Let’s start all over again shall we? ( Maggie Adam ) CHAPTER 179

Let’s start all over again shall we? ( Maggie Adam ) CHAPTER 179

Chapter 179 The Bidding War 

After ending the call, Maggie didn’t dwell on it


Soon, the auction commenced officially. While the host delivered the opening speech, Maggie spotted Leo seated upfront, right on schedule

Beth and Emma were nearby, just behind Leo

Now, let me introduce the first item up for auction. It’s an original piece by the artist Claude Monet, titled San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk. This painting is considered one of Claude Monet’s best works and is part of a series on the breathtaking views of the monasteryisland of San Giorgio Maggiore… 

Maggie and Mia listened attentively, but their interest was lukewarm. Still, with many art enthusiasts present, the bidding for the first item was fierce

As the auction progressed, Maggie bid on items that caught her eye. Each time she raised her paddle, Beth followed suit

Initially, Maggie hadn’t planned on competing, and she backed off after a few bids when the prices soared

The fifth item is the manuscript of Moonlit Citadel by the renowned pianist Torvalan. While the original manuscript is lost, this replica, based on pen marks and traces, is genuine 

As Maggie suspected, this replica manuscript was the traced version of the actual manuscript, making it a faithful representation of the original

The piano manuscript had a limited audience, and few people placed their bids. Maggie raised her paddle


Predictably, each time she bid, Beth did too, showing a determination to compete

Beth is quite persistent, isn’t she? What’s the point of her doing this?Mia chuckled, unable to resist commenting

Maggie remained casual. Well, causing i ouble for others seems to be her joy.” 

When Maggie stopped bidding, Beth did too, and the manuscript was smoothly acquired by Leo at a fair price

Next on the block was an azure porcelain vase submitted by the Gatlins. With the sender’s name undisclosed, others couldn’t trace its origin

Maggie saw an opportunity to deal Beth a blow, considering her apparent wealth but lack of sensibility

The bidding for this azure porcelain vase starts at 12 million, with increments of at least 150,000. Let the bidding begin

Number 21, 12.7 million

Number 30, 13million

Number 6, 13.3 million


Chapter 179 The Bidding War 

The bidding war went on

Porcelain always attracted a crowd, especially foreign collectors, leading to fierce competition from the 


Finally, after reaching 18 million, bidding slowed

Maggie raised her paddle. 19.5 million.” 

Immediately, Beth followed suit. 22.5 million!” 

With a 3 million increase, many gasped in surprise

Number 14 is bidding 22.5 million. Any higher bids?The host’s voice echoed eagerly

Maggie raised her paddle again. 23.5 million.” 

Number 26 bids 23.5 million. Any higher bids? 23.5 million going once!” 

Number 14, 25.5 million!Beth’s determination was evident

Although Beth didn’t necessarily desire the vase, she knew which items Maggie truly coveted and which she didn’t

But could the Camerons afford this much money

Maggie hesitated to bid higher, feigning uncertainty. At that moment, the host called out, 25.5 million going once! 25.5 million going twiceAlright, bidder number 68 bids 27 million!” 

Beth frowned, glancing ahead to see Leo, the longlost illegitimate child of the Calebs, who now held at significant position

Maggie seized the moment and raised her paddle again. 30 million.” 

She did it with determination, as if she had deliberated over it

Mia watched eagerly, almost unable to contain her excitement

If Maggie won, all that money would eventually line her pockets. She hoped Beth would push harder

As expected, before the host called for further bids, Beth immediately countered, 31.5 million!” 

Without hesitation, Maggie raised her paddle. 33 million!” 

The host was excited. Number 26 bids 33 million! Any higher bids?” 

Emma glanced at Maggie, whispering softly, I think she’s pretending. Should we bid higher?” 

Beth remained indifferent. Yes

Emma hesitated, suggesting, But can Maggic really afford that much? Maybe we should stop and see if she can come up with the money

Beth lowered her gaze, suppressing her anger as she said coldly, Even if she can’t, Nathael can. And didn’t Fricko sive her a black card? Have you Enrentten?” 


16:30) The, 21 May, GBB 

Chapter 179 The Bidding War 

Beth’s words caused Emma to freeze

How could she forget that


Though she didn’t know Maggie and Nathael’s relationship, she could guess from the look on Beth’s face whenever she brought it up

And she distinctly remembered Ericko’s black card

I wonder what’s gotten into Mr. Harris and Ericko. They act like they’re enchanted when they’re around Maggie, Emma couldn’t help but speak, feeling resentful every time she thought of their embrace

Beth remained silent, raising her bid again

Emma looked at the price. 37.5 million. That’s too expensive

The highest auction price in history for an azure porcelain vase seemed to be only 40.5 million, and it seemed much better in quality than this one

Beth, your bid is too high. Won’t your parents be upset?Emma couldn’t help but speak up

Beth’s expression grew colder. Even if they scold me, I don’t care, as long as I can take what Maggie wants.” 

Emma fell silent. The Brays had many children, and Beth was always favored

But favoritism often correlated with a person’s ability and value. If Beth continued to harm others without. benefiting herself, her parents would inevitably be upset


But after all, it was Maggie on the other side. Emma thought, if she had Beth’s background, she might not resist venting her frustrations like this either

What Beth hadn’t said was that her bottom line was only 4.5 million

If Maggie persisted in battling until the end, Beth would have no choice but to relent. However, even if she didn’t emerge victorious, Beth would find satisfaction in causing Maggie to spend a bit more money

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Let’s start all over again,shall we? ( Maggie Adam )

Let’s start all over again,shall we? ( Maggie Adam )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 5/16/2024 Native Language: English
Let's start all over again,shall we? ( Maggie Adam ) Maggie's previous life was like a joke. When she died, it was Nathael, the husband she had hated all her life, who avenged her and risked his life to save her! When she got a second chance to restart her life, Maggie vowed to make those who had hurt her people pay the price! As for the husband she had hated all her life, she just wants to patch thing up with him. Someone said, "Nathael is cruel and cunning."

Let's start all over again,shall we

 "Nonsense! He is obviously brilliant and noble,"Maggie retorted in anger. Another one said, "Nathael is a psy cho. He will retaliate, forcing people to have their families destroyed." Maggie sneered, "Bullsh*t! He has always been a man who doesn't offend if no one offended him." Some one else said, "Nathael is heartless. You will not live happily with him." Maggie chuckled, "That's ridiculous! He is full of sincerity and loves me deeply. He is the best man in the world." Others said, "Although Nathael is good, he is not good at 'that'. It is a pity that Maggie is still in her prime." Maggie responded, "Well ... " She seemed unable to argue with this. That night, Maggie kissed Nathael comfortingly, saying, "It's okay, Honey. I don't mind." "Really?" Nathael chuckled, a bit helpless. He turned over, pressed her under him, and kissed her fiercely. Later, the only sound left in the room was Maggie's choking, begging for mercy.
Let's start all over again,shall we


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