Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 4

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 4

Chapter 4

They secured the girl, Alpha. “My Beta and only friend Levi informs me from the driving seat.
“Send her to the house. Ask Nina to take care of her. “I reply
My eyes train on Alpha Williams’ house in the distance. I can’t wait to barge inside that shi
t t y place and get that sweet thing out of there.
She looked so f u c k i n g scared last night.
If she didn’t ask me in her seductive voice to leave her there for one night, I would have burned that place down to bring her with me.
I just can’t wait to taste her again. I have to practice all restraint to stop imagining her body under me. She had felt perfect. Heavenly.
I had to search for her for a month like a madman. I didn’t expect to find her so easily in this Alpha’s house though.
Her sweet scent still lingers in my nostrils and over my tongue. But why didn’t she show me the same reaction?
She was my mate.
Like me, she must have wanted to throw herself under me, over me, or everywhere she could. That’s wolf nature and you can’t fight it.
But last night, she acted like she didn’t want me near. There was no hint of recognition on her face for me.
What do I do about Ariana? She keeps calling. Levi sighs,
Ariana is my ex-girlfriend. I threw her out of my house when I found my mate in the club. Now, she keeps pestering me to take her back.
“Just tell her to f u c k off if she wants to live. “I wave my hand in the air dismissively.
-You are already gone, man. But I am glad you found her after so long. “Levi shakes his head dreamily as he pulls the car into the driveway.
Without waiting for him to turn off the engine, I climb out of the car and march straight for the door.
I need her with me. Right f u c k i n g now.
Before I can stroll inside the open main door, one panicking face comes into my view. It’s the same cartoon from yesterday.
Johnny or maybe it was John.
Alpha Alexander. Uh, Good Morning! He pauses when he sees me, and tries his best to steel his spine.
1 press my lips in a thin line.” Save the greetings. Bring her to me.”
He doesn’t move from his spot.
I inhale, and the lack of the sweet scent drives my wolf restless.
Bring her to me. Right now. I amynot in the mood to play games. “I repeat, with evident anger.
That’s the thing. “He runs his hand down his hair agitatedly.
What’s. The. Thing?” I speak each word through my gritted teeth.
Alpha Alexander. “The short woman comes running in our direction.
I shoot a look of disdain to her spilling boobs, and plastic face. She didn’t stop showing them to me last night but I was not interested.
“We..We were waiting for you.” She smiled nervously.
“Where is Layla? Her beautiful name rolls off my tongue smoothly. It’s the name fit for an angel.
She–“The Luna shifted from one foot to the other uncomfortably.
She ran away last night. “Williams’ voice sounds from behind her.
Anger rises to the surface. I fist my hands and use my speed to get to him in an instant.
My hand uncurls and wraps around his throat. I slam his back into the wall, creating a huge c r a c k in it.
The Alpha claws at my hand. His eyes bulge out due to the suddenness of the attack.
Alpha Alexander! Luna gasps, running towards us.
I throw her a glare. She probably sees my eyes changing color to red so she stops in her tracks
I turn to face the struggling man. I can’t see anything but red. I should kill him for being so f u c k i n g useless.
Please, Alpha Alexander. “The woman pleads. She was not worth this fight.”
Just a little more pressure and his eyes might explode out of his sockets. I release him and throw him against the wall. The c r a c k becomes a hole.
“We should have told you before.” Luna whispers as Alpha Williams slumps to the floor.
His incompetent son rushes to his aid. I turn to face the c u n n i n g woman. My face goes back to wearing the mask of calmness.
What is it?” I ask.
“Layla- – – ” She sighs,” was a wolfless girl. She didn’t shift when she turned eighteen. ”

It comes as a shock to me. All plans of a future with her go down the drain with one truth.
She was not worth your money. She couldn’t bear your children if you wanted to turn her into a breeder, and she couldn’t become a warrior if that’s what you intended. She couldn’t even take your knot. She was useless to you. You would have killed her the moment you got too close to her. “Luna Avery continues.
Is this woman f u c k i n g with me?
I got more than close to her. I f u c k e d her, emptied my load inside her, and held her until she was ready to let me go.
You better tell me everything you know about her or find her. You have to give her to me if you don’t want me to visit again. I state calmly.
She understands the threat. They all do.
If they don’t bring me Layla, I will turn their pack into a graveyard. That’s no big deal for me.
I will decide what I want to do with this wolfless mate once I have her. Maybe, she will be suitable to be a breeder if she could bear a child even without her wolf because I can’t make her my Luna. My pack needs a strong she-wolf as their Luna. I can’t afford a weakness.
The w h o r e was pregnant with a b a s t a r d’ s child. “I am about to walk away and launch a search of my own when the incompetent son speaks up.
My feet freeze on their spot. I forget to breathe.
Pregnant?” I question.
“Yeah! She is a s l u t. She goes around sleeping with men. She got pregnant by one of them and wanted an abortion. Our pack doctor refused. I am sure she wanted to do it in some other place. She wanted out because we tried to stop her from killing an innocent child. That’s the kind of girl she is. It’s good you didn’t get to take her, Alpha Alexander. “Avery blurts.
Each word adds fuel to the fire burning in my eyes and inside my heart.
– Find her. Bring her to me when you do. I will decide her fate, “I utter, storming out of the house.
I open the car door, take my seat on the passenger side, and close it with a loud bang.
F u c k i n g Goddess! Alpha Alexander, what the f u c k happened?” Levi questions as soon as he feels my anger.
Find her. “I grit my jaw.
“Who? Your mate? His green eyes widen.
She ran away with my kid and she is trying to get an abortion. We must find her before she does it. “I seethe.
Seriously?” He yelps.
“I will kill this f u k i n g girl if she lays a finger on my child. She doesn’t know what she is doing. She doesn’t know who she is dealing with. She is so dead when I get my hands on her, “I fume.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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