Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 29

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 29

Chapter 29
I shift my attention to her face. Her wide eyes are fixed on
“Do you think I f u c k e d you when you were unconscious? “I drawl, spreading my legs to accommodate my hard co c k.
She opens her luscious lips and licks them softly. I wait for her words but they never come.
-So, now we are done—She changes the topic.
Is that what you think? Why did you want to be done so soon though? Any specific reason?” My mouth grows bitter as I throw her a fake smile.
I-We can’t spend our lives like this, Alpha Alexander. I don’t want to be tied to you when I know you hate me. And I don’t feel much better about you either.” She sighs.
I rise to my full height and stroll to the bed slowly. Layla’s breath hitches and she pushes herself up so she is sitting. Her hand grips the blanket to her chest, hiding her sinful body that I have seen already and have thought about every time my hand has closed around my hard c o ck for pleasure.
“Oh? Is that it? Who do you like then? “I ask, pressing my knee on the bed.
“It’s not
Is it that Theo guy?” I hum, inching my way closer to her.
Her sweet scent drives me crazy. It’s like I am taking a stroll in a flower garden. And I don’t even f u c k i n g like flowers. I hate them. I despise them.
“Yes.” She lifts her chin defiantly.
The thread to my tolerance snaps. I grab her ankle which is covered with the blanket and pull her petite body under me. She gasps and starts thrashing instantly.
From the moment this woman told me that she didn’t spread her legs for any other man but me, my possessiveness has grown. I need >
Say it again. I breathe over her trembling lips.
I grab her tiny wrists in my left hand and pin her arms above her head. I have no desire to leave her in peace today.
Yes, I like Theo and I want to be with him. So what can you-
My lips seal hers, cutting off those s i d words. She can’t like anyone. She has no right. Her lips press together to show defiance. I pull her lower lip between my mouth, earning a sharp m u f f l e d cry from her.
She bites into my upper lip rebelliously. The coppery taste of blood invades my mouth, but it doesn’t faze me one bit. The hunger beast is gnawing at my insides. The need to possess her is too strong,
Her body twists under mine as she tries to break free. But, I can’t let go.
She is a nobody.
She has no f u c k i n g right to occupy my thoughts, my nightmares, my life. She can’t plague my fantasies and my actions.
She has to be a nobody to me.
Chapter 29
I press my lips harder into her soft mouth. She
stes like f u c k i n g heaven when she shouldn’t. My hand moves to the blanket between us. I rip it away, exposing her body to my exploring hand. I find her firm breast and squeeze, hard.
Layla stills under me. I take this chance to lick her bottom lip. Her resistance dies as she gives in to me.
My hand releases her boob and travels to her stomach roughly. Her skin is soft as a feather. It’s a strange contrast to my calloused hands but I can’t stop.
All of a sudden, I feel warm liquid between my lips. It tastes salty. I break out of the hateful trance and pull away abruptly.
Tears are rolling down her closed eyes uncontrollably. Now that’s more like it. She should cry ugly.
I trace her wet cheeks, swollen lips, and her heaving chest. A hideous feeling settles in my chest. I swallow her taste and inhale her flowery scent. My lungs burn.
This is not right.
She always fights me.
Layla. I whisper. My hand reaches out to her wet cheek on its own.
Her fiery eyes snap open. My hand pauses in the air. The fire in her eyes has dimmed, leaving a trail of moist tears behind.
-You—You are no better than Josh.” She s b s.
I raise myself to my knees and let her go. The burn returns in my chest. It’s definitely not because of that bond she tried to break. It’s something else and it’s persistent.
“I hate you. She cries out, tugging her blanket back to her chest.
I watch as she tries to suppress her s o b s but fails every time. The burn keeps intensifying inside my chest. I find those tears so f u c k i n g annoying that I want to kiss them aw ay and tell her to never f u c k i n g shed them again. For some reason, I don’t
want to see them.
Please, Alpha Alexander. I—I am so sorry, Alpha Alexander, Please. I can’t take it anymore. Please, stop it now. I am sorry. I am sorry for everything. Her cries get louder in volume. It feels like she has broken the statue of her attitude and she is now begging me.
I don’t f n, ke it.
She should fight me not cry like a crybaby.
I get off the bed and find my way to the door. I shut it closed loudly before storming to my office.
I enter my private space and close the door behind me. I shouldn’t feel so f u i n g weird. It’s like I want to hit my head against the wall.
What the f u c k was I doing forcing myself on her? She has never resisted me so hard before. So, I thought her resistance was temporary.
But she wanted me to stop. She wanted me to genuinely leave her.
I grab the vase placed on the table beside the door and smash it on the floor. I shouldn’t even be thinking so much about her. She is a nobody. She has no place in my perfectly planned life.
Many fragile things follow suit and end up broken on the floor but the burn in my chest refuses to go away.
What is it?
Thu, 16 May GE
Chapter 29
Why can’t I stop thinking about her pleas?
I don’t care.
Caring has never helped me before.
It has always brought pain.
When I
am done thrashing the whole office, I slam my palms over my desk and hang my head low. My breaths come out sharp and loud as I try to regain my temper.
But, nothing helps like her lips did, like touching her did, like seeing her does.
Layla Jones is not a nobody.
She is a thorn in my side. And she refuses to stop being one.
Now the only way to pluck her out of my side is to pretend she is not there. She wants me gone. Okay! She will get just that. From today onwards, she doesn’t exist for me.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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