Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 26

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 26

Chapter 26
I fall on my knees right after entering my room. The stench of blood is enveloping my senses. I glance down at the bloodied shirt and instantly start unbuttoning it.
I need to get the blood off. What if Ayla comes here and sees me like this?
With that thought in my mind, I strip and rise to my feet before going to the bathroom. I pass by the huge wall-sized mirror to my right and freeze on my way.
Swallowing my saliva, I take one step back. My eyes move to my reflection. Blood covers the left side of my face, my neck, down to my upper thigh. It’s starting to dry over my skin.
Slowly, my eyes move to my right boob. The purplish mark above my erect nipple looks more haunting than the blood.
Alpha Alexander killed Josh and then touched me as if he hadn’t murdered a man in front of me. And what was I doing?
A lump forms in my throat.
I let him touch me and even enjoyed it. How sick can this get?
Shaking my head, I tear my gaze off my reflection and walk to the shower room. I turn on the shower and stand under it. My hands rigorously rub and scratch my skin to get rid of the nasty stench.
After almost half an hour of mindless scrubbing, I grab the towel and step out of the shower room.
There are lots of people gathered for Daphne’s initiation ceremony. It’s not possible that no one heard what happened inside the house. And if Josh is here, then it means his parents are here as well.
What if they have heard all of it?
Oh, Goddess.
This w
11 war.
So many innocent lives will be at stake, and I have no doubt that Alpha Alexander will not show mercy, I am unsure if he even feels such emotions.
But, if Luna and Alpha Benjamin know about Josh already, why is there no commotion?
Why is everything so quiet?
4-dry my body and hair before walking towards the closet. Hurriedly, I take out another black simple dress and wear it.
Josh’s dead eyes keep flashing in front of my eyes, giving me creeps. The heat of Alpha Alexander’s lips intensifies all the
I ignore the shaking of my legs and walk to the yard. I make extra efforts to avoid looking in the direction of where the murder happened even if I am tempted fo
Just as I enter the yard, I see the people still gathered and talking. They look as unfazed as ever. A frown settles between my
I wrap my arms around my waist and look around. My eyes halt on Daphne who is standing in the far left corner, with Levi who is smiling, and Ayla who is telling them something.
15:47 Thu, 16 May GBG
Chapter 26
My heart finds some solace when I see my daughter smiling, and unaware about what just happened. If she is fine, I don’t think anything else will faze me.
I let out a breath, searching for Alpha Benjamin and his evil Luna. A little corner of my heart aches for them even when they treated me like shi t..
After a relentless search, I don’t find them anywhere. My heart drowns in a sea of doubts and fears.
The hair on the back of my neck stands on its ends. I shudder, sensing the imposing presence towering over me from behind.
His hands land on my small waist, sliding forward slowly. My mouth falls open as I stumble into his warm front.
Who are you searching for, Layla?” Alpha Alexander whispers in my right ear.
You—You know. “I stutter, feeling his warmth seeping into my back and heating my body.
You will never see them again. “His nose nudges my earlobe, earning a sharp breath from me.
Does this mean—“I trail off, not finding it in myself to say it out loud.
They are gone. His voice betrays no remorse, fear, or stress. He is telling me that he killed three people tonight in a voice that is meant to put someone to sleep. Deep, raspy, lazy.
I wake up to the cruel reality and walk forward. I can’t stay close to him. I need to go to my daughter and inhale her baby scent to calm down.
Alpha Alexander doesn’t stop me. I don’t look over my shoulder to see his face.
I make my way through the crowd and reach Ayla before crouching down. She turns to me when she notices me behind her.
1 grab her small arms and pull her into my chest. My lips find her head, kissing it over and over again.
What happened, Mommy?” She asks in her small voice.
Nothing, Baby. Mommy just missed you. “I swallow all the words and fears and pull her closer.
She wrap
rms around my neck, jumping in my lap so I can hold her. My fingers brush her soft hair as I squeeze my eyes shut and assure myself that we are fine.
A big monster is gone from my life. Josh—He is dead. My eyes sting but no tears fall.
It feels like one monster has left and a bigger one has taken its place. But this monster doesn’t hurt me physically. He is stealing little parts of me when he claims he doesn’t want any of it.
I don’t know what I should do. I just know I am going to get hurt. And Alpha Alexander is going to deliver that pain to me.
Layla. Are you okay?” Daphne crouches down, completely disregarding the importance of her dark green c o c k t a i l dress. Her eyes scream worry but also show a hint of knowledge.
“D. It’s fine. “I whisper before planting a kiss on the side of my baby’s head.
Are you sure?” She asks.
It’s your big day. I will be fine. I utter, nodding my head.
I have to get through this. I can only talk with Alpha Alexander after that. He can’t keep confusing and scaring me with his behavior.
15:47 Thu, 16 May GBG
Chapter 26
Ayla jumps out of my lap. I let her go because I know she is safe here. Somehow, Alpha Alexander has kept her and all the other people oblivious to what conspired tonight. This means everything was planned.
It makes my heart flutter but it also makes me angry. He almost ruined Daphne’s big day with his antics.
“You look like you are about to go on a murder spree. “Levi chuckles.
“I am in survival mode. “I narrow my eyes on him, trying to judge how much he knows.
He did it for you. No need to be scared. “He shrugs.
He knows everything I conclude. I was the only one who was kept in the dark.
If I knew, I wouldn’t have let this happen anyway.
I sigh, rising to my feet. Daphne stands up and hugs me.
“I am here. Don’t take stress. She whispers.
You knew everything?” I have to make sure.
“I am sorry.” She tightens her hold over me.
I shake my head and hug her back. It makes me mad that she didn’t tell me, but it’s her day and I can’t ruin it over this. We can fight later.
“I am jealous.” Levi grumbles.
Daphne pats my back one time before she releases me and goes back to Levi’s side. I watch the pair, feeling the little tingle of envy p r i c k l i g my heart. I shake it off instantly.
The night goes on and people remain ignorant. Every time I catch Alpha Alexander’s eyes on me, I make it my mission to avoid him and his scorching stare. But, it doesn’t change the fact that he doesn’t take his eyes off me for a single moment.
Daphne and Levi declare their bond. The pack members cheer and give them their blessings for a better future. Sometime along the way, I almost forget everything and smile at the couple who looks in love already.
After a few h o…of partying, Alpha Alexander walks to the stage in the middle with Daphne and Levi. He cuts his palm. Daphne does the same. They join their bleeding hands and he welcomes her into his pack. The bond snaps into place when Daphne loses her balance and winces in pain. Levi is there to steady her and hold her in his arms.
Ayla comes to me when they are done with the ceremony. I pick up my sweet yawning daughter and she falls asleep on my shoulder.
Taking this as a chance of my escape, I walk away from the party and enter Ayla’s room which is on the second floor of the big estate.
I put her in bed and stay by her side until the music from the party dies. When I am sure everything is wrapped up, I leave Ayla’s room and walk down the stairs in search of Alpha Alexander.
Where is your Alpha?” I question
Levi and Daphne who are entering the packhouse, smiling at each other.
They stop in their track and look at me at the same time. Daphne steps forth worriedly but Levi grabs her hand and pulls her back to his side. He shakes his head at her when she looks up at him.
So, that’s how it’s going to be now?
She is on their side?
15:48 Thu, 16 May GBG
Chapter 26
Daphne turns her head towards me and gives me a defeated look which screams I am right.
Hurt bubbles in my chest, but I push it away.
“Where is Alpha Alexander? ” 1 direct the question to Levi.
“Alpha is in his office. He reveals, gritting his teeth.
I nod silently and turn around to go there.
“Wait, Layla. “Daphne yells from behind.
You don’t need to come with me. “I tell her without facing her.
Contrary to my expectations, she doesn’t follow me like she would have done before. This hurts me and that instantly turns into more rage.
1,reach his office and barge inside without caring to knock first. He is sitting behind his desk, looking at a file.
Even when I stand there, breathing heavily and throwing daggers at him with my eyes, he doesn’t pick up his head to look at me. The whole night he didn’t take his eyes off me, and now he is pretending that nothing happened.
“We need to talk, Alpha Alexander. “I hiss.
I am busy. “He drawls.
I close the door. A loud thud sounds in the office which doesn’t affect him one bit.
1 stomp
toward the desk before rounding it and coming to a stop on his right side. He still doesn’t budge.
I grab his armrest and turn his chair around so his face is towards me. His eyes fly to mine, narrowing slightly.
“I have lots of questions. And I need answers. “I state.
“Are you done playing scared?” He rasps, dropping the file on the desk.
My enraged gaze lowers to his thick lips. Warm liquid starts gathering between my folds as I relive the moment his lips sucked my skin.
Accept me as your mate, Alpha Alexander. Mark me. Take me. “I whisper, influenced by the conflicting emotions inside

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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