Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 17

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 17

Chapter 17
I am having a hard time understanding this woman. At one moment, I think she is just a weak, good-for-nothing creature I need to get rid of. But the next moment, she surprises me by talking back to me.
No one talks back to me when I am in a good mood, let alone when I am all out at war. But, apparently, she does now.
Her juicy a s s needs some s p a n k s for that, but I don’t think I want to do that.
I just think I am confused. I don’t want to see her, but I am forced to see her and even tolerate her.
I don’t know where this is leading me. I sigh and roll up the sleeves of my shirt.
Daddy. “Ayla, my Princess comes running down the stairs. Serafina is hot on her tail, but she can’t catch the ray of
I leave my sleeves and walk towards her. She wraps her small frame around my left leg when she reaches me and throws her head back to show me a toothy grin.
I bend down and pick her up. Her hands drop to my shoulders instantly. She giggles cutely. I know the drill by now. In a few days. I feel like I know everything about her, but at the same time. I feel like I know nothing about my daughter.
It’s some mixed feeling I can’t comprehend.
You bring Mommy. She nudges her nose against mine. A genuine smile pulls at my lips.
Not bring. It’s brought, Princess. 1 correct her mistake and earn a nose scrunch as a reply.
Are you happy now?” I comb her hair with my fingers.
I am shooooo happy.” She leaves my shoulders and spreads her arms to tell me how happy she is.
I grin, bopping her nose with my finger. “I am happy because you are happy.”
“Ayla” Layla’s voice calls her name from behind.
The little angel in my arms kicks my stomach. I know this gesture too. I put her down to her feet and she is off to her Mommy hastily.
Serafina remains behind and watches the interaction between the Mother-daughter duo like me. Ayla runs to Layla and the latter picks her up before she can cling to her legs like she does to me.
The action is effortless and practiced. My heart misses a beat. Anger threatens to resurface. I shouldn’t be mad at her for being a good mother, but I can’t help it when I see her.
Layla kisses Ayla’s cheeks before caressing the left one softly.
Mommy ish not mad. “Ayla giggles, dropping her face in the crook of her neck and nuzzling her nose there.
Mommy can never be mad with Ayla. 7 She presses a kiss to our daughter’s head..
I stare at them. Layla’s eyes meet mine. The surroundings become dull for me as I search her eyes to know what she is feeling. The deep-rooted anger and pain are not hard to detect there,
It’s good that we feel the same way,
Chapter 17
‘I don’t feel the same way. Atticus, my wolf scoffs.
I block my connection with him so I am not forced to listen to his ranting right now. He wants Layla because he is an animal and it’s his primal instinct to grab his mate, f u c k her and then claim her as his own for the rest of his life but I am part human and I have many things to think about.
Right now, I am at war with a mysterious enemy, a force I have been trying hard to defeat for so long and I can’t afford to have a wolfless mate in my Luna’s spot. That will not only weaken me as the Alpha but also cause harm to my warriors. A Luna is connected to the whole pack, after all.
If I was a regular warrior or patrol guard who was not bound by duty to so many people, perhaps, I wouldn’t mind Layla’s wolfless nature. But right now, I am not allowed that liberty.
She fell asleep. “Layla whispers softly.
I blink, focusing on the woman in front of me. She is gently rocking our daughter in her arms. My heart jumps in my throat when I look at both of them in one frame.
I need to tuck her in bed. “She adds when I don’t reply.
Serafina. Lead her to Ayla’s room and then prepare a room for her.” I tell my G a m m a ‘s mate.
“Yes, Alpha “She replies.
Make sure Layla’s room is nowhere near mine. “I roll my eyes before turning around and walking to the stairs.
I will get my alone time with my Princess when this woman leaves her in bed. I will go visit her at night. I should get some work done by then
My friend was on her way here. She hasn’t arrived yet. I need to call her. Can you perhaps lend me your charger? My phone’s battery is dead. I hear Layla talking to Serafina.
“You can call her from my phone. “She tells her politely.
“I don’t recall her number. It’s saved on my phone so a charger will do.” Layla says.
What is her friend coming here for now? How many troubling people does she have with her? It’s like she is the Queen of ants and all these small ants are following her here.
Levi. “I ignore the talk be ween the two women and mindlink my Beta.
He doesn’t respond for a few moments. I halt at the top stairs. It has happened for the first time in forever that Levi hasn’t replied on the first call.
Levi. I use my Alpha tone to get him to talk to me.
*Alpha. “His breathless voice sounds in my head.
“What happened to you? “I frown and climb the rest of the stairs.
I-AlphaL He stutters, and his breathing becomes more ragged.
What the f u c k is going on with you? It’s like he is f u c k i n g someone.
Mate. He utters one word before the mindlink goes silent again.
My brows shoot to my hairline in surprise. I am certain that no female from this pack is his mate unless someone has recently turned eighteen and I don’t know
Chapter 17
A thought crosses my mind when I think about it, Little Miss Trouble said her friend was coming here.
Is it Layla’s friend? “I ask, using my Alpha tone again.
‘Y.. Yes. He replies roughly.
I end up grinning. A body passes by my side, leaving my spine and hands tingling.
* Get an appointment with a psychiatrist. You are going mad. “She grumbles as she throws me a look from over her shoulder. It’s a jab at my silly grin.
You will need that appointment more than me. “I tell her.
Serafina has gone somewhere, probably to get the charger this little trouble won’t need anymore. She will be too shocked to even think about chargers and phones for a while.
What do you mean?” She asks without stopping.
My friend is banging your friend right now. “I announce without a filter.
Layla turns around abruptly. Her glare is directed towards me before moving to Ayla’s sleeping head on her shoulder.
Language, Alpha Alexander. She will hear it. And she will copy it.” She whisper yells as her hand moves to cover my baby’s exposed ear.
I nod in agreement and shut my mouth. Although I don’t think it’s bad a idea for girls to swear, I do think she is too young to do that. Maybe, when she grows up a little, I will sit her down and teach her every essential word to kick others a s s.
“Go tuck Princess in bed and then come out. I need to traumatize you. I wave my hand in the air dismissively.
Layla stomps her feet on the floor before scurrying away. My gaze drops to the sway of her full hips as the itching in my hand grows.
I haven’t forgotten how tight and good she felt when I f u c k e d her for the first time. After that night with her, I never banged a woman again. The celibacy of so many years is beginning to mess with my head because I sure as hell won’t want to put my hands on that a s s and squeeze it while I pound her p u s s y but yes— I am imagining exactly that right now.
She is not wrong. I should reject her soon and move on with someone else. It might not be for love or any positive emotion, but it is essential for my pack’s survival in this crucial time.
Layla steps out of the room and quietly closes the door before rushing in my direction.
“What did you mean just now? Her wide eyes peer into mine curiously.
That’s what I was talking about. She stares deep into my eyes as if she can see through the holes and can peek inside my soul. No one ever does that to me. I can’t decide if she is just an idiot who knows nothing about me or if she knows this f u c k i n g turns me on
“Follow me. “I turn around and walk down the stairs.
I can sense her petite body trotting behind me. I follow the tug of the bond with Levi and locate him in his room.
Just as we both stop outside the door, it flings open, revealing my shirtless best friend with disheveled hair and a messy
Alpha.” He straightens his spine when he sees me and then Layla.
I had to come to greet the new member myself. I tell him with a smirk on my lips.
15:45 Thu, 16 May Gu
Chapter 17
Is Daphne here?” Layla asks him carefully,
A thud sounds from inside, followed by a loud wince before an awkwardly smiling face comes into my view. She is donning Levi’s black T-shirt and the stench of sex is strong in the air.
My eyes take in her neck as I make sure she is marked and claimed.
Daphne. “Lavla gasps from beside me.
I can explain. I can. Trust me. “She waves her hands in the air and then sprints to the shocked Miss Trouble.
You traitor. “Layla scoff’s dramatically.
I came here for you, I promise. “The girl named Daphne raises her hands in the air to surrender.
How did you end up with him then?” Layla huffs.
He is my mate. Daphne reveals nervously.
Mate: “Her mouth falls open as I glance at her.
I am tempted to cover it with my lips and suck the f u c k i n g attitude out of her. That’s why I look away quickly.
1am her mate. “Levi wraps his arm around Daphne and pulls her to his side possessively.
And who are you. Mr?” Layla places her hands on her a s s, jutting out her firm boobs that have grown bigger than the last time I touched them.
I am the Beta. “He replies, confused at her hostile tone.
The feisty woman steps closer to my friend and poor Beta before glaring at his hand around Daphne. The sane friend removes Levi’s hand from around her waist and steps aside.
“And?” Layla sasses.
“And what?” Levi’s confused gaze switches between us three.
“Are you a good man?” She asks him.
I suppose I am?” Levi wonders.
He is. He is such a good man in bed. “Daphne joins the conversation.
1 smirk smugly when the fuming woman rolls her eyes at her eager friend.
How are you going to keep her happy? What’s your plan? Layla directs her glare to Levi again.
I rest my side against the wall and watch the interesting sight.
“I just met her.” Levi provides a nervous answer.
“That’s a wrong answer.” She scoffs.
*You are not her mother.” My friend rolls his eyes at her.
Look here, Mr. “Layla steps closer jo him and I am forced to straighten up so I can intervene.
“Best friends are second mothers. I might not have given birth to her but I practically raised her. I wiped her nose in middle. school and went shopping for her first bra. I bought her tampons in high school and kicked the a s s of the boy who broke—
15:45 Thu, 16 May G
Chapter 17

“That’s enough information. “Daphne slams her hand to Layla’s mouth to shut her up.
Layla lets out m u f f l e d words against her palm before biting it. Daphne jumps back and gasps in surprise.
So Mr. Beta, come up with a plan before I break your teeth that you sank into her neck without having a clear plan for making her happy later. “Layla adds in her feisty tone.
I don’t think 1—
That’s enough. “I step in between both parties because I have enjoyed the show enough.
You don’t get to talk. Stay out of it.” Layla hisses,
I don’t give her the chance to run that soft mouth. I bend down and grab her knees before throwing her over my shoulder. Her delicate body sinks into my shoulder, evoking all the wrong desires in me.
*Leave the new mates alone. Little Miss Trouble. “I start walking away from my friend and his mate as Layla hits my back with her tiny fists.
She will become a little harmless bomb when I put her down so I am planning on doing that when I reach her new room. We can fight there.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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