Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 7

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 7

Chapter 7
What? You didn’t think I will find you?” He rests back on the couch and spreads his legs.
Shock renders me unable to say something to him. I look around in an attempt to find a way to escape. There is no one who can protect me from him if he tries to attack so I have to do it for myself.
“You can try. Mio Tesoro, and see how far you get. It will be interesting.” His husky voice makes me shudder.
I look at him and take my back off the wall. He can sense my fear. I don’t want him to do that. I shouldn’t be so scared of him in the first place.
“I didn’t do anything wrong. Alpha Alexander. I will not run. “I shake my head stubbornly.
His eyes light up with amusement. He casts a fleeting look at my almost naked body, making me aware of the state I am in. Abruptly. I bend down and pick up the dress that I abandoned just now. The pleasurable tingles are still affecting my body which makes me confused.
“You didn’t do anything wrong?” He gets up from the couch.
I press the dress to my cleavage as my back hits the wall. Fear clenches my heart once more..
N…No. Alpha Marcus took the money. I didn’t take it. I didn’t agree to be sold either. It was all him. You have beef with him, not me. You should be an intruder in his house, not m. mine, I let out everything in a single breath.
He closes the distance between us and towers over me. Like before, I have to throw my head back to take a good look at his face
A deep full body shudder rolls down my figure. I gasp as he steps closer. His chest almost brushes mine, igniting a strange fire in my veins.
Suddenly, I feel an intense itch to touch his skin which seems to be radiating some sort of electricity that makes me want to submit to him. This must be his unique Alpha aura that scares everyone. But if it is that, why am I so aroused and want his hands on my body as much as I want to touch him?
What is it!
Money? Do you think I care about f u c k i n g money?” He seethes in my face.
His chest presses against my hand. I release a shaky breath and push myself into the wall to be away.
ou want from me then? My gaze lowers to his chest.
What what do you
Alpha Alexander places his hands beside my head on the wall. His arms cage me in. I look into his eyes which are so close to mine that I can see the anger in them and feel it deep into my heart.
You keep running from me, Mio Tesoro, Then, you always pretend that you don’t know what I want from you.” His deep voice hisses close to my lips.
Feeling his minty breath on my tingling lips, I instantly press them together. He smells so raw masculinity and woodsy that I feel like pressing my nose into his neck to inhale his intoxicating scent.
The thoughts are strange to me. I have never felt this about anyone before.
“You really got rid of the child?” flis voice softens when he notices me trembling between his arms
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Chapter 7
I blink, focusing on his silver eyes. There is something other than anger now. It’s pain and disbelief.
Mio Tesoro?
My eyes widen comically. The little remnants of my memory about that night revolve in my head.
*You take me so good, Mio Tesoro.
The broad back, the stretch, and the intense pleasure that remained pulsing between my legs for the next week. It was all

You are that man. We..We spent that night together. Unconsciously, I step away from the wall and into his chest.
A frown pulls his brows together. I observe his face and memorize every feature.
You didn’t remember?” He asks.
All of a sudden, I feel so embarrassed in front of him. He is the man who took my virginity and I didn’t even remember anything about him.
I don’t remember anything about that night. “I whisper, staring deep into his eyes.
Slowly, his face appears in the blurred veils in my mind. The low groans and his bottom lip between his teeth as he thrust deep into me.
Oh, Goddess.
My body heats up. The warmth of his body doesn’t help me either. It’s too hot in here.
“Why did you buy me? “I ask as I recall the main issue here.
Why else do you think? You are my mate. I wanted to take you to my pack with me. “He answers angrily.
My heart sinks. I open my mouth to say something but nothing comes to my mind. My grip on the dress loosens and it falls on the ground between our feet.
Mate?” I whisper in a weak voice.
Josh was my mate. He rejected me. How is it possible that I got another mate the same night when I was rejected?
His eyes search mine. He looks equally confused.
and I was angry that night when I met you You are lying. Josh was my mate. He rejected me and remember. How did I end up with you?” Tears pool in my eyes.
I don’t even
She was right. You are good at acting innocent.” He smirks wickedly.
“What?” I gulp the tears down as I don’t want to cry in front of him.
“Avery told me everything about you.” Alpha Alexander rolls his eyes and steps back as if he is disgusted by me.
What-What did she say?” My throat dries.
If Luna Avery has told him things then it can’t be anything good. Is that why he is so angry at me and won’t stop looking for
You don’t have a wolf and you aborted my child. “He utters as he arrogantly fixes his cuffs.
Chapter 7
His eyes remain on me like the first time I consciously remember meeting him. He gives me his full attention. He listens to me and watches my reactions as if he is judging me and making my image in his head.
This makes my stomach flip with an unknown emotion and at the same time, makes me angr
Luna Avery lied to him and he believed everything. What kind of a man does that?
Your child? How are you sure it was your child and I killed it?” I hut
I can never think about hurting my Darling Ayla and he is talking about killing her. That makes my heart ache inside my chest.
I pray Moon Goddess always protects my Ayla. It’s good she is not here right now or she will be so disappointed to know that her Daddy goes around, buying girls as if they are things.
Lost in thoughts, I don’t notice when he steps close and wraps his hand around my throat. My eyes widen and meet his silver gaze.
An animalistic growl rumbles in his chest. He grits his teeth as his eyes flash a metallic color. The hand around my throat gives it a hard squeeze but instead of feeling fear and pain, I feel the muscles of my stomach quivering

You are still my mate, Mio Tesoro. If you even think about getting another man’s hands on this body, I will kill him and bathe you in his blood before f u c k n g you close to his dead body.” He growls at me.
My body trembles. I place my hand over his but don’t push him away.
“You are mistaken. I can’t be your mate. “I choke on my breath while feeling the quivers traveling to my thighs and then to
my core.
His face nears mine. He breathes, warming my lips with his minty breath.
My heart misses multiple beats as my body goes light in his grasp. The tiny sparks caress my spine, making me arch into
“Feel it?” He whispers over my lips.
I can feel it. His touch drives me crazy. A force pulls me to him. It happens to mates.
He is my mate. He is Ayla’s Daddy.
“Leave Leave me. Please. “I whisper weakly.
“I was angry when I found out you wanted to kill our child. I looked for you everywhere and couldn’t find you. So, I knew you have gone through it already. Now I see you and I don’t feel angry. I wouldn’t want someone like you raising my child. I would have taken my child from you and raised the baby myself.” Every word which falls from his lips is poison and it burns me to my core.
Tears start falling from my eyes. It’s my fate to have my mate hate me. Josh hated me and rejected me. This man became my second chance mate and hates me. He will probably reject me.
It’s good this way. At least, he will not be able to know anything about Ayla and I will never let him take her away from me.
Reject me. Reject me and leave my house. “I utter, giving up the fight.
Do you want me to reject you so you can mate with someone else?” Anger and pain are reflected in his eyes.
My breath catches in my throat. Shock renders me speechless.
“You will stay bound to me, Mio Tesoro and I will make you regret your mistake. You should have never touched my child.
Alpha Alexander hisses furiously.
“If the child was alive—were you really going to take it away from me?” I ask as a last resort.
“I would never want a wolfless and selfish woman raising my child.” He releases my throat with a hard jerk and steps away.
You hate me because I am wolfless? “I wipe my cheeks with the back of my hand.
He doesn’t reply but his eyes tell me everything I need to know.
Get out of my house before I call someone over. You are intruding in another territory. They will kill you for it. “If he is an a-hole then he will get treated as such. I am not dying to be with him.
You won’t be able to reach your phone if I want to do something to you. “A cruel smile curls his lips.
My insides freeze with fear. I forgot he is the Alpha Alexander of the Silver Heart Pack. Everyone is scared of him and now, I am talking to him as if we are friends.
He can do anything to me here. I am half-naked. He can easily push his way inside me and then kill me. No one will go against him to avenge me. Ayla will be left all alone in this world after that.
I can’t let that happen. I know what this world does to orphans. I will never make Ayla suffer the same fate as me.
Please, Alpha Alexander. I am sorry for everything. I never wanted to hurt you. “I whisper in a h o a r se voice.
His brows lift to his forehead in surprise. I ignore the look he is giving me and press my palms to my chest to hide myself from his prying eyes.
“Don’t worry, Mio Tesoro. I will not hurt you tonight. I have lots of time. I will kill you slowly and I will kill you every day. He promises in a threatening tone and then turns his back on me.
I watch with my scared eyes and my heavy heart as he walks to the main door in the darkness of the night. His walk is still precise as if he takes every step calculatively and with a mission in mind.
He stops when he reaches the door. My breath gets stuck in my throat
If any member of this pack gets to know about my presence here tonight, he or she will be the one to die first. “He warns in a grim voice before he opens the door and steps out.
The door closes with a loud bang behind him. My knées give out from under me and I end up falling on the floor.
My hands shake in my lap. I stare at the floor as tears roll down my cheek and drop from my chin, onto my hands.
He found me and he plans to make my life hell. It’s okay. I can deal with it. But what if he finds out about Ayla?
He will take her away from me. I won’t let that happen
Tonight, I will take her with me and I will disappear from here silently. I will find a new home where Ayla and I will be safe from the past. We will be fine and the members of this pack will live in peace.
I make up my mind and run for the bedroom to pack everything while waiting for Theo to return with Ayla.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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