instantly flushed bright red

Was Nathael doing it on purposef 

Was I reading too much into it

Chapter 209 Spending the Night at Your Place 

Maggie’s face was burning hota mix of anger and annoyance. She immediately replied: You are not yer friends with this person. They have enabled friend verification. Please add them 

After seeing the message. Nathael couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. Feeling quite pleased, he didn’t reply 

to the message

Maggie then exited the page, intending to continue watching the competition

But then she suddenly received a message from Timmothy: Maggie, I have a new idea about the house. I wonder if you’re available to accompany me to take a look

Maggic calculated the time. Danielle said she drew the 18th group, and her competition time was tomorrow moming

However, the competition continued until the morning after tomorrow. There would be public vote counting and verification processes. The earliest time available would be in the afternoon or the day after 


Sorry, I have a competition these two days. Can we meet in the afternoon the day after tomorrow or later?” 

Is it the recently highly acclaimed University’s Piano Competition? I remember you’re a student at First Institute, right?” 

Seeing Timmothy’s question, Maggie didn’t hesitate to confirm. After agreeing on a time, she put away her phone

The next day. Maggie performed in the morning session, with Sierra scheduled right after her in the following session

Grace and Jack, on the other hand, were scheduled for the afternoon session

Early in the morning, before the competition officially began, Maggie and Sierra were called backstage for makeup

As the first day of the competition officially kicked off, inside and outside the venue, the number of vores increased, and the tense atmosphere gradually built up

Since it was still early, Danielle started giving instructions to the two of them

Now, the pieces for the performance haven’t been finalized yet, but all the pieces from the pool have been sent to you before. You both should have prepared diligently. In the first round, both of you should be fine. However, there’s also a strong competitor in each of your groups. Besides aiming to advance, you need to pay attention to the order of your advancement. The final ranking will be related to the total number of votes from all three rounds combined.” 

Maggie took Danielle’s words to heart, feeling that if the final round was related to the total number of votes, it would be unfair in strict/terms


However, Maggie was aware that the extensive intervention of capital and the intentions of the Camerons and several other parties to use this competition as a starting point had already destroyed the University’s Piano Competition’s semblance of absolute fairness

I’ll check if the costumes have been brought over from Ms. Agnes side. You two can start with the makeup 


Chapter 209 Spending the Night at Your Place 

for now.” 

Danielle was very busy, handling many things both on and off stage, within the school and outside of it

After Danielle left. Maggie had her makeup done by the school’s arranged makeup artist. At the same time, Sierra contimed to use her makeup artist

Maggie closed her eyes and focused while Sierra watched videos online nearby

Some behindthescenes videos recorded at the scene yesterday have already been uploaded online. Ronald arranged for a couple of people to handle it, and her number of fans increased by a few thousand. It’s not much, but it’s a welcome change compared to the backlash

Sierra read some comments and saw that many people were falling for this persona she had created. It lifted her spirits

Shortly after, she clicked on Maggie’s Twitter

Maggie, get out of the University’s Piano Competition! @University’s Piano Competition Official 

Yeah, this shameless person who only cares about money doesn’t deserve to participate in this competition!” 

Even if Maggie considers the favor to the Camerons, she shouldn’t deceive us like this

Are you all out of your minds? Maggie didn’t decide on Luster Corporation. What say does she, an adopted daughter, have?” 

I agree. Even if her adoptive father wants to do this, she can’t just come out and say, You’re immoral and unethical! You’re a blackhearted businessman!” 

Luster Corporation, come out and compensate us! Your delayed delivery of jewellery caused my girlfriend to break up with me! D*mn it, Luster Corporation is a lifetime of darkness!” 

Years ago, my parents chose the wellestablished Victory Group for renovation. We hadn’t even lived there for two years before it started leaking and draughty, and the formaldehyde exceeded standards, forcing us to renovate again. Then, we bought a property from the Camerons after getting married, and it still hasn’t been delivered. Later, when we married, we ordered jewellery from Luster Corporation, and they ran off with our donation! Godd*mn it, all the pits are gifts from the Camerons!” 

I’m just saying, the lady is so beautiful! It’s a shame she’s surnamed Cameron. Oh, wait, actually, she isn’t

Luster Corporation, compensate us!!!‘ 

After reading through the series of comments, Sierra felt quite pleased. She glanced at Maggie, who was not far away, closing her eyes for makeup, a trace of coldness flashing in her eyes

She then turned her head and signaled to the makeup assistant beside her with a glance

The makeup assistant, Shania, looked a bit uneasy but nodded slightly. She then took the two cups of freshly bought coffee and walked towards Maggie’s makeup artist

Ms. Brook, this is coffee bought by Sierra. It’s to help you and Maggie refresh yourselves.” 

13:10 Thu, 23 May Ku 

Chapter 209 Spending the Night at Your Place 

Upon hearing this, Maggie had already opened her eyes. From the mirror, she could see a young girl in her early twenties quickly approaching with two cups of coffee

The makeup artist, Heidi Brook, was stunned for a few seconds. He initially wanted to refuse, but then he thought it was a kind gesture. Rejecting might be awkward

Thank you very much then.Heidi hurriedly thanked her and reached out to take the coffee

But then Shania’s hand slipped, and one cup of coffee fell directly. She hurried to catch it, and in her haste, the other cup of coffee spilled out as well

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