Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 1

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 1

Chapter 1
The loud ringing of the phone wakes me up from a deep slumber. My hand pats the soft space. My eyes are too heavy and at thousand veins are thumping in my head.
My hand finally finds my cell, and I swipe right. Placing the cold cell against my ear, I
ait for a second.
Layla Jones, where the f u c k are you? “The shrill voice of my best friend pierces my eardrum.
My eyes shoot wide open. Pain seeps into my skull. I sit up in the bed. Cold air brushes my body that is strangely
My eyes drop to my naked boobs, and the purple marks all over my skin. I blink. I can not believe the f u c k out of this.
“Hello?” Daphne shouts.” Hello? Why are you not saying anything? Did you create some mess I need to sort out?”
“It’s not a mess. “I cringe and look to my left.
The other side of the bed is empty. My eyes search the sheets. To prove me right, the blood stains peek back at me.
I lost my virginity, “I whisper.
Some silence, and then evil laughter booms through the speaker. Good job.
Not the time to play the villain. “I whisper yell “please come pick me up from this stup id place where you left me.”
“I am already on my way there. I thought you were dead so I had to come to check up on you.” She whistles.
I hang up on her. My fingers touch the dried blood. Horror etches into my features.
What did I do?
When did I do it?
My memory was hazy. The sound of the shower running in the bathroom was clear though.
I got to my feet, wincing and cringing. My legs hurt like I have done a lot of exercise.
A blurred memory plays in my head as I limp to the side table.
**Look how good you take me, Mio Tesoro.
The deep, authoritative voice whispered in my head. I had to spread my legs wider to have all of him between them.
“Hard…Harder.” It was my voice.
The hard pounding, the strong pleasure, my nails in his back, and his hands on my hips. The sweat, the moans, his wild grunts.”
Embarrassment flushes me red. I tear the sheets from my body to search for my clothes. I find my torn dress in the distance and look at it with wide eyes.
The shower continues to run in the distance. It gives me the little sense of calm that I need right now or else, I am going to pass out from equal parts fear and embarrassment.
Dropping the dress, I look for my panties and bra-Both pieces of black clothing are sprawled on the floor close to the bed. I slip them on when I see the black/button-down shirt and my purse lying close to them.
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Chapter 1
I pick both of them, slip on the black shirt, and button it up. Then, I grab a few bills from my purse and drop them on the table to pay for the shirt.
It’s my beloved saved money that I foolishly wanted to spend yesterday to get over the heartbreak but after stepping foot in the expensive club, I didn’t use it. How I got drunk and ended up here is not even in my memory.
So, I am going to leave this money for whomever I slept with and run out of here. I can’t possibly face this man after what we did.
Acting on my plan, I make my way out of the room. It seems like the top floor of the same club given that it is decorated in the same colors. The red, blue, and purple. A neon touch to everything.
dash down the staircase and run straight for the door. I am hopeful that when I open the door, Daphne will be waiting in the parking lot because I won’t feel too good waiting in the open, with nothing but a shirt on and my feet bare.
My heart beats fast from the hurried actions. My hands sweat and I frantically rub them over the shirt.
As I hoped, I see Daphne’s black SUV parked in the distance. She grins when she sees me running to her.
Just as I open the door, I slip inside the passenger seat and turn to her.” Let’s leave already.
-We need to talk about your night first.” Daphne claps her hands excitedly.
“No, D. We are not talking about it here. “I whisper, looking at the club in the distance in the side mirror.
I hope he takes the money and doesn’t come out for me for the shirt. It is soft and feels expensive over my skin so I believe it’s not worth what I gave him.
No, Lulu. You need to tell me-
I slap my hand over her mouth and glare at her.” Drive out of here and I will tell you everything.
Her green eyes round with excitement. She nods her head. Her black hair bounce with the move.
I remove my hand cautiously. She listens this time and starts the engine. In no time, we are saying goodbye to my nightmare and fear.
Now, tell me everything from the moment you two kissed and then climaxed. “Daphne giggles wickedly.
– Too bad for you. “I shake my head and rub my temples. “I don’t even remember what he looks like or when we kissed or how I got drunk. I only remember that I sat in the corner and watched everyone with big I-am-poor eyes. What happened after that is not in my memory.”
-You popped the cherry and you don’t remember what it felt like?” She gasps.
“I don’t even remember popping the cherry.” I close my eyes. This is embarrassing.” but I saw the blood on the sheets.”
“That’s how you took revenge on Josh? You slept with a guy and you don’t even remember if he was hot or not? Now you are going to bluff about him when you don’t know what to bluff about?” Daphne clicks her tongue.
I don’t know, D. “I lick my lips, tasting an intoxicating masculine mint flavor on them.” I recall changing my i mind when I stepped into the club. I planned on watching people for a while and then calling you. I don’t know how I ended up in the bed with him.
Him. Him is definitely not ugly. I didn’t see his face in the flash of memory but the way his body stretched me to the limits: and made me ache all over is not the work of someone weak.
Alpha will be angry. Daphne whispers when we enter the pack.
hu, 16 May
Chapter 1
I swallow.” When is he not angry with me?
“I am sorry. “She keeps her gaze settled ahead.
I go silent. This is the consequence I have to face because I decided to cross my limits and pretended to be someone I am.
This is the consequence of forgetting that I am supposed to be the daughter of the murdered g a m m a couple, with no wolf. I can say mateless too, but I was proved wrong on that account yesterday.
Yesterday was the day of the hunt. It’s the day when werewolves can recognize their mates. I had no hopes about this day, but Alpha’s son, Josh came to me with a dazed look when I was working in the kitchen and whispered the word mate to me.
A force swept me off my feet at that moment. I dropped the knife and rushed into his arms. I could sense the connection too, but I couldn’t tell what it was.
I was happy. I forgot that Josh was the worst nightmare for me for the past two years. He beat me. He starved me. He tried to rape me once.
I forgot all that.
But, he was the same.
He rejected me and then beat me. Before he could kill me in his anger, Sarah came into the kitchen.
She was his girlfriend and the Beta’s daughter. She was also my best friend before the incident that ruined my life. But now, she just pretended to be good in front of everyone and stopped Josh whenever he wanted to hit me.
While in the absence of others, she made me go through worse things. Like ducking my head underwater and letting me feel the water burning my lungs until I was half dead. That was one of her favorite ways of torture.
After telling me how I was a worthless w h o r e , they both went away but I was burning in pain and
I was done with the pack members that used me, abused me, and kept me as a v e all these years. I wanted to do something to rebel against them like Daphne had suggested all this time.
So, I did that.
But, I am scared about the consequences that await me now.
Daphne stops the car outside the double-story pack house. I observe the building with scared eyes.
“I wish I could
I open the door and slip out. I don’t want to hear her apologize. She can not do anything for me.
She is bound by a blood oath to the Alpha and if she goes against him, she will be killed or worse, exiled.
Exile is the biggest fear of werewolves because breaking a bond with the pack will turn you into a packless rogue and if no other pack takes you in right away, it can result in slow madness and pain that never ends.
Thanks, D.” I smile weakly.
She tries to smile back but fails. I peel my eyes off her face and walk inside the pack house.
As expected, I stumble upon Josh in the sitting area. My hands tremble in fear when our eyes meet,
His eyes flash golden. It’s a sign of instant rage. A sign that his wolf is fighting to rise to the surface and shift.
15:40 Thu, 16 May Gu
Chapter 1
“Where the f u c k were you?” He hisses and stalks to me.
My hands tremble by my side, because I know, without a wolf I can not fight back. I can not even protect myself.
“Answer me!” He grips my jaw and squashes it hard.
Pain blurs my vision. I claw at his hands. He applies harsh pressure.
“Leave me. “I shriek.
You smell like another f u c k e r. “He growls in my face.
His usual brown eyes still burn golden, hinting that his wolf is angry like him.
*Leave me, Josh. “I thrash and try to push him away.
Leave you?” He seethes and throws me back.
My spine hits the wall before I slide down and my left side crashes into the floor. The loud sound of bones cracking makes me sick to my stomach. Screams erupt from my mouth, one after another.
After that, Josh doesn’t stop. I lose count of the times his fists slam into my face or his legs kick me all over.
He doesn’t release me until I am crawling on my hands and begging him to spare me. My nails break from the roots. My body is broken.
He kicks me a last time in the rib, causing another shattering noise, and moves back.
Attempt to f u c k with me again, and you are done sl u t.” He spits on my bloodied body after his cruel words.
After he is done, Josh leaves me there. Suffering. Barely alive. Hurting.
It’s nothing new. I know I will lose consciousness and when I regain it, I will be lying in the same spot. I will tend to my wounds on my own, I will cry alone, and I will suffer without anyone by my side.
15:40 Thu, 16 May G

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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