Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 2

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 2

Chapter 2
“Whose b a s t a r d is it? Alpha Benjamin growls in my face.
1 squeeze my eyes shut. “1—I don’t know.”
I am asking for the last time Layla!” His fist slams into my face, knocking me to the ground.
* 1 don’t know, Alpha. “I cry out and instantly pull my knees to my chest to protect my stomach from the hits.
One mistake. One night. And fate decided it didn’t want to let this slide.
I found out I was pregnant after a mere month which is rare for werewolves. The child growing inside me is not normal. When I secretly visited pack doctor Emma, she told me it’s a powerful breed and it’s growing at a fast rate. I will be ready to give birth in six months instead of eight.
After hearing all this. I instantly thought about getting rid of it, as I was in no position to raise a child but I couldn’t do it.
How am I supposed to get rid of this part of me?
This baby is my flesh and blood. The thought of killing it, killing an innocent child equals suicide to me.
The baby is mine. I won’t let it go.
So. I decided that I will run away tonight to save my baby and myself, but Doctor Emma told the truth to Alpha Benjamin and now, we are inside his pack office where he is beating the s h i t out of me.
He kicks my arms Animalistic growls leave his lips. He continues to hit me, and I take it while protecting my stomach from
the blows.
Today, I am not screaming. I will not scream ever again. I am going to bear it until I have the chance. Once I take this chance, I will never look back. I will make my life. I will raise this baby with love and care.
The door to his office flies open. I peek from around my elbow to see who it is.
– Dad! “Josh yells
Alpha Benjamin stops hitting me and turns to his son, His breath comes out in short pants after all the work he has done on
I, on the other hand, can not move in fear that my body is going to fall apart. I dig my teeth into my lower lip to stop the small s o b s of pain from falling out of my mouth.
I won’t be weak anymore. I will be strong for the baby. I will be brave, and smart all for the life growing inside me.
*You were going to kill her. “Josh sighs.

This b i t c h won’t die so easily. She is a curse!” Alpha Benjamin hisses at him.
She might be a curse but she is not invincible, Dad. “He rolls his eyes and walks to me.
Crouching down, Josh touches my elbow. A whimper escapes my lips despite my hardest efforts. He shakes his head and grabs my arms before lifting me into a sitting position.
Everywhere hurts. My arms hurt. My head hurts. My guts hurt..
Tears moisten my eyes when the pain becomes unbearable.
15:40 Thu, 16 May G
Chapter 2
Come on. Get up. “Josh pulls me to my feet.
I follow his lead without any protest. He takes me out of his father’s office.
“Get that d a m n b a st a r d flushed out of her, Josh. “Alpha Benjamin sneers before the door to his office closes behind me.
My eyes become round in fear. I glance at Josh and find him already smirking at me.
He is going to get the baby aborted. I know.
“I croak out. “I will die, Josh. I can not have an abortion in this state.
Josh looks at me with a wicked look in his eyes. I gulp. Pain follows my saliva down my throat and blood rises to my mouth.
You have to get an abortion, baby. Or I am going to rip this thing out of you myself.” He whispers huskily.
Dread stings my body in the form of needles. I open my mouth to tell him to try and see what happens, but it’s an idiotic move to fight him when he has all the power against me.
Can we do it tomorrow?” A tear finally slides down my eye.
“No. This thing is getting out of you right now.” He shakes his head.
Please, Josh. I swear to Goddess Selene I will get this thing out of me first thing in the morning but please let’s not do this today. I am – – – I am already hurting. I am scared. “I reason.
Calling my baby a thing is beyond terrible but I have to do it so Josh doesn’t suspect my intentions.
Josh goes silent and takes me to the small store room I call my room in the pack house. The worn-down mattress waits for me on the floor, taunting me for everything I have endured and will endure once I am out of this s h i t h o l e.
He dumps me over the mattress harshly and steps back. I groan, holding my left arm that hurts the most.
“What will I get if I do you this favor? “Josh asks sultrily.
His eyes drill holes in my battered body. The old grey tank top and the bloodied blue-colored ripped jeans are not doing anything to hide me from his evil eyes.
I know he wants to sleep with me. He is tired of sex with my ex-best friend aka Sarah. He wants what the battered bond between us offers now. A pleasure that matches no other. A touch that burns to ashes and brings back to life.
He has been trying to have sex with me for the past few days but I was so sick that he couldn’t get near me without me throwing up all over him. The baby protected me from him.
“I will do anything you want, Josh. “I whisper, holding his dirty gaze.
He crouches down. I grip the edges of the smelly mattress under me to hold still. His face nears mine, and the putrid stench. of beer burns my nostrils.
“Will you let me f u c k you against the wall?” He smirks, knowing how this talk always makes me flip.
My lips tremble as he closes the little distance and kisses the edge of them. tell me, Laylababy.
YYes. I nod, cautiously bending back to be away from him.
“Oh, f u c k. It’s so easy.” He chuckles, drawing his head back. “I might as well f u c k you now.”
Life drains from my body. His hands close around iny waist, push me into the mattress and he crawls above me.
15:40 Thu, 16 May Go
Chapter 2
“Josh!” I yelp and push at his chest.
“I want to u c your filthy mouth. “He utters before scaling my lips with his mouth.
I push harder. The terror of getting raped while there is an innocent life inside me is soul-shattering.
I clamp my teeth around his lower lip and bite so hard that blood pours inside my mouth. He pulls a w a y and smacks me across the face. My vision blackens at the strong impact.
*M o t h e r f u c k i n W h o r e!” He clenches my jaw and makes me face him.” I am going to take your mouth, your p
u s y, and at the end, I am going to c u m in your a s s as a payback for this stunt you pulled
No! I scream. No, Josh. Get the f u c k away from me. I am pregnant, for f u c k ‘ s sake!”
That’s why I am not f u c k i n g you. The filth inside you is repulsive as shi
“He groans and gets away from me.
I release a shaky breath. My pulse is quick enough to make me dizzy. I sit up and immediately slip to the other edge of the
You are getting rid of this first thing tomorrow.” He warns, stepping back. “This doesn’t mean you can slack off today. Come out of the f u c k n g room and set the table for the guests.
“O-Okay, “I nod.
He glares at me before walking out of the open door. I watch his retreating back and tears slide out of my eyes at last.
My hands press against my stomach as I s o b to myself. “I am I am sorry, baby. Mama couldn’t protect herself and you today. But I promise-
I place my right hand over my mouth to cover the s o b s. “I promise I will do a better job from now on. I will never let you get hurt. We will be out of this hellhole by tomorrow and we will start a new life. I promise you will be a lot happier than me.
I will make sure of it.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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