Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 23

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 23

Chapter 23
What happened to you?” Daphne asks as I enter the kitchen.
She is sitting on the stool, eating a sandwich this woman named Eva has made for her. She thinks she runs the place and won’t let me go anywhere near the stove so I had to go talk to Alpha Alexander. But, I shouldn’t have. Because now, I am disoriented and floating somewhere between the past and present.
Layla. Daphne drops the sandwich on the plate.
Nothing, D. Nothing happened. “I mutter and take a seat beside her.
Her hand lands on my arm, softly running up and down to show support. She knows I need it right now. She is my best friend. She can tell when I am fine and when I am not.
I cast a side glance at Eva who has her back to me.
Eva. I talked to Alpha Alexander. He said I can cook if I want to. So can you please move out of the kitchen once you are done? I ask politely.
w on me.
She turns around abruptly. Her eyes narrow

e will never allow it.” She hisses.
I don’t why this woman hates me. She is old enough to be Alpha Alexander’s mother so I can’t even doubt that she is interested in him. She has some other reason and I can’t seem to point it out
“You can ask him if you want. He really allowed it. “I reason diplomatically with her. I am not here to make enemies. She huffs, glares at me for a few more moments, and then turns around.
Daphne and I glance at each other. She presses her forefinger to the side of her head, gesturing at me to believe Eva is probably mad
I suppress a smile and place my!
hand o
hers. She grins, grabbing the sandwich again
“Where is Ayla?” I ask.
I left her with Daphne before I went to Alpha Alexander’s office.
She is playing with Serafina’s son in the yard. “She shrugs.
Serafina has a son?” I wonder.
*Of course, Layla. And he is Ayla’s friend now so you better get to know him and his mother. That’s cool.” She says while munching on the sandwich.
I sigh in relief. My daughter is kind of a social butterfly unlike me or even her Daddy. She likes making friends everywhere she goes and brightens up their world with her giggles. I am glad I was able to raise her like this
*Did you bond with your G o d d a u g ht e r? “I look at Daphne.
She loves me.” She takes her hand off my arm.
arm and makes a victory sign with her fingers.
What about the Beta? My brows Jifu
15:47 Thu, 16 May
Chapter 23
She goes still. Her cheeks blush as a heartfelt smile settles on her lips. Her face is glowing from the morning. Even I can tell that she is happy about her mate and that’s wholesome for me.
“Levi and I need some time. I know, Layla. But, I believe he is the best for me. I—like him already. And as we move forward, together, I am sure I will fall in love with him. I want to. Because he is so caring and soft with me.” She sighs dreamily.
Tears well in my eyes. I lean toward her and wrap my arms around her neck.
The genuine happiness in her eyes makes my heart melt. I wish she stayed like this forever. Happy and Bright.
“I will accept Levi if you like him so much. “I grumble.
She hugs me back and laughs sarcastically. “Thank you, Mommy!
We stay like this for some time. It’s been so long since I sat with her, talked to her, and embraced her.
“I missed you, D. “I whisper in her ear.
“Not more than me. I was alone back home with all those disgusting people. I couldn’t even call you whenever I wanted. But now, I can. Layla. I am so happy.” She sighs.
“I am jealous. Can you two not show affection from a little distance?” The third voice interrupts our emotional moment.
I pull away to glare at Levi. He is standing close to us and I didn’t even notice him.
When I release Daphne, he instantly closes the distance and presses a kiss to her forehead. I swoon, but in my head. I still have to act like Daphne’s mother to keep this new man in line. He must know that I will find a way to kick his a s s if he ever makes her cry or hurt my best friend.
But, my stern facade drops when Daphne leans up, puckering her lips. Levi looks down at her, his eyes filled with so much affection and respect that my heart warms.
He is nothing like Alpha Alexander. My mind drifts to the thoughts of the man who spread me on his desk and was about to devour me. My checks heat up at the memory.
I blink, focusing on Daphne and Levi who are now kissing passionately.
“Eww. Don’t do it in front of me. I am not into watching my bestie getting h o r n y with her mate. “I gag,
Levi breaks the kiss. His eyes move to mine as he shoots me an annoyed look.
“I can already feel that you are going to l o c k me all the time. The fact that we live so close is suddenly unsettling to me. I need to move far away from here to be safe. He groans.
Daphne laughs her a s s off and barely remains seated on her spot. I roll my eyes.
Don’t hold your breath. I am not interested in your activities. I am just interested in how you treat Daphne. If you treat her right, we will be all right.” I tell him.
“She is my mate. Of course, I will treat her like a Queen. “He states as a matter of fact. His gaze moves back to Daphne’s smiling face
The way he looks at her, like she is his light is enough to make me swoon once more. I wholeheartedly give this man my blessings and my best wishes. I hope they both stay happy.
Deep down somewhere, I feel a little envious too. At some point in life, I wished for a bond like this. I yearned for a future in which my mate would look at me lovingly and show the world that I was his Queen. But, that’s not possible for me.
Chapter 23
Alpha wants to hold the initiation ceremony as soon as possible. Make a list of the pack members you want to invite. tells Daphne.
Her eyes flicker to mine and a silent message passes between us. I don’t want to face the former pack members. She knows
“Is it okay if I don’t invite anyone?” Sadness reflects in her eyes as she looks up at Levi
I know she wants to call her parents here. It’s her right. And she is ready to make such a big sacrifice for me.
She wants to invite her parents, Levi. She can’t have an initiation ceremony without them. It’s not right. Please invite them.
But, Layla
D. I will never forgive myself if you ruin such a special day because of me. Besides, I am not the old Layla anymore. I haven’t done anything wrong. I am strong and I can face anyone. “I cut in fiercely.
Alpha Alexander wants me to invite Alpha William Benjamin’s family. They are also coming. “Levi informs.
My eyes widen and settle on his face. He looks confused. But, I—I can’t breathe.
Alpha Alexander wants to invite them over even after he knows everything Josh tried to do to me. How can he do this? Does he luate me so much that he wants to hurt me in this way now?
Maybe, he was asking about what Josh did earlier because he wanted to know my weakness and now he will use it against
1 can’t face Josh. The thought of seeing him still sends shivers down my spine. When his face appears behind my closed eyes at night, I travel back in time and become the same weak girl I was. I don’t want that.
No. He can’t call them here.” Daphne jumps down from the stool hastily.
Baby, it’s Alpha Alexander’s order. He wants the Alpha to come and sever his bond with you so he can initiate you into our pack.” Levi rubs her arms.
“But, his family doesn’t need to be here for that. Alpha Benjamin can come alone.” She insists
“I don’t know, Baby. I can’t tell what Alpha Alexander is thinking. “He sighs..
– Talk to him then, Levi. Those people—they don’t deserve to attend my initiation ceremony. They hurt Layla. And that Josh He” She hisses but stops when she is about to blurt the truth.
Her defeated gaze moves to my face. I swallow the uneasy feeling bubbling in my throat.
Jam sorry if this upsets you. “Levi releases a breath.
“If you are sorry, then stop them from coming here. If you can’t, don’t talk to me again.” Daphne looks at Levi before storming away.
“Daphne. “He yells her name in frustration but she doesn’t stop to listen.
He rubs his nape and glares at the floor to calm himself down. I glance to my left to find that Eva has left the kitchen.
Don’t worry, Levi. “I sigh and glance at the man who is shaking his head,
“We just met yesterday and now we are fighting. He lets out,
* She gets angry easily but trust me, nothing stays in her heart. When she calms down, she will come back to you on her
15:47 Thu, 16 May G
Chapter 23
own. She can’t stay mad at others for long. So, don’t worry. “I whisper.
He turns around and faces me. “You know a lot about her, don’t you?
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“We have been friends since forever, Levi. She always had a pure heart and she tends to show all her emotions. This makes her vulnerable but at the same time, she is the strongest girl I know. Please always take care of her.” I smile at him.
You don’t need to doubt that. I will cherish her forever.” He nods.
Thanks, Levi. I believe you are good for her. Now, I should probably cook lunch. Ayla hasn’t eaten anything yet.” I tell him before getting down from the stool and walking towards the stove.
But, my
my mind is not cooperating with me. I keep thinking about what Alpha Alexander possibly wants to do to me. Maybe, he will make me come across Josh so I can relive the nightmare and this fear alone-makes me almost hate my second chance mate.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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