Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 19

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 19

Chapter 19
1 finish up my paperwork and lean back in my chair absentmindedly. My thoughts keep drifting to Little Miss Trouble. She feels so d m n good.
I am sure this is the bond taking its toll on me but I can’t stop wanting her. I need to reject her but at the same time rejecting her feels impossible. The thought of seeing her with another t w a t sets my veins alight.
Sighing. I get up and decide to check up on my Princess. She must be asleep in her bed by now.
walk to her room which is located right beside mine as I don’t want her to be away from me. As for Layla, her room is on the f a r t h e t left side of the house because I don’t want to keep coming across hier.
Out of sight, out of mind. That’s what I am trying to achieve here.
Just as I get close to Ayla’s room. I suck in a sharp breath. Layla’s berry scent is all over the place.
I open the door gently and enter the room. The lights are turned off, but I can perfectly see Ayla sleeping on the single bed. Besides the bed. Layla is sitting with her face pressed into the side of it. She is sleeping on the floor.
What the f u c k!
I walk closer to the bed. Moonlight illuminates Ayla’s small face and hand that is tightly wrapped around her Mommy’s
My heart misses a beat as my eyes slowly take in the feisty woman. She looks innocent when she is sleeping. Her cheek is squashed into the mattress as she breathes softly.
My feet move on their own. I get near her and stop by her side. My eyes refuse to move away from her face which looks cute under the moonlight.
Layla is a dilemma I can’t understand and can’t get out of my head. I want to get rid of her and at the same time, I want to f u c k her and keep doing that every night.
My hand lifts to her face. I push her soft locks behind her ear and caress her lobe between my forefinger and thumb. She groans, rubbing her cheek on the bed.
What am I doing?
I grit my teeth before taking my hand off her face. She shouldn’t be here. This is my Princess’ room. She is given a room and she should stay in it.
Bending down, I gently pick her up. It’s to dump her back in her room and not because I think she is uncomfortable on the f u c k i n g floor and might wake up in pain the next morning.
She is so petite that I wonder if she even eats anything. This is not good for her health. I grumble and turn around. Tomorrow, I will tell Serafina to keep an eye on her diet. She shouldn’t die due to weakness. It’s not because I care for her. you know. It’s because her death will impact my daughter.
Like a koala, she snuggles into my neck and turns even smaller. Her lips press into the cro ok, sending a shudder down my spine.
F u c k!
She f u c k i n g makes me tremble. It’s all mate bond’s fault and not because I want to throw her on the bed and have a taste of her again.
15:46 Thu, 16 May
Chapter 19
I cast a last soft glance to my sweet Princess who is sleeping soundly and then carry her fierce Mommy back to her room…
The silence of the packhouse highlights the sound of her breaths in my ear. Sweet and intoxicating. My breath matches her rhythm and my heartbeats become one with her because she is so close.
Shaking my head, I hasten my steps so I can dump her on her bed faster and take off.
When her room comes into view, I don’t waste a moment and barge inside. Her hand crawls up and wraps around my neck, sending another jolt of current down my body.
I approach her bed and bend my knee over it before lowering her body into it gently. She releases my neck and turns her back to me.
I lose a hard breath, rising to my height. I throw my head back and look at the ceiling to calm my heartbeat.
I stay there for some time and when I am done regaining my composure, I walk to the open door without casting another glance her way
My hand reaches for the doorknob so I can close the door but a whimper coming from inside the room makes me pause.
All the muscles in my body tighten. I halt there despite my better judgment
P_Please. Pl. Please, don..don’t. “Her sweet voice whimpers.
I hold my breath and listen to the disturbed noises she makes. She seems to be trying to stop something from happening in her nightmare.
I turn around, close the door behind me, and walk back to her. My knees hit the bed’s edge as I bend over her to listen to her pleas
fo Josh P.Please. I am so so sorry.” She begs as tears slide out of her eyes and trail down her straight nose.
Josh. That’s Alpha William Benjamin’s son, I think. Why is she begging him?
I lean down some more as my eyes trace the path of her tears in the darkness of the night. Something about the hot liquid makes my stomach clench and my eyes narrow. It’s definitely not because I want to carve that f u ck e r ‘s heart out, I assure myself.
Layla’s body starts jerking on the bed as her cries become more intense. What happened to her? What did that m o t h e r f u c k e r do to her?
N_No. No. Please.” She sniffles.
My hand moves to her head so I can comb her silky locks. Her breath hitches and the cries cease.
I lick my lips as I focus on her closed eyes. The frown that marked her forehead slowly starts to disappear. She relishes my touch as if she recognizes it.
I run my knuckles down her face, feeling her delicate skin under my roughened skin. She is so f u c k i n g fragile. How the f u c k did she survive until now?
I sigh, ready to pull away because she has stopped crying and whatever haunted her in her sleep has disappeared but she turns around abruptly. Her tiny arm wraps around my torso, pulling me into her face so she can snuggle into me like a f u c k i n g kitten.
My breath catches in my throat as she mumbles incoherent words over my clothed skin and gets all comfy with me.
If she finds out she did this, I bet she will die from embarrassment. She likes to believe that she doesn’t want me but look at her curling around me now.
Chapter 19
1 decide to push her away and be on my way but my body moves in the opposite direction to my mind. I get cozy on the bed and allow her to cling to me.
I can flick her off with a single finger but I don’t want to and it’s not because I don’t want her to have another nightmare
I remain by her side and listen to her even breaths and heartbeat. It’s not like I can sleep anyway because I have insomnia.
So, I plan on staying here for the night and ignoring how perfect her little body feels pressing against mine. I will leave in the morning before she wakes up and she won’t find out about any of this.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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