Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 32

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 32

Chapter 32
You know you can tell me anything, Layla. “Theo whispers.
I snap out of my thoughts and look around. We are sitting in an expensive restaurant with high chandeliers and huge glass walls that show the view of the city. The bright lights of the buildings sparkle like little stars around us.
I take a deep breath and direct my gaze to Theo. We are waiting for our food to arrive and apparently, I went silent after the waiter took the order which is enough to grab Theo’s attention.
Is everything alright with Alpha Alexander?” He asks with a worried look in his eyes,
“That man can’t bear the thought of seeing my face around him. “I blurt before grabbing the glass of cold water and taking a sip.
Did he do something? His eyes flash golden, a sign of his wolf trying to push to the surface.
I sigh, placing the glass down. My shoulders are tense and my mind keeps going back to Alpha Alexander’s thoughts which is not good. I need to get him out of my head, and my life completely.
“He didn’t do anything. Theo. You don’t need to be worried. “I shake my head softly.
Theo’s eyes are drawn to my hair which sways with the movement. His Adam’s apple bobs down as he swallows.
– Do you like living with him, Layla?” He questions absentmindedly.
I can sense the fear in his hooded eyes and his polite voice. I was always aware of his feelings but never found it in myself to reciprocate them, but I think it’s time to move on from the past and give the man in front of me a chance he and I both deserve.
“I rejected him, Theo. To me—he is just Ayla’s Dad and she wants to stay with him. That’s why I am there. “I utter as I reach out to his hand which is placed over the table.
His gaze
lowers to our hands. I look down and release a soft breath. It feels so comfortable to hold his hand. There is no intense thrilling desire to do more or mindnumbing sparks or crazy heart palpitations,
It’s soothing and easy on the heart. I don’t risk heartbreak with him nor do I fear him turning his back to me.
He will always be here and he accepts me with my wolfless reality. He likes me for what I am and doesn’t get affected by the fact that I am weaker in strength than all the people he knows.
Theo pulls his hand out from under mine. My gaze lifts to his forest eyes. He smiles and grips my hand before giving it a gentle squeeze.
My home has a place for you and Ayla. If you are ever free and are not bound to stay with him—” He trails off.
“I will come to you. I promise.” I smile genuinely.
And if he hurts you, you need to tell me, Layla. “His thumb caresses the back of my hand.
“I will, Theo. “I nod, allowing myself to feel his warmth.
The food arrives. Theo releases my hand and we both eat dinner while talking about casual things. His questions don’t only involve me, they always include Ayla too. I can see how much he misses not having her by his side, how much he misses not getting to take her out for ice cream and shakes. It warms my heart like it always does.
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Chapter 32
After dinner, Theo and I walk to the parking lot leisurely. I wrap my arms around myself as he walks by my side in the dark night.
Are you cold? “Theo asks as his side brushes against mine.
“A little. I am not all wolf yet, you know. I shrug with a silly smile on my lips.
You can have my jacket. “He suggests, already starting to remove his suit’s jacket.
I spin and stop in front of him. Theo halts, giving me a surprised look. My hands land on his chest, holding him still so he is not removing his jacket.
I like this cold.” I tell him while looking into his eyes.
Are you in the mood to get sick?” He lifts his brow playfully.
No. I just want to feel everything. Cold, warm, and everything else. “I shake my head.
1 step closer. My heartbeat fastens as I stare up at him from so close. He is a handsome man who can get any girl he wants. I am not immune to his charms either.
Unconsciously, my face grows closer to his. My gaze drops to his lips which look soft. Clouds rumble in the sky.
Theo exhales a breath before craning his neck back and breaking my trance.
“It’s going to rain.” He whispers as I stare at his neck.
I can tell he did this out of nervousness. His heart is beating too fast under my palm. I chuckle, shaking my head and looking up just like him.
Adrop of water falls on my nose. He is right. It’s going to rain.
We should hurry back. “Theo suggests.
I nod and pull back just as the rain decides it doesn’t want to go easy. The rain starts pouring hard and drenches us both in a matter of moments.
Come on. “Theo grabs my hand instinctively.
We run all the way back to the car like little kids. He laughs as he unlocks the car and opens the door for me.
Your seats will get all wet. “I shout over the noise of the pattering.
“That’s not what you should be thinking about right now, Layla. ” He grins, ushering me in.
Ishake my head and plop inside as a shudder rolls down my body. He runs to the other side and takes the driving seat.
My wet hair stick to my face. I look down at my drenched dress. It has become transparent and almost outlines the skin undergarments I am wearing underneath.
gasp softly and fold my arms over my chest to hide myself. Theo laughs from beside me and opens the compartment to pull out some tissues.
Thank Goddess..” I let out a breath as he hands them to me.
I wipe the front of my dress meaninglessly. It’s too wet to dry off so castly, What a s
tu p i d move.

Calm down, Layla. I won’t look. “He whispers, making me pause.
Theo grabs the side of my head and makes me face him. He places the tissue over my cheek, wiping the water. At least my makeup is waterproof so I don’t have to worry about looking like a ghost in front of him.
I smile awkwardly and look at his face. His fingers are careful and gentle on my skin as he cups my cheek. My smile slowly falters as I focus on his wet hair and lips.
“Why do you like me, Theo?” I blurt.
His hands pause. Our eyes meet. He never voiced it out before and I never dared to bring up this either. We always stayed in our circles and never crossed the line into each other’s space.
What’s there to not like about you, Layla?” He mumbles under his breath.
“I don’t have a wolf. Isn’t that enough to dislike me?” My eyes sting as I ask.
Those who think like that are idiots and they are missing out on you. I am not one of them. I can see you for what you are, Layla.” He drops the tissue and cups my other cheek.
“What am I?” I inhale a deep breath to push the tears down.
To me, you
u are the bravest, smartest, kindest and the most beautiful woman to ever exist. With or without a wolf, you remain the same to me, Layla.” He smiles.
That’s who he is. He says things that soothe my heart and make me feel respected and seen.
I act on my impulse and lean in to kiss him. Theo’s hold over my cheeks tightens as he releases a surprised breath over my lips.
I pull back abruptly, wanting to make sure he wants it.
I don’t get to ask as he smashes his lips over mine. His soft lips kiss me slow, and gentle. His thumbs draw imaginary circles. on my cold cheeks.
I fist his collar and pull him closer. His kiss is not explosive and doesn’t take away my ability to think but it feels comfortable and makes me feel important.
Again. Again, I am thinking about Alpha Alexander and comparing him to Theo.
Softly, I push him back so I can climb over his lap. Theo’s hands release my cheeks and hang in the air.
Layla. “He breathes as I settle into his lap.

Kiss me, Theo.” I tug him closer by his collar.
His eyes flash golden before he dives in and kisses me harder. The intense hunger buzzing in his lips makes me kiss him back just as hard.
Theo’s hands lower to my waist, sending his warmth into my cold body and making me moan in his mouth.
I fist his hair and tug softly. Theo groans/pulls away, and kisses the corner of my wet lips.
“I wanted to do this the first I saw you, Layla.” He whispers as our eyes meet.
I slide
hands to his cheeks. He smiles and snuggles into my neck. My back arcs, offering more of my skin to him. He kisses my neck, then sucks, then nibbles. His lips trail a path down my skin, leaving marks behind. I moan and whimper while keeping my fingers in his hajr.
Every compliment sends a wave of heat in my belly but something feels missing. His plushy lips and his nibbling teeth make sure I don’t get hurt and feel strange on my skin.
I am used to those lips that take hard and leave me writhing. I crave teeth that scrap and dig and pull as if they want to bite deep into my skin and possess all of me. I need a body that demands me to submit so he can use me however he likes.
D a m n. I have lost my mind.
I squeeze my eyes shut as Theo kisses his way to my exposed breast valley. Heat trickles down my skin as I caress his head and let him kiss me.
I don’t want him to stop. I want him to own me so I can get Alpha Alexander out of my messed-up head. Theo is the one for me, I know.
I focus on the pleasurable sensations of his lips and his small grunts that are pleasing to the ears.
Just when I think I am successful in focusing on the present, my phone starts ringing in my bag. Theo groans and kisses the side of my left boob before he pulls back.
I open my eyes and shoot him a nervous look.
– You should take the call. It can be Ayla.” He suggests, licking his bottom lip.
I nod as my ever
drop to his lips. I lean in and peck them quickly.
You are trying to kill me tonight. He teases playfully.
I grin and pull out my phone from my bag. The screen shows Daphne’s number. My heart s
k i p s a beat and I pick it up instantly.
You need to come back. She speaks as soon as I pick up.
“What happened?” My heart sinks.
Ayla has a fever and she refuses to eat anything. She reveals with a sigh.
I am coming. Tell her I am coming. “I blurt as my heart aches in my chest.
I should have stayed behind and looked after my baby myself. I take in shaky breath. Daphne hangs up the call.
“I am taking you back. “He speaks up, sounding equally worried,
I nod and slide off his lap to take my spot in the passenger seat. He starts the engine and pulls his car out of the parking lot.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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