Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 27

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 27

Chapter 27
Alpha Alexander stares into my eyes. I stare right back, letting him know how serious I am about this.
My heart beats out of rhythm, waiting for his answer or his rejection once more.
That’s the problem with women.” He whispers,
I lean back to save myself from s t a g g i n g in front of him. He hasn’t said it yet, but I know what he is about to tell me.
* You don’t miss a single chance to trap a man. His lips morph into a smirk that I am beginning to despise.
What was all this for then?” I grit my teeth.
They didn’t return my money. “He states as a matter of fact.
I feel dumbfounded. My brows shoot to my hairline. His smirk deepens, finding my reaction amusing.
Did you think I did it for you?” He clicks his tongue, mocking me.
But you said-
“I trail off.
All his actions and words scream that he did this for me but he is denying this which means he is not done playing his game
If you hate me so much, why do you keep touching me? “I grip the edge of the desk to keep myself calm.
Come on. Don’t pretend that you don’t like it. “He runs his fingers through his silky hair, messing them slightly.
“It’s not about that. “I slam my palm over the desk.
You are overreacting. “His eyes narrow on me.
No! It’s not about what I feel when you touch me. It’s about why you even touch me if you don’t want to see my face. Why doy
you act like I am your possession if you hate my existence? “I hiss in his face, forgetting all fear and hesitation.
His tall figure towers over me, making me seem so small in my skin. I take a step back as I am forced to crane my neck if I want to maintain eye contact with him.
Alpha Alexander takes that step ahead and covers the distance between us. My breath hitches when his chest brushes mine. My body reacts to his slight touch, turning hot in a single moment.
His hand closes around my nape, tugging my head back. I wince, closing my eyes.
“I want you.” His breaths fan my lips.
My eyes shoot wide open. I search his silver orbs in the dim lightening of the office, trying to understand his motive.
“I want to f u c k you. ” Alpha Alexander exhales.
My nipples tighten against his chest. I swallow my saliva and continue to stare into his intense eyes.
And?” I whisper.
And what? I just want to bend you over my desk and f k you. That’s all. After that, I don’t think I will even want to touch you.” He scoffs as if something lus enraged him.
Chapter 27
My heart twists inside my chest as I think about his words. He wants to use my body to satisfy his lust. That’s it.
“It’s good that you let me know your intentions. I am not confused anymore. “I utter, placing my hand over his wrist and pulling his arm down.
Alpha Alexander releases me with ease. I lick my lips and step closer. Our bodies press together. His eyes darken.
Do what you want. “I mumble over his lips.
A guttural groan rumbles in his chest. He turns me around abruptly. My stomach hits the desk. I gasp, as he bends me over
like he wants
His hands grab my sides roughly before trailing down and gripping my butt tightly. Any softness that I expect from him turns out to be my wishful thinking.
He pulls my fit dress up, bunching it around my stomach. His hands grip my bare flesh before he groans.
1 place my head over the desk, bending for him. His fingers run over my dampening panties, earning a low moan for me.
Don’t waste your time touching me, Alpha Alexander. Do what you want to do to me. I hiss, putting all my focus on the wall so I am not getting affected by his addictive touch.
Alpha Alexander doesn’t waste a moment and pulls my panties down. The soft fabric falls to my
His hands disappear from my sides. I hear the sound of the zipper and close my eyes instinctively.
My heart pounds in my chest like crazy. I have gone mad. That’s the only thing I can think about.
The tip of his c o c k touches my wet folds, making me whimper. My toes curl in my sandals. The electric sensation of being flesh-to-flesh with him is insanely good.
“F u c k . So f u c i n g drenched for me. “Alpha Alexander grunts in a husky and deep voice that hits a cord in my lower abdomen.
His coc k moves up and down my soaking slit, gathering the liquid so he can slide inside me with ease.
That’s the moment, I tell myself.
He is hard. in the verge of getting what he wants. His ragged breaths and the low curses that escape his mouth tell me how desperate he is.
The tip of his c o c k rests between my folds, ready to part them and slide inside. Every cell in my body screams at me to take it, let him fill me and f u c k me l i k e his dirty f u c k t o y.
But, I am so done with this bond. I won’t succumb anymore.
“No. “I whisper right when I can sense he is about to slam inside me and bottom out.
“What?” His c o c k stills on my opening. He sounds mad and surprised.
“No.”I speak loud and clear so he has no problem hearing me.
ty core aches so hard that I am one moment away
y from begging him but no. I won’t take it. I am stronger.
Say that f u c k i n g again, Layla. “Alpha Alexander’s voice drops, taking a dangerous edge that makes my thighs quiver.
“I said no, Alpha Alexander. Now, you can only f u k me if you are willing to force your way inside me. “I blurt.
What if he actually does it?

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Chapter 27
I can sense the dark frustration reeking from him after all. His angry c o c k is nestled between the dripping core, ready to thrust in and stretch me to my limits. Just by the size of the tip, I can tell it’s big and thick. And he can easily dominate me, force me if he wants.
My body trembles in fear. It feels like I have punched the beast and now I am waiting for him to tear me apart.
But surprisingly, my beast steps away. I can hear the sound of his zipper going up.
You are a f u c k i n g s l u t. You have probably f u ck e d every man you came across so why the f u c k are you refusing me? Alpha Alexander growls.
I straighten up and turn around. My hands land on the desk behind me as my eyes meet his cold silver orbs.
The only man I have ever been with is you! And I don’t even remember it. But you won’t believe me. Because for you, I am just a s l u t, a useless person, and a weak wolf. You have an image of me in your mind and you refuse to see me for what I am. “I blurt. Tears start sliding out of my eyes.
His gaze follows the trail of the warm liquid on my cheeks. He steps forth and places his hands beside mine on the desk, caging me between his arms.
“Do you think you won a great war by refusing to let me f k that beautiful p u s s y, Mio Tesoro?” His gaze switches between my quivering lips and my blurry eyes.
“No. I can never win against you.” I whisper, feeling dejected and heartbroken.
“It’s good that you know so we can- —
“That’s why I am not going to fight you from now on. “I cut in.
I have to be strong. I must protect myself for the sake of my daughter.
“What does that mean exactly?” His brows lift.
I wipe my tears harshly. Alpha Alexander follows the movement of my hands with his dark eyes.
This means I, Layla Jones reject you— “His hand shoots to my neck as he leans in threateningly. I place the back of my hand over my lips so he can not seal them this time. His wolf growls, scaring me but I refuse to back down.
“Don’t you f u c k i n g dare, Layla.” He warns. I ignore him.
I, Layla Jones, reject you, Alpha Alexander Castillo—“His grip on my throat tightens, cutting off the supply of oxygen but I manage to utter the words lingering at the tip of my tongue.”—of the Silver Heart Pack.”
A sharp pain hits my head and heart. I scream, falling ahead. My insides are being scorched. This is not how I felt when Josh rejected me. This pain is much worse and stronger and it makes black dots appear in my sight in a few moments.
Alpha Alexander is saying something but I can’t make sense of it. I lose consciousness and a strong pair of arms hold me before I hit the floor.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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