Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 28

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 28

Chapter 28
I feel a constant burn in iny chest that refuses to dissipate. I glare at the woman lying unconscious on her bed. It’s all because of her.
She dared to lead me on and then reject me. Now, she will pay for it.
I have been sitting in the corner of her room for the whole night waiting for her to open her eyes and look at me so I can avenge what she did.
She thinks this bond is over just because she rejected me? She is so naive. She doesn’t know she is mated to a Lycan—one of the few surviving Lycans. Nothing in this world is out of a Lycan’s control. So, this bond won’t disappear until I accept her rejection and that’s so not happening. She will remain tied to me and she will suffer for f u n g me over.
She is nothing. A nobody.
But something about her makes my chest tighten. Something about her makes me do things impulsively like killing that mo r Joshic and his pain-in-the-a s s parents who cried like fools before I snapped their necks and enjoyed every
moment of it.
That was the most illogical I have ever been. I risked a f u c k i n g war — not that I f u care because they are just little children when it comes to my pack but I still risked a war, just for her. Just because the thought of someone else hurting her makes my blood c k
i n
g turn into lava in my veins. Just because I find the thought of someone else scaring her or making her cry f u c k i n g unacceptable.
It is all because of this little woman. She had no right f u c k i n g with my head, and my life when she is not even worthy of being a part of it
But, she did. Now, she will have to deal with every part of it.
My heart burns as I narrow my eyes on her. Why the f u c k is she not waking up? Why the f u c k i n g f u c k did she do something so dangerous to herself? Didn’t she know it would hurt?
Foolish woman
The door to
opens. The small footsteps run in my direction.
“Daddy! What are you doing here?” My Princess’ sunshine face appears in my sight and the pain in my chest dulls.
I smile wholeheartedly and scoop her up in my arms when she stops close to my legs. She giggles in her cute voice and snuggles into my neck.
Mommy didn’t come to my room thish morning. “She complains and tightens her hold over me.
Mommy is a little tired after attending the event last night, Princess. She is sleeping. “I whisper assuringly.
“Ish that why you are here with her? Are you worried about her? She chimes, pulling her head back to look at me with her doe-like innocent eyes.
“Yes. “The word slips from my mouth with ease.
That is not certainly why I am here.
It can’t be because she f u c k i n g hurt her heart when she should have submitted to me and let me have her. We could have
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Chapter 28
f u c k e d and she would be out of my system, long gone from my thoughts. Her life would be easy like that. When I stop thinking about her, I won’t care if she goes to another man either.
My wolf growls at the suggestion. Even I feel an ugly feeling settle in the pit of my stomach.
Mommy ish strong. She will be fine after resht. “Ayla grabs my cheeks in her small hands and tells me in her small voice.
I smile unconsciously. Her Mommy has raised her to be considerate of others.
I press my lips to her forehead, earning another cozy hug that makes this world brighten up. Who thought a little hug from this Princess would turn my life into something more than a warzone?
I sigh, as my eyes drift to the unconscious face on the bed. A blanket covers her up to her neck. Her body is naked under
It’s a good idea to send my Princess away.
Princess. Why don’t you go down and have breakfast first? Mommy and I will join you later. “I suggest, combing her slightly tangled hair.
Okay, Daddy. She replies obediently and jumps down from my lap.
I watch with a smile on my lips as she runs towards the door on her small feet.
“Ayla. “A startled gasp sounds in the room, drawing my attention to the woman on the bed.
Ayla stops at the doorway. Her body turns around at the speed of light before she runs in the direction of the bed.
Mommy.” She yells excitedly as she jumps over the bed and snuggles into her Mommy’s neck.
“Ayla. “Layla groans.
I focus on her scowling face. Her eyes are still closed but she is conscious enough to wrap her arms around our daughter.
Are you shick, Mommy?” Ayla asks softly.
“N—No, baby. Layla’s eyes blink open and land on her.
I sigh, leanin
her open eve
She is a nobody. She means nothing to me.
ck in the chair. It’s like a huge burden is off my shoulders. The burn in my chest dissipates finally. Seeing ings me this relief and it infuriates me.
Yet, she gets on my nerves
like she
I watch as the realization slowly sinks in and her eyes widen. She knows she is naked under that blanket. Her smooth skin and s e x y curses that I barely avoided touching last night when I was removing her dress with my eyes closed are only covered by that thin material.
It’s a crime for her to be so f u c k i n g beautiful.
I have seen better women, I tell myself. l/have f u c k e d plenty even but no one has managed to wake up the sleeping beast
inside me.
When it comes to Layla, I don’t want to caress her skin or make love to hep—I want to f u c
k her, devour her, mark her skin with angry bites as I take her over and over and over again until she cries and begs me for more. I want to f u c k her so f u c k i n g hard that her trembling legs and shivering body yearn for mine and find it hard to like anyone after me
. I want to imprint myself on her memory, her soul, and deep in her body so she never dares to reject me again.

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Chapter 28
I barely contain the throaty rumble in my chest. My c o c k is f c k i n g getting hard again. The angry dude just wants those warm folds wrapped around it.
Layla’s eyes jump to mine as if she knows I am sitting here and thinking about all this. My face turns cold. She shudders. The muscles of her arms stiffen around Ayla.
Ay—Ayla, baby.” She stutters softly.
Yes, Mommy. “My Princess leans back to cup her Mommy’s cheeks.
Did you have breakfast?” She takes her eyes off me and focuses on her.
No, Mommy. “Ayla pouts.
Go, Baby. Go have breakfast. Ask the aunt in the kitchen to cook something for you. Okay?” Her soft voice fuels my frustration and anger.
Why can’t she talk like this to me?
She even talked in this lovey-dovey tone with that f c e r Theodore. So why not me?
“Okay, Mommy. “Princess nods and gets off.
“Good, baby. “Layla smiles at her.
Ayla nods cutely and runs off. She knows her Mommy needs rest so she is not clingy today. I smile at my daughter’s retreating back. She will grow up to be a kind girl and I will kill every m o t h e r f u c k e r who tries to get near her.
Why—Why am I naked, Alpha Alexander? “The putrid stench of fear perfumes the air as Layla asks.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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