Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 20

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 20

Chapter 20
I groan and try to claw my way out from the weight pressing me down. My eyes blink open to stare at the ceiling. Sunlight filters through the windows, directly hitting my face and making things worse.
Slowly, my attention is grabbed by the fact that the ceiling is not the light pink of Ayla’s room in this place. It’s a pale- colored ceiling with a dark brown square design in the center.
I frown and divert my focus to the weight on top of me. The weight is exhaling hot breaths on the sensitive skin of my boobs. His face is pressed tightly into my chest, his lips are plastered between my breast valley while his arm is draped around my mid to keep me in place like his favorite plushie.
Shock renders me speechless. My eyes go saucer wide as I stare at the familiar hair. They are messy right now and are not perfectly styled like always.
What am I doing here?
What is he doing here? Almost on top of me?
Shivers rack my back. I try to sneak my way out from underneath him but he is too heavy for me.
Alpha Alpha Alexander. “I whisper, trying to push his shoulder away.
My heart s k i p s a beat. He shakes his head and presses his lips harder in my breast valley. My stomach flutters at the stup i d gesture.
This is not right.
I push at his shoulder harshly. He groans, sending his voice vibrating throughout my body. I hold my breath instinctively so the movement of my lungs doesn’t push my boobs more into his lips.
-Stop moving, Mio Tesoro. “Alpha Alexander grumbles in his sleepy, husky voice.
Mio Tesoro. I don’t know the meaning of it but it still warms my stomach and sends heat rushing to my core. He called me that when we slept together for the first time and that was the only thing I remembered clearly.
You are crushing me. My heartbeat picks its speed as I whisper to him.
I expect him to brush it off in his sleep but he shocks me when he suddenly flips to his back. His arm around my mid tugs me on top of his body /knee hits the other side of his waist as I straddle him.
He places his other hand over the back of my head and pulls it down. My face hits the pillow, while his face goes back to snuggling between my boobs.
My thighs clench around his muscled waist. I can feel every hard muscle under my body, digging in all the right places and squashing my soft curves.
Alpha Alexander. “I shriek in disbelief.
This finally manages to wake him up. His arms tighten around me first but then he pushes me back so he can look into my glaring eyes.

What are you doing on top of me? “He rasps in his gruff
s gruff voice as his eyes narrow into slits.
“I should be the one asking questions. “I place my hands on the sides of his head to rise a little.
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Chapter 20
What am I doing in this room? And what are you doing in my bed?” I huff.
Alpha Alexander turns his head to the left, then right quickly. The lines around his eyes ease while his jaw slacks.
*I am waiting for your answer. “I remind him.
Was I sleeping? “A frown pulls his brows together.
Of course, you were sleeping. In my bed. On top of me. “I hiss in a low voice.
His surprised eyes move back to my narrowed ones. He gives me a confused look before slowly taking his hands off my
So? I wait for his reply.
“It’s not my fault.” He smirks all of a sudden.
How is this not your fault? “I scowl at him.
“You were disturbing my daughter with your sleeping on-the-floor antics. So, I decided to dump your a s s here. I was about to leave but you started clinging to me and told me you don’t want me to leave. I tried my best to get away from you even then, but you are a little monster when you are asleep and you held me down pretty well. His smirk widens.
* That is not possible. My heart s k i p s a beat. I sure as hell wouldn’t have done something so embarrassing, right?
“What else do you think I am doing here?” He rolls his eyes.
“I don’t know. Maybe, you came here to take advantage of me. “1 reason but something deep in my heart tells me that he won’t do it
Why are you humping me then?” He points his forefinger between our bodies.
I gasp, realizing how tightly I am clenching my thighs around his torso and enjoying how my c l i t rubs against the hard
D a m n.
I roll away from him abruptly. My back hits the bed before I hurryingly move away from it, from him to stand on my feet.
His eyes take in my hasty actions. His smirk taunts the darkest parts of me. I want to wipe that s h i t off his face right now.
“You left something. “He points at his stomach.
I move my gave to the spot he is pointing out only to find it wet, and sticky. I left a stain on him.
I need the ground to split open and swallow me as a whole. Oh, My Goddess Selene! This is so embarrassing.
That’s That was not me.” I stutter, regretting my s t u p i d excuse the next moment when a mocking laugh echoes in the
“I need to check up on Ayla. “I announce before running to the door without looking back.
*I am sure our baby doesn’t need to know her Mommy is f c k i n g dripping for Daddy. “Alpha Alexander lets out playfully.
My cheeks burn. I pause close to the door and look down at my legs. My thighs are sticky and I don’t think it’s a good idea to go around the whole place like this.
*I am not dripping for you “I mumble in my defense before looking around the room.
Chapter 20
The other door at the corner of the room becomes my savior. 1 ignore Alpha Alexander’s heated look and rush to it,
This won’t be happening again. Don’t get used to it. The says, making me halt outside the bathroom.
A moment ago. he was all playful and carefree but now he is back to his neat cold self. I swear to Goddess, I don’t
understand this man.
– Good. I don’t want to wake up beside you again either. “I whisper under my breath
My heart protems against that idea. But 1 ignore the pain because this heart always makes me weak against life, and people who hurt me. I don’t want thust. I will not go down another s h i t h o l e where I will be used and harmed because I have someone to live for, now.
Alpha Alexandet remains silent. I enter the bathroom and close the door behind me. My hack hits it as I regain my breathing and calm down my aching heart.
After I am done composing myself. I strip and stand under the running water to wash away all remnants of his masculine effect on me
My thoughts drifi to Theo and the Lotus Pack as I press my forehead against the cold wall. He must be waiting for a call from me. I shouldn’t keep him waiting. Perhaps, he will become my shot at freedom from Alpha Alexander
He will stop bothering me when he misunderstands that Theo is the man I love. We can take better care of Ayla then and he can live his life the way he wants.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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