Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 12

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 12

Chapter 12
I didn’t think I would ever steal something in my life but when I stole Theo’s car from outside the packhouse and escaped the pack, I was sure I could do anything possible and impossible for my baby Ayla.
The pack warriors tried to stop me but I crashed through everything and followed the map to Alpha Alexander’s pack.
His warriors made the same mistake. They tried to come in my way and I saw no other option than to hit them out of my path.
Although, I made sure they were not too injured. I am not about to commit murder.
When I press the brakes outside the white and blue painted mansion which I am sure is the packhouse, a man comes rushing outside. He waves at the warrior running in the direction of the car. They all stop in the distance before stepping back.
Good. This means Alpha Alexander is aware it’s me and he is going to face hell.
I open the car’s door angrily and get out before slamming it close loudly.
Where is she!! “I hiss as soon as my eyes meet the eyes of the man who stopped the warriors from attacking me.
Inside.” He points his thumb in the direction of the main gate.
I stalk towards him furiously. He scans the ruined car and his lips twitch.t
Take me to my daughter. Right now. “I tell him when I get close.
Follow me.” He shrugs and turns around.
Without wasting a single moment, I follow him inside the big mansion. My heart lurches at the thought of finding Ayla crying or hurt
The man in front of me takes many sharp turns and leads me to a closed brown wooden door. He stops outside it. I take my eyes off the door and look at him. He turns around and faces me with a smile on his lips.
-Go inside. “He says before moving past me and disappearing down the corridor.
1 frown and stare at his back until he is gone. I saw the delight in his eyes. It’s strange.
Ignoring the thought and the intense pain in my back and arm, I open the door and enter the room. To my surprise, it’s not a bedroom but a study. My eyes find the racks of books first before slowly taking in the space.
The search ends when I see the back of the familiar man. He is standing by the window with his hands in his grey slacks. Fear crawls down my spine but I push it away and close the door.
Where is my daughter?” My voice drops unconsciously.
it’s unique. Even an Alpha can’t rip apart
I saw what he can do. He is a powerful mán and the strength he possesses—it’s unique. Even an someone with their bare hands, as he did to the rogue. And he did it with ease.
I swallow the nervousness bubbling in my throat and step forth. I am itching to see my baby. I don’t think I can play this silent game with him any longer.
Where is Ayla?! Where is my daughter?! Tell me. “I hiss, stomping towards him.
Chapter 12
He turns around before I can invade his private space. I halt in my way. Heat pools in my belly when my eyes meet the silver orbs. Coldness radiates from his figure.
“She is not your daughter. She is my daughter.” He states calmly.
You think you can drop out of nowhere and take her away from me? You were not there for all these years. I was and now,
don’t have the right to barge in our lives and take her away. “Anger burns in my veins.
I disregard the cold look and take a step ahead anyway. Sparks shoot down my spine, taking away all pain immediately. A soft sigh escapes my lips, drowning my next angry words. It’s like I have walked in the sun for a long time and I have burned with heat but as soon as I am near him, the heat dissipates into a soft cold breeze,
Whose fault is that?” He narrows his eyes on me.
1 shudder and take a step back. The sparks remain crawling over my skin but the pain returns in my body. It’s better this way. He left me to die, after all.
I have told you many times. I didn’t know you were her father. “I mumble in frustration.
But you told me you got rid of her when we met.” He accuses.
‘I never said it. You assumed this. “I scoff.
He p
He presses his lips in a thin line. I squint my eyes, throwing him my best glare.
Seems like you have finally realized that you are an idiot, Alpha Alexander. “I add with a little smirk on my lips.
The smirk is wiped off my lips the next moment when his hand closes around my throat. I gasp. My wide eyes meet his icy
He pulls me closer. His breath ghosts my lips, caressing and tempting me to think about the things the bond wants from me.
My hands remain by my side as he squeezes my throat in warning.
“Be careful, Layla. I have no tolerance for this mouth. “His husky voice hits my nerves, making my back arch.
D a m n, he
makes my name sound hot. It shouldn’t be like this. I should hate him because he is a filthy man. He dislikes me because I don’t have a wolf and he left me to die in the forest.
I place my hand over his wrist, but my resolve weakens when he gives my throat another squeeze. A moan flies out of my mouth. His eyes darken. His gaze lowers to my parted lips.
You are a s l u t for my touch. “He exhales a warm breath.
“In your dreams. “I sneer, but it comes out weak.
He smirks, My blood boils in anger. I shouldn’t be doing this. Ayla must be waiting for me.
“Give me my daughter back!” I yell in his face, forgetting what a man like him can do to me. He has my neck under his palm. He can twist it and kill me.
But, I don’t give a d a m n. I need to have my angel back in my arms. Just the thought of her crying and looking for me has my mother’s instinct kicking in. And it’s stronger than the pull of the bond, I am sure.
She is our daughter. ” Alpha Alexander says, c o o l y.
I open my mouth to tell him he can go bite himself in the a but he shuts me up by turning me around abruptly. My breath is knocked out of my lungs.
Chapter 12
He presses me into the wall as his other hand lands on my bare thigh. The knee-length blue dress I am wearing rises as his hand slides higher. Goosebumps erupt on my skin and the familiar wetness pools in my panties..
“Give in to me.” He leans in, pressing his nose to mine.
“Become mine. And I will let you have everything you want, Baby. “He whispers in a husky tone, sending shivers down my cold spine.
Is he bipolar? What’s wrong with him?
I let out a shuddery breath as his thumb rubs a line up my throat. I force myself to stay still and hold my ground.
No! Never!” I hiss.
But, the denial leaves me when his lips meet mine. I am shocked out of my mind and my eyes turn round.
He tastes like cigarettes and mint, intoxicating and domineering. His teeth nibble on my bottom lip, sucking a moan out of my mouth. I turn into jelly against his huge body, completely failing to remember where I am and who he is
My lips move over his instinctively as if I know him, and his mouth already, as if I had done this my whole life.
The small bit of that night I recall revolves in my head, turning me into a hot mess in his arms. My knees weaken. His hand holds me up by my throat, applying more pressure and gripping me strongly.
Mio Tesoro, You feel so good. His familiar grunts echo in my ears, stealing the little breath and energy I have left in me.
He pulls away abruptly, leaving his taste lingering on my lips. Unknowingly, my eyes had closed and I don’t even notice until he is away.
snap them open
and look into his eyes. The victorious smirk stretches the left corner of his lips as the coldness stays clouding his eyes.
*Deny it now. “He mocks.
I hold my breath. My eyes stare into his. The world is suddenly too irrelevant and I know it’s because of this stup id bond.
I need to snap out of it. I need to
I yelp when he leans in again. My lips part, inviting him in but he halts a breath away.
Do you really think I will indulge your desires? “He scoff’s wickedly.
My cheeks flush at the realization. He just wanted to embarrass me and he succeeded indeed.
Tears well in my eyes due to the humiliation. I squeeze my tingling lips together to keep the tears at bay. I won’t cry and give him the satisfaction of seeing me break.
“You are a b a s t a r d!” I scoff before placing my hands on his chest and pushing him away.
He steps back, letting me have the little space I need. His hand falls away from my neck.
I am taking my daughter and leaving this place. “I tell him before taking a step ahead.
“You are not going anywhere.” He says, grabbing my wrist and making me stop,
Do you think you can stop
me?” I shake my
His grip tightens on my wrist. I wipice as something wet starts trickling down the length of my hand. Even the sparks are not enough to cover the pain he is causing me by squeezing my injury,
Chapter 12
If I say you are not going anywhere, it means you are not going anywhere. “His silver eyes spit fire.
I glare at him while struggling to breathe. I can’t handle this pain.
There is no way I am letting you steal more time from me. I will not let my daughter go again. And she doesn’t want to let you go.” His grip loosens around my wrist.
Is she fine?” I blurt the thing I should have asked first. My hand closes around his hand on my wrist as desperation penetrates my moist eyes.
He is about to say something but he decides against it. Ilis stare drops to my hand which is touching him.
Alpha Alexander. Please tell me — Ayla is fine. “I plead.
She is fine even se
you tried your best to get her hurt.” He whispers, dragging his gaze back to my eyes.
I let out a sigh of relief. If she is fine, then everything is fine in this world. All this pain means nothing to me as long as my daughter is alright.
His eyes stare into mine, searching for something I can’t comprehend. I swallow the lump in my throat and slowly pull my hand back.
You have to stay here. “He commands.
“What do you mean?” My eyes soften.
Ayla wants a complete family. So, you will be staying here from now on as her mother. “His tone remains commanding
That’s not possible. I have to get back to my pack. “I shake my head.
This is your pack now.” He releases my wrist.
– You can’t decide that. “I frown.
“I just did. “He pushes his hand inside the pockets of his slacks.
Well I won’t accept your decision. “I shrug.
Then you can’t see her again. “It is so easy for him to threaten me in his deep and detached voice.
I am her mother. You can’t stop me from seeing her. “My frown deepens.
“I am her Dad, yet you tried to keep her from me. “He seethes. His eyes take on the electric blue color of his wolf, making me gulp.
I am speechless on this topic.

I am leaving. I tell him.
You can’t leave, Layla. You are in my pack and you can’t get out of here if I don’t allow it. “His icy voice freezes my blood.
I completely disregarded this possibility/He can keep me as hostage here and I won’t be able to fight him.
“Do you think I am alo alone? I have a whole pack after me, you know. They..they will come for me. “I stutter nervously.
Silence follows my weak threat. I look into the electric blue eyes of his wolf and notice how calm and handsome he is. “They are already here. “He says when the electric blue color shifts to silver.
Chapter 12
What? My eyes widen.
*Your pack warriors are here to get you back. They won’t leave alive though. I will get rid of them so you can stay here with ease. No more threats and trouble. “He smiles at me. The maliciousness of the gesture makes my knees tremble.
No.”I mumble in horror.
“Yes.” He nods, before walking towards the door.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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