Let’s start all over again shall we? ( Maggie Adam ) CHAPTER 13

Let’s start all over again shall we? ( Maggie Adam ) CHAPTER 13

Chapter 13 Does It Concern You, Mr Harris

The Adams chose not to directly intervene because it involved other people’s family affairs. Therefore, Ericko decided to call the police. Subsequently, both Vanessa and Gerald were taken to the police station. for mediation and investigation

Having witnessed the absurd drama, Maggie felt a sense of satisfaction and immediately decided to leave the banquet

As she stepped out of the hotel’s main entrance, a refreshing gust of night wind blew towards her, providing an indescribable coolness

Feeling in a good mood, Maggie couldn’t help but think. Everything will change, won’t it

At that moment, Ericko followed her outside and said gently, Ms. Adam, there was no incident of a servant’s accidental death at the Adams. Could you please provide your mother’s name? I believe there might be some misunderstanding.” 

Maggie stared at him for a while. Ericko didn’t rush her; his patient and gentle gaze met hers. There was an inherent persuasiveness in his demeanor

After a moment, Maggie spoke softly, Jocelyn Quinlan.” 

Ronald carefully arranged the identity and name of her mother. In her past life, she did investigate, but at that time, she didn’t suspect the Camerons, so her inquiry wasn’t thorough. What she found was what Ronald wanted her to discover

After the investigation, it only deepened her hatred towards the Adams

Ericko softly repeated the name as if searching through his memory, then looked at Maggie and said, I’ve noted it down.” 

Maggie nodded slightly and didn’t look at him again, fearing that her eyes might betray the hint of redness

Suddenly, warmth enveloped Maggie’s shoulders as Ericko draped his suit jacket over her. He spoke gently, T’ll have someone escort you home.” 

The sudden warmth made Maggie feel a sense of unreality for a moment

Subconsciously, she looked at the gentle but somewhat distant man beside her, her throat tightening. She gently curled her fingers, which hung at her side, and said, Mr. Adam, it’s not necessary. I have plans with friends.” 

Is he my 


He is a modest gentleman with a gentle demeanor

In this lifetime, I will surely protect them well

At that moment, Nathael’s car stopped across the street. He watched the woman standing at the door 

After reaching the roadside, Maggie prepared to hail a taxi to go back

Not long after, a black Maybach slowly pulled up in front of her. Maggie was stunned for a moment, then saw the window roll down, revealing Nathael’s cold and handsome face

Get in. His eyes were deep, and his voice was low

Maggie was stunned for a moment, not expecting Nathael to ask her to get in the car

Seeing her hesitating. Nathael furrowed his brow, a hint of impatience in his eyes. I don’t want to repeat 


Maggie hesitated for a moment, then decisively went around to the other side and got into the car

Inside the car, the atmosphere was heavy, and the air carried a faint scent of cedar, his fragrance. Maggie turned her head to look at the man whose face was illuminated by the light and couldn’t help but speak softly, You… 

Are you quite familiar with him?Nathael cut to the chase, feeling that the suit she was wearing looked particularly conspicuous

Who?Maggie subconsciously responded, then realized he was probably talking about Ericko

She opened her mouth, momentarily unsure how to respond


Of course, not familiar at all. Even before today, I had hardly met Ericko

But, are we not familiar

He is my bloodrelated brother

Seeing her silent, Nathael’s gaze turned even colder. He suddenly approached, his big hand pinching her chin, and his thin lips lightly parted. What do you want from Ericko this time?” 

His voice carried an inexplicable chill, and his dark eyes were deep, emanating an oppressive aura

In the small space, he was in close proximity to her. His cold and handsome face was just inches away, seemingly filled with suppressed anger

Maggie’s throat tightened, her heart beating rapidly

“I don’t… 

She tried to explain in a soft voice but didn’t know where to start. Should she mention her rebirth

Regardless of whether he would believe it or not, if he asked about the past, she wouldn’t have the courage to speak. Could she tell him that she had harbored hatred for him for over a decade

Or should she tell him that she had ruined his reputation, caused a rift between him and Ericko, and shattered the harmony in the Adams family

Or mache che should confess that he was implicated because of her and ultimately died because of her 





Cern You, Mr Harris

past events, those former moments, were foolish and ridiculous. They were the things that Maggie least wanted to mention

Moreover, what if Nathaci found out? How would he look at her then

Maggie didn’t want to say, and even less did she want to speak

She and Nathael had finally managed to start anew. Those things were the most unbearable secrets in her heart

Well, you have always had clear goals, indeed, Nathael sneered with a hint of sarcasm in his 


Maggie was speechless, and her chest felt uncomfortably tight, a sour and bitter sensation

But wasn’t he right

In the past, she had thought that the Camerons treated her with great kindness. For the sake of the Cameronsambitions and Joseph’s desires, she had indeed schemed and used Nathael over and over again

Now, even though there were no more calculations in getting close to Ericko, there were still ulterior 


However, even so, Maggie still felt wrong

At least this time, she really wasn’t… 

Facing the mockery in his eyes, Maggie smiled and said, Yes, I am plotting for the Adamswealth. Since Mr. Harris can’t give me what I want, I can only change my target 

Ericko is polite, gentle, and refined. He’s a good person and wealthy. Compared to…” 

Maggie stopped in the middle of her sentence

Compared to Mr. Harris, he’s much better

The words on the tip of Maggie’s tongue couldn’t be spoken no matter how angry she was. Her sharp tongue had been formidable since she was a child. In her past life, during the years she lived with Nathael, she had been indulged, making her sharpwitted and eloquent

But no matter how wronged or angry she felt, she couldn’t bring herself to say those words

He was the best Nathael in the world. No matter how good Ericko was, for her, he could never be compared to Nathael

But even though she stopped herself in time, Nathael’s anger was still triggered. His beautiful eyes were dark, tinged with a hint of crimson

Compared to what?Nathael chuckled with an air of anger, his voice cold

Maggie squinted her eyes, speaking with a hint of flattery, It’s just that he’s a hundred times worse than you.” 

The woman’s almondshaped eyes formed crescents, and she tried to make herself appear sincere. Clearly hunneritical to the extreme, but creanmely difficult to diglike 

13 Does it Concern You, Mr Harris

Nathael laughed coldly, knowing that her words were insincere and seeing through her hypocrisy. However, thinking about the words of praise she had for Ericko, he couldn’t help but ask, Do you like him?” 

Maggie was at a loss for words

This misunderstanding was significant

Whether to say it or not, her brother was much better than Joseph

I guess.Maggie replied vaguely

Hmph, you’re fickle and unfaithful!Nathael sneered, feeling a strong sense of discomfort in his chest

Maggie kept her silence

He won’t cut it out, will he

Should she show some attitude and get angry? If she didn’t assert herself, would he treat her like Hello Kitty

Maggie narrowed her eyes and looked at Nathael, speaking softly, It’s fun to have options. I’m happy. Does it concern you, Mr. Harris?” 

Let’s start all over again,shall we? ( Maggie Adam )

Let’s start all over again,shall we? ( Maggie Adam )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 5/16/2024 Native Language: English
Let's start all over again,shall we? ( Maggie Adam ) Maggie's previous life was like a joke. When she died, it was Nathael, the husband she had hated all her life, who avenged her and risked his life to save her! When she got a second chance to restart her life, Maggie vowed to make those who had hurt her people pay the price! As for the husband she had hated all her life, she just wants to patch thing up with him. Someone said, "Nathael is cruel and cunning."

Let's start all over again,shall we

 "Nonsense! He is obviously brilliant and noble,"Maggie retorted in anger. Another one said, "Nathael is a psy cho. He will retaliate, forcing people to have their families destroyed." Maggie sneered, "Bullsh*t! He has always been a man who doesn't offend if no one offended him." Some one else said, "Nathael is heartless. You will not live happily with him." Maggie chuckled, "That's ridiculous! He is full of sincerity and loves me deeply. He is the best man in the world." Others said, "Although Nathael is good, he is not good at 'that'. It is a pity that Maggie is still in her prime." Maggie responded, "Well ... " She seemed unable to argue with this. That night, Maggie kissed Nathael comfortingly, saying, "It's okay, Honey. I don't mind." "Really?" Nathael chuckled, a bit helpless. He turned over, pressed her under him, and kissed her fiercely. Later, the only sound left in the room was Maggie's choking, begging for mercy.
Let's start all over again,shall we


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