Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 25

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 25

Chapter 25
Alpha Alexander grabs Josh’s hair and pushes his head back. He groans but doesn’t dare to move or try to fight back.
His other hand moves towards Josh’s shoulder. He presses his fingers down on it, earning a harsh glare.
“What are you doing? “Josh snarls, shaking his head to free it.
Touching you, Joshie. “Alpha Alexander purrs in a scary tone.
All of a sudden, Alpha Alexander removes his hand from Josh’s hair and rotates his shoulder hard. He yelps, grabbing Alpha Alexander’s hand but he is too slow.
The dominating man moves around Josh’s body and goes to his back. His arm twists at a weird angle before I hear more sounds of pain falling from his mouth.
1 tear my gaze off Josh’s face and look up at the towering figure. The silver of Alpha Alexander’s eyes almost deepens to a dark grey as he tugs at Josh’s arm.
Blood splatters everywhere. On Alpha Alexander’s crisp white button down under the black jacket. On his chin. On his lips.
My breathing ceases. Josh curses, cries, and screams, but I can’t bring myself to look at him.
Do you like it?” I can’t tell if Alpha Alexander is asking Josh or me. But, his voice sure makes my stomach quiver. Strange sensations start in my back, reaching up to my heart and gripping it in a tight hold.
“My MyA.Arm Josh screams.
My gaze travels to his dislocated arm which is in Alpha Alexander’s hand. Horror grips my insides, making me step back involuntarily.
“Don’t move.” His commanding voice freezes my body,
He throws Josh’s arm on the floor. I instantly take my eyes off it and direct my gaze to his cold face.
Alpha Alexander doesn’t release Josh even after he has ripped his arm off. He leisurely moves to his other arm.
This time, Josh does try to fight back and show the skills of an Alpha blood but Alpha Alexander presses his knee so hard in his shoulder blade, that he can’t do anything but take it.
His other arm goes off, leaving a fountain of blood shooting everywhere: The metallic stench spreads around me. Fear paralyzes my mind, leaving me unable to do anything-
I watch, mesmerized and terrified, as Alpha Alexander throws Josh’s other arm on the floor.
It_It’s enough. I speak, sensing bile rising to the back of my throat.
It’s not. His eyes flash electric blue, a hint of his wolf pushing to the surface.
I shudder, barely keeping myself standing on my trembling legs. My heartbeat and breathing go absolutely still. my insides are betraying me
I am a sorry. I am so f u c k, f u c k i n g, sorry, Lay Layla, Josh cries out
Instinctively, I look down at his beatered face. His eyes ure hulging out. Ivan run dos
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15:47 Thu, 16 May GB G.
Chapter 25
My heart twists inside my chest. That’s what he did to me and he enjoyed it. Every time.
Seeing the fear in his eyes cools down a fire inside me, but at the same time, I feel like a horrible person for not feeling, disgusted by the display of this violence.
I should stop this.
I need to—
My thoughts cease when Alpha Alexander jerks at Josh’s neck. His pleas stop, and his wide eyes stare back at me. My jaw hangs low, while Alpha Alexander continues to jerk and twist until his head comes off his shoulder.
My breathing gets stuck in my throat. Josh’s head is in Alpha Alexander’s hands one moment, and the next, it’s rolling on the
There is so much blood on the floor, on the walls, everywhere.
Josh’s headless body hits the floor hard. I jump in my spot. A scream erupts from my mouth.
What….What did you do? “I shake my head and take a step back.
They call Alpha Alexander a beast. But before tonight, I didn’t grasp the reality of that reputation.
But now, I do. And every fiber of my being yells at me to run from him.
Alpha Alexander steps over Josh’s dead body and walks towards me. With every step he takes ahead, I instinctively take one back.
I need to be away from this Beast. He is a cold-blooded, ruthless murderer.
My back hits the wall in the corner, closing all ways of escape. I look to my right then to my left.
“You can’t run from me. “Alpha Alexander rasps.
He is right. I can’t run from him. With his unusual speed which is uncommon for even werewolves, he will catch me in a millisecond. And I will be in his arms after that so he can do whatever he wants with me.
My breathing speeds up. I press my palms into the cold wall behind me. Tears well in my eyes as they meet his bloodied
white shirt.
He doesn’t stop a little away. He invades all my space and halts only when his chest brushes mine. My body jolts up, pressing harder into the wall to be away from him.
Alpha Alexander raises his hand. I squeeze my eyes shut. He is going to kill me. Tears start sliding out of my eyes at the thought.
Warmth and liquid touch my cheek. I hold my breath. My stomach hollows and sinks in. The back of his hand travels down, leaving a trail of thick wetness on my cheek, my chin, and the side of my lips. When he touches my throat, he turns his hand and closes his palm around it.
I gasp. My head hits the wall. This is not supposed to feel this divine, but it does. Fear, excitement, and thrill become a strange mixture and settle into the pit of my stomach
His thumb moves up, rubbing my chin before his hand lowers onto the neckline of my dress. His fingers h o o k in it before I hear the ripping sound and the fabric falls away from my shoulders. Cold air brushes my naked breasts, erecting my nipples.
Alpha Alex—“A moan ships past my lips.
His hand doesn’t stop its venture, le grips my firm lett boob between his hot, rough, and wet palin. My back arches, pushing
15:47 Thu, 16 May GBG.
Chapter 25
the aching spot more into him.
K 75%
He gives it a harsh squeeze. I whimper, pressing my thighs together to relieve myself of the little tingles between them.
My other boob and nipple aches for the same attention but he ignores it. His hand slides to my stomach. Goosebumps erupt on my skin.
What is he doing?
Oh, Goddess Selene!
1 groan as his calloused fingers dip lower, and my panties. He flattens his palm over my pu s s y and o
slip inside it harshly.
My legs squeeze around his hand, seeking some sort of relief.
His hand halts there, cupping me possessively.
A guttural groan sounds in my ear. I wiggle my hips to rub myself against his unmoving hand.
Do you want me to f u c k you in front of that f c k e r’s dead body, Mio Tesoro? Do you want me to make you c u m when you are stained with his filthy blood? “His lips caress my earlobe as he husks.
My eyes shoot wide open. His broad shoulders cover my view, but I know Josh is still lying dead in his blood.
What am I doing?
Oh. My Goddess!
My terrified big eyes meet his lust-filled gaze. Blood taints his lips, chin, and nose, making him seem like the beast he is. But this doesn’t invoke fear in me. Instead, it turns me on because his hand is still between my legs, never moving away or moving in
-What did you do?” My quiet voice barely leaves my mouth as I search his silver orbs.
What is this man? He says he hates me but he just killed my worst nightmare and—
My eyes widen some more when I look down at my stomach and exposed breasts. I am covered in blood—Josh’s blood. Alpha Alexander covered me in his blood.
– That was not free. His thick voice makes
me tremble.
“W—What? “I breathe.
“I need to collect my payment. “He grumbles before his head lowers.
My eyes meet the wall opposite me. Alpha Alexander’s tongue darts out to lick my clean boob, so close to my aching nipple, He bites that spot, making my toes curl.
Just a little lower. I want to beg him, but I sink my teeth in my lower lip and stop myself.
He sucks. Hard. Making me squirt, and move against his hand.
A groan
rumbles in his chest before he pulls away. His hand leaves my body the same moment his lips do. He steps out of my personal space and turns his back to me.
My chest heaves up and down rapidly as I stare at his broad back and rippling muscles. He pushes his jacket off his shoulders, dropping it on the floor.

My jaw hangs open in surprise ant anticipation. What is he doing?
15:47 Thu, 16 May
Chapter 25
He unbuttons his shirt and removes it. My mouth dries as I wait for him to turn and face me again. I am still so hot and turned on because of him that I am having a hard time regaining my rationality.
He extends his arm to me without turning around. His shirt is dangling from his fingers.
“Wear it and go to your foom. If someone sees you like this, I will murder them.” He demands.
My body has a mind of its own when it comes to Alpha Alexander. And that mind is completely under his enchanting.
I grab his blood-soaked shirt and wear it before sprinting away from him. I can’t stay and test my luck. I can’t be in his space when I am having a hard time wrapping my head around what just happened.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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