Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 18

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 18

Chapter 18
1 can’t believe Alpha Alexander threw me on his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and then strolled to this room. I tried hitting his back and even tried to knock some sense into him with my colorful words but one baffled look from Serafina whom I saw on the way here and I gave up the fight.
I am embarrassed.
He puts me on my feet. I sway, as blood rushes back to my head. His hands close around my arms, keeping me balanced.
I don’t get you. “I mutter, pressing my fingers to my temples,
“You don’t need to.” He says and releases my arms.
“What was this for? “I hiss, taking my hand off my forehead and opening my eyes to look at his face.
He is standing close. His manly scent stuff’s my senses. My mouth waters against my better judgment. I want to kiss the vein in his neck before sucking on his attractive Adams Apple.
My cheeks heat up at the weird trail of my thoughts. I don’t usually think about such filthy things but the sweat on the side of his neck and his square jaw in my face are doing giddy things to me.
Not to mention, he just carried me like I weighed nothing and he could easily toss me all around without giving a da m n.
That’s manhandling clearly. I hated this before, but when his hands touch me, I don’t hate it any longer. It makes my insides turn to liquid heat before wetness slides between my thighs just like right now.”
Isqueeze my thighs and step away from him. The back of my knees hit the bed. I gulp, glancing over my shoulder, at the huge bed.
I won’t touch you. “Alpha Alexander utters, putting a stop to my dirty thoughts.
My eyes snap to his deep silver orbs that are shining under the bright lights of the room. The depth in them pulls me in and makes me hold my breath.
You not only touched me, but you manhandled me just now. “I fold my arms over my chest.
His gaze follows my arms and stops at my breasts. Heat sears under the soles of my feet as his eyes darken visibly.
“Don’t pretend you didn’t like it. Because I can clearly tell how drenched your little p s s y is right now. His husky voice fills the space between us. He has a dirty mouth, and it makes me want to disappear in his heat.
It’s not about—that. I utter.” It’s about touching me. You said you won’t
He tears his gaze from my breasts and slowly looks up. Wherever his eyes land, I feel goosebumps erupting and when they meet mine, I feel a full-body shudder rolling over me.
This is wrong. He hates me. I am supposed to hate him too. Not desire him with everything in me.
“We need to establish some rules.” He
“Yes.” I nod, totally agreeing with him.
He pokes his inner cheek with his tongue and takes a few steps back. I can finally breathe when he is out of my space.
He plops down on the single seat in the corner of the room while I sit down on the edge of the bed to maintain the much-
Chapter 18
needed distance between us.
Ayla won’t know about the hostility between us. “Alpha Alexander’s tone becomes stern when he says.
We already established that fact. She needs our presence and we can pretend to be good with each other in front of her. until she is old enough to understand the dynamics of our relationship. But on the other hand, I believe, we don’t need to put our lives on hold, Alpha Alexander. You can choose someone else as your mate and I will completely accept it. “I utter, feeling a pang of hurt in my chest.
His eyes narrow on me.
“In return, I want to do the same. I will choose someone for myself”
I don’t to finish what I want to say to him. I miss the blur that moves closer to me until Alpha Alexander appears right my face and grips my nape in a tight grip.
His fingers dig into my flesh and tilt my head up. He seems to be doing this a lot lately.
He leans in, leaving his lips hovering above mine. I taste his mint breath on my lips and suddenly recall the rough touch of them on mine as he devoured my mouth right before he humiliated me.
* You won’t be going to another man. “A guttural growl rumbles in his chest.
-What else do you want me to do? I don’t want to spend my life bound to you because you can’t do the same. Men have needs. And so do women. My throat dries as anger burns his eyes.

Danger is written in his eyes that are staring into my soul. I try to breathe but realize it’s a mistake when more of his expensive cologne and raw scent fills my mouth and nose. He smells rugged and raw masculinity. It makes my lips tingle. I want to taste him.
*Alpha Alexander. “I whisper. His hand fists the hair above my nape, igniting fire in my spine.
Is it about your lover?” He hisses over my lips.
* Like I said before, it’s none of your business. “I summon all my courage and frown at him.
“It’s my f u c k i n g business. You can’t f u c k i n g think about another m o h e rf u c k r as long as you are mine. “His breath slithers across my lips.
Oh, It’s about the bond. “I shudder. “I guess I should have done this sooner.
He scowls, tightening his hold on my fisted hair. My core clenches at the roughness of his fingers.
1. Layla Jones, reject you, Alpha Alexander-
His lips seal mine before I can get the burden off my shoulders. The minty taste of his mouth explodes in my buds. His weight pushes me on the bed, on my back.
He doesn’t suck, doesn’t nibble, or try to push his tongue in my mouth. He keeps his lips pressed over mine harshly as if he is punishing me.
His lips release mine. I inhale a big breath before he flips me on my stomach and hovers above my back. My face disappears in the sheets, as his hands squeeze my a s s c h e e k s and lift them back into his body. A hard bulge pokes the c r a c k in my butt, earning a moan from me,
*What are you— doing, Alpha Alex “My m u f f e d words die in my throat when he grinds against me and groans low in
his throat.
The pressure is so close to my sligk folds where I need him the most, but I can’t say. I won’t. I—
Chapter 18
I whimper as his open palm comes down harshly on my left cheek. The flesh stings. My body jerks forward before hist fingers dig into my hips and pull me back to him.

He s p a n k s my right check, causing my body to arch into his. I fist the sheets and try to pull my head out of them when his hand leaves my hip and wraps around my nape. He tugs at my hair, pulling me back against him. My spine curves as I roll. back into his body.
“You can’t reject me until I ask you to do it. That will be my call. “His dangerous voice growls in my right car.
My nipples harden under the dress. I try to pull myself away from the big man behind me but his grip is too tight around my arousal and my body.
You You are playing with me. “I whimper as the bulge settles between my a s s c h e k s and rubs…up and down, then up.
Oh, Goddess,
My eyes roll back in my skull. His teeth nibble on my earlobe, hard.
You deceived me. So, it’s fair for me now.” He groans after a moment.
The arousal almost makes me succumb to his ways but my rational mind gains control at the last moment.
It’s not. You can’t force me into anything.” I choke on my breath.
*You didn’t say no, Layla.” He whispers in my ear, bringing me to the haunting realization.
I didn’t say no? What a joke!
His hips grind into mine as wetness drips between my legs. I am so turned on that I fear I am going to lose my mind if his bulge is not pressing in the right, throbbing spot.
Say no. Another slap lands on the side of my left a s s c h e e k. It’s rougher and harsher than the others and gets soothed by his big palm rubbing into the aching flesh.
D a m n.
Say it.”His stubble brushes my neck, causing my nipples to start aching for his aggressive touch.
Come on.”
I need to say no.
His bulge slides up, and down again. It’s slow but raw. He wants to take something he is not ready to accept.
Pain spreads in my chest at the thought. I bite my lower lip to cover the whimper threatening to escape my mouth. Liquid heat pools in my stomach, flowing down and down.
Alpha Alexander’s hand holding my nape starts moving to the front of my throat slowly. His calloused fingers graze my skin, earning another throaty whimper from me that I tried so hard to contain.
“No.”I utter before his fingers can curl around my throat.
“What? Say it louder. I didn’t hear it.” His voice reverberates in my chest.
*No, Alpha Alexander. “I shudder. It’s important to stop him here or else I don’t think we will stop at all.
Silence falls. He stops moving. I expect him to force me with his Alpha tone and power like Josh would have done. He is definitely more powerful than him!
Chapter 18
But to my utter surprise, he retreats. His grip on me disappears, leaving me falling on the bed like a lifeless body.
I clench the sheets and breathe in. My heart is beating fast and is throbbing in all the wrong places.
The door to the room opens and then slams shut, announcing his exit.
He just
– left!
Contrary to my supposed sane thoughts, a silly smile threatens to break on my lips. At least, he is not into hurting women or forcing them like Josh. Alpha Alexander is different, and somehow, more lethal.
But, that’s not something I should be thinking about right? He wants to make me his toy and I won’t let it happen.
From tomorrow, I will initiate my mission to get him off my back as my broody mate.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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