Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 22

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 22

Chapter 22
The dress hangs off her shoulders and is loose on every curve of her s e x y body. She fixes the dress on her shoulder when she notices me staring at her..
She looks cute. I am sure these are not her clothes. She must have borrowed the dress from Serafina. She is taller and curvier than Layla so it explains the loose fit.
“Actually, we do need to talk. “1 hum and drop the pen I had unconsciously picked up.
When I am around her, I do things without registering them. A lot.
She looks at Levi who is standing there, watching her.
“I still don’t like you.” She mutters, sticking her bottom lip out.
F u ck.
My co c k twitches in my pants. I need those lips wrapped around it..
“You are so nosy. “Levi grumbles and stomps out of the office.
The Little Seductress closes the door and walks to my desk. 1 eye her slightly moving boobs, suppressing a throaty groan.
Her palms slam down on the desk, creating a light thud. I bet she can’t hurt anything with that energy even if she tries her utter best. Instead of getting furious at this fact, I feel my co k tightening further.
Her eyes narrow on me, The woman in the kitchen– that no one but her can cook for OUR daughter.”
“So?” I rasp before sucking my bottom lip in my mouth..
not letting me cook lunch for Ayla. She says it’s your order
Alpha Alexander. I don’t think you understand I am Ayla’s mother! She won’t eat the food some woman whips for her. I need to cook for her. It’s been my job since day one! SO, you can’t tell me that I can’t do it “She seethes.
I eye her nose which turns red. My gaze slowly travels to her neckline which has dropped low due to the way she is leaning down. Her black bra, barely containing her firm boobs is visible from here.
F u ck this
I can’t help but get up from my spot and round the desk to get to her.
She straightens up and stumbles back when I move closer. My hand goes around her waist, pulling her flush against me. Those beautiful boobs press into my chest, making my coc turn painfully hard for her. I am so over this attitude.
She yelps as I pick her up with ease and sit her down on my desk harshly. My hands land on the sides, pushing everything on the floor to make space
for us.
“What are you do-doing?” Her eyes become round, taking an innocent edge and messing with my already f u c k e d mind.
I place my hands on her bare thighs, part her legs, and stand between them. Her hands come up to rest on my chest
I wait for her to push me away. All she has to do is to utter one f g one word—No. I will disappear from her sight faster than a u g vampire and got touch her again until she begs.

15:46 Thu, 16 May
Chapter 22
But, she doesn’t say it, doesn’t push me away.
I have done the worst things with her. I left her to die because I was too c g angry after finding my daughter. But, she never refuses my advances and it soothes a little part of me. It makes me possessive of this little trouble for my coc k.
I swallow the uneasiness in my throat before sucking a deep breath. I am not
ng her. No. It will be disastrous. One taste again and I might become an addict.
– What did he do?” I ask the question which has been pounding my head for the whole night and the morning.
What are you talking about?” Her eyes lower to my chest.
Her heart races in her chest and the heady scent of her arousal spreads in the air around us. I can notice everything, but I pretend to be oblivious just for the sake of my throbbing c
o c k and my sanity.
Josh Benjamin. You were calling his name in your sleep last night. You were crying, What di d he do to you? “I grip her jaw and lift her face so she can look into my eyes when she answers.
I told you. He was my first mate, Alpha Alexander. He rejected me. That same night, I met you and you turned out to be my second chance mate.” She mumbles under her breath and closes her eyes so I can’t look into them.
The thought of that f u c k e r coming anywhere near her boils my f u c k in g blo od. But, I know my co ck was the first she took and there is no way she had sex with tha when she was pregnant.
There is something she is hiding from me.

Look at me. “I command, gripping her jaw harshly.
She opens her beautiful eyes reluctantly and peers into mine. My throat clogs as I nearly give in to the urge to claim her.
I will ask one last time, Layla. “I drop my volume so she knows this is f u c k i n g serious.
y wants my coc k and her body can’t handle my
Her body shakes. But I know it’s not fear. She is wet for me. Her p u s s y proximity,
“If you don’t give me the right answer, I will f u c k i n g spread your legs on this desk and sp a n k your p u s y until it’s sore and can’t take any more pain. “My eyes stay on her flickering ones.
She gasps inaudibly and unconsciously arches her back
will be begging me for mercy. I will not slow *Then, I will shove my c o c k so deep inside your throbbing p u s s y that you down. I will not stop. I will f u c k you until you are a writhing mess and then just when you think you will find f u c in g release. I will pull out. I will ask you again. What did that do to you? And every time you answer this question wrong-
“Alpha Alexander.” She moans, pressing her boobs to my chest.
The need to f u c k her is becoming a physical pain for me. My c o c k is f u c k i n g agonized. But I need answers. I need to know what he did to her.
It’s none of your-
business.” She tries to breathe but pauses when she sees me stepping closer

You asked for it. “I rasp, dropping my hand to her stomach and pushing her down on the desk
Her back arches off the surfaces, making me groan. She is so f u c k i n g hot.
I lift her dress slowly, but she stops me by placing her hands on mine. The resistance almost makes me flap and lose control But I will never drop so low. I will never f u c k a woman who doesn’t want to get f u c k e d.
He— Her eyes
water up
He tried to rape me. Many times When When I was pregnant, he-
-he wanted to
Thu, 16 May
Chapter 22
e me and I—I was so scared.
My hands go still around her upper thighs. Lust disappears behind the haze of unadulterated rage.
The f u k e r is so dead..
I let go of her thighs and take a step back to give her space. She stays lying on my desk for a few moments, regaining her breath while I watch her moist eyes.
No one has the right to make her cry. She is mine.
– You can do whatever you want. If that f u c k i n g woman in the kitchen stops you, kick her out. If anyone else gets in your
way, tell them they shouldn’t mess with you. You are my daughter’s Mommy. “I mutter before turning around and leaving the office.
I have to go after that f u c k e r now. He will regret the day he dared to touch her forcefully.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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