Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 8

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 8

Chapter 8
By the time Theo comes back with Ayla sleeping on his shoulder, I have packed the necessary clothes, my savings, and everything we might need on the run.
He lays Ayla into the bed and we both walk out of the room, leaving her to sleep in peace. Theo turns to me and pushes his hands inside his back pockets which stretches his muscles. I eye his beely, then his face,
Here I was thinking I can start anew someday. Maybe, with someone as kind and generous as Theo.
“What’s wrong?” His brows lift when he notices me staring
Nothing.” I smile before stepping forth and hugging him.
His body tenses against mine. He lets out a shaky breath.
My name falls fr
from his lips.
“Layla My
“Thank you. “I gulp.
“For what?” His hands come around my waist, remaining high and soft to respect my space.
“For everything. Theo. You are a great friend.” I whisper in his neck.”
Theo pulls me back by my shoulders so he can look at my face..
“Did something happen, Layla? You know you can tell me everything, right?” Worry etches between his brows in the form of a deep frown.
I grab his wrists and softly pull his hands down from my shoulders. Looking into his eyes is hard right now, but I don’t want him to suspect anything so I force myself to maintain eye contact.
“I realized I never told you thanks before.” I smile at him.
His eyes search mine to see if I am lying or telling the truth. I keep the smile on my lips as I sneakily step away from him.
You should go back now, Tieu.
“Yeah. I should get back. I have patrol duty tonight.” He nods reluctantly.
Patrol duty?”
Right. I have to take some security measures for the pack.” He shrugs
If Theo will be on patrol duty, he might catch me before I can escape the pack.
‘When?” Lask
“Why are you asking?” His eyes widen in surprise.
“I just want to know. “I smile awkwardly.
I never pried in his affairs before. I must be making myself suspicious while trying to get the time out of him.
“I am heading there now, I will start from the West side.” He tells me
Chapter 8
“Okay. “I mumble and nod.
I am going to leave from the East side anyway. That leads directly to Fain Town. That’s the closest town to us. I can catch a bus from there to the city and decide what I am doing from there.
I should go. “Theo smiles.
I return his gesture and walk him to the door. My heart fills with sadness as he steps out and throws me a sweet longing look.
Until he turns around and leaves in his car, I stand there, staring at him and silently appreciating all he is to me.
From day one, he was nothing but kind. He helped me through the pregnancy and he was there when Ayla was born. In a sense, he was where Alpha Alexander was supposed to be. My wollless nature didn’t phase him like it did to my mates. He said it didn’t matter because we should be glad that we are alive and well. The wolf can appear later in life.
I used to find it weird at first but then I came to know that Theo had lost his mate in a rogue attack three years ago. After that, everyone expected him to become cold but he proved everyone wrong when he remained warm and soft-hearted. He started valuing life and the little things in it after that. He really is a great guy,
I release a sigh when he disappears from sight. I stay in the doorway for a few minutes before rushing to Ayla’s side.
I will have to leave before Theo gets to the East side of the border.
I pick up my backpack and sling it over my shoulders. Ayla snores in the distance softly.
I walk to her and carefully pick her up so she doesn’t wake up.
“Theo. I want more ice cream. My baby mumbles in her sleep, warming my heart.
I pat her back sofily and walk out of the door. Everything which belongs to me in this pack will be left behind.
I look at everything in the house. I etch each detail of this cozy home in my head. A heavy feeling settles on my shoulders and heart.
I thought this will be my home forever. It was supposed to be my safe haven.
With a heavy heart and heavier feet, I walk out of the cabin and lock it
Ayla snuggles into my neck as we both take off in the niiddle of the night.
After half an hour, I am crossing the border.
The patrol guards do ask me where I am going so late at night, but I shrug them off by telling them that I am visiting my friend Daphne’s aunt Maya who lives away from the pack territory. They don’t suspect me because I often go to meet her.
When I am out of the territory, I shoot a last look at the forest from over my shoulder before continuing on my journey.
Placing a firm hand on Ayla’s back to support her, I fish out my cell from my pocket with the other hand. My fingers run over the screen, dialing Daphne’s number in a hurry.
We had agreed that I won’t call or text her unless it was an emergency because Alpha Benjamin and Josh are keeping an eye on her so I never called her for six monthis straight. But today counts as an emergency.
Contrary to my expectations, she picks up on the second ring.
“What’s wrong?” Her breathless voice sounds from the speaker.
My heart fills with gratitude. Tears pool in my eyes. Hearing my childhood best friend’s voice after months is like I am back in my old life, living my childhood with my parents and her
Chapter 8
“He found me.” I choke.
“Who? Josh? Alpha Benjamin?” She blurts.
No. “I sniffle.
“Who found you, Layla?” She whispers.
Alpha Alexander. “I tell her.
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That muck who tried to buy you like cattle?” She hisses.
*Uhm-mm. ” I nod and keep walking. I can’t stop until I am in the town.
The road is all empty and there is a forest on both sides of me which makes it scary in the night. I gulp as I finally notice the darkness.
*What now?” Daphne’s voice sounds panicky.
“I am running away from the pack. I thought I should let you know because Aunt Maya and everyone might worry about me here when they don’t find me in the morning. I will turn off my phone later, so I want you to tell Aunt Maya in the morning that I am okay. I blurt in a single breath while scanning the dark woods with my eyes.
It feels like someone is around and watching me. The hair on my nape stands on its ends. Chills run down my spine slowly.
“Where are you going?” She asks.
“I don’t know. But right now, I am moving to the city to be away from here. I tell her.
you all right, Layla? Is Ayla all right?
Are you
We are fine.
A far cry of a wolf startles me. I halt and look to my right. The sound must be coming from the pack. I tell myself.
But the territory to the right side is unclaimed. It is an easy place for rogues to roam and attack others.
My heart curls with fear when I think about the possibility of rogues attacking me here. My eyes instantly move to my baby’s head and the fear intensifies
Layla? Layla, what’s wrong? Why are you not saying something? Layla?”
*Alpha Alexander— is Ayla’s Dad, Daphne. “I utter the truth as I press my innocent baby into my chest.
I will die before letting someone even scratch her face.
“What?” She yells on the other end.
‘He is the one-night stand man. “I mumble.
I want someone to know if something ever happens to me. I hate to admit it but if I get hurt or worse, die, I want Alpha Alexander to come and take my baby instead of someone else. He sounded like he will take good care of her and my Ayla won’t be sad about her Daddy anymore,
Why are you running from him then? You should go to him. “Daphne wonders.
“He hates me. “I whisper.
What? Why?”
Chapter 8
“You know why.
Because — of your wolf? She gasps in anger.
“He hates me and he will take Ayla away from me. That’s why I have to run from him. As long as I am living, I won’t let anyone take her from me. I whisper.
Alpha Alexander can take her only when I am dead. Until then, he can never know.
Another growl of the wolf shocks me. My feet freeze on the road. My eyes follow the sound and land on the pair of bright red eyes watching me from the woods.
I shriek. The cell slips from my hold and lands on the road.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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