Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 85

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 85

Chapter 85
After a childhood incident that left her traumatized, Ayla Alvarez’s life has always been controlled by her parents. From the college she must attend to the career path she must take, they decide everything and make sure she stays out of harm’s way. But that’s not what she wants. And when her parents scare her boyfriend away, she decides she has had enough. Now, she will get drunk and decide on ways to deviate from her chosen path. But, what happens when a careless mistake leaves her married to her father’s enemy?
Dad offered you money and you took it? “I ask, unable to believe what Henry is saying.
It was either I receive the money and the property or I die, Babe. Your Dad was not joking when he threatened to break my neck for being your boyfriend!” His loud voice booms from the speaker.
I go silent, standing alone in the alleyway behind a VIP club in the middle of the shady part of the city. Earlier today, my Mom delivered the news that Henry had sent me a letter.
Who sends letters in this age and day? I was baffled, and thought he must have written something romantic for me,
but guess
It was a breakup letter and he had written only two words. ‘It’s over!
Those words were not enough to tell me what was wrong, but the drops of blood on the paper revealed the whole story.
I thought Dad must have beaten him up and asked him to break leave me alone.
with up
but Aaron, my younger brother told me that Henry took money from Dad to
I couldn’t believe it- – -until now.
“I told you who my Dad was, Henry. “I whisper, pushing the tears away.” You said you didn’t fear him. You said you were an Alpha heir who wouldn’t leave me for anything.”
Do you want to see me dead?” He scoffs.
It’s more about money, isn’t it? Your pack struggled with funds, so you took the first opportunity to cash our relationship. “I hiss, pressing my palm to
the cold wall.
Silence echoes on the other end of the phone momentarily. My chest tightens.
What is in this relationship for me anyway? You don’t let me touch you, let alone kiss you. You don’t like it if I take you out on dates. You don’t trust me when i tell you I want you to come to some address where a surprise is waiting for you. It’s like you are scared of me, as if I will harm you someday and you believe I will. You don’t love me, don’t trust me, and don’t want me to get near you. Is this a relationship to you? Why don’t you go and fix yourself
first?” His voice lowers.
My hands tremble as I listen to him. You said you didn’t care about-
*I am a manu ” He yells. “Thave needs. If I can’t even f**k my girlfriend, what use is she to me?”
My lips press in a thin line as 1 find myself at a loss of words. He is right. What use am I to anyone when I am always scared and paranoid? Is it really a relationship if my boyfriend can’t even kiss me without me flinching or crying?
* You are not right in the f**g head! I took the money in exchange for you because you are not worth it. “He says cruelly before thear the beeping noise from my phone.
Chapter 85
In the coldness, I stand for a long time. The tears I kept at bay, stream down my cheeks.
Harshly, I wipe them with the back of my hand.” he is an idiot! I won’t cry
over an idiot!
But it hurts. It truly does.
Why can’t I be normal? That traumatic incident happened so far back in time, why can’t I bring myself to be normal?
I sniffle, and fan my face to stop myself from crying. I should be angry instead. How could Dad and Mom offer money to Henry? And how dare he take money to break up with me?!
I huff, putting my phone in my clutch. I pull the door to the club open and enter into the loud space again.
My ears ring with the sharp music and the stench of sex and sweat hits my nostrils, making me gag.
It was Hazel’s idea to bring me here to ‘celebrate’ my breakup. I am not really liking that idea anymore.
My eyes land on the brightly smiling girl who is sitting on a bar stool, waving at me enthusiastically. Judging by the flushed look on her face, she is already half drunk.
I shake my head, and stroll towards her. ” we should head back now, Hazel. ”

Come on, Ayla. We are here for fun. You got rid of that s**g, you should celebrate.” She shouts over the loud music and pulls me on the bar stool in
front of her.
Hazel. “I sigh.
“Pretty please.” She gives me a puppy look and slides a shot towards me.
1 eye the liquor before meeting her pleading gaze. I can’t refuse her. She is the daughter of my Mom’s best friend, and my friend since she was born even if she is 4 years younger than me.
I pick up the small glass and gulp down the burning liquid. She claps for me and hands me another shot.
I lose track of time, and my senses, drowning myself in the alcohol. I shouldn’t care if Mom and Dad will be worried. They deserve this much rebellion for how they scared Henry away.
Here I was trying my best to get over my fear of a man’s touch and they ruined that chance for me. At twenty-two, I am still a virgin, without a mate, and without any knowledge about love. How much more pathetic do they want me to be?!
I huff, swallowing another shot. Hazel grabs my swaying hand and takes the glass away.
It’s enough. “Her words sound m u f f l e d in my ears.
You—said to—drink. “I slur, before giggling.
I will go home so dead drunk that I will finally be able to lash out at Mom and Dad for ruining every chance at love for me. They can’t keep doing this!
I tap the island and shots appear non-stop. I down one after another, rehearsing my anger outbursts inside my mind but slowly, I am losing track of my goal too.
I want to get over this s t u i d heartachel What’s wrong with being free and wild? Why can’t Mom and Dad let me be?
Do you want to dance?” Hazel shouts in my ear.
υπάρχει ου
I nod, smiling from ear to ear. Oh, Goddess, I feel so out of my mind.
“I must— “I stumble to my feet.
Hazel snickers, rushing to the dance floor. Why must we follow the rules and go to the dance floor? S t u p i d people and their rules!
I groan, climbing the barstool on my wobbly feet.
“Ayla!” A familiar voice shouts my name but I don’t stop.
push myself on the bar counter and sway my body to the loud beat.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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