Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 75

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 75

Chapter 75
After another round in the bathroom, we take a quick shower and dress up again. I walk out of the room, feeling the soreness between my legs, and head to my Baby while Alex goes to his office to hear what Levi has to say.
When I enter Ayla’s room, I find her and Daphne filling colors in the coloring books. They are both lying on their stomach on the bed, fiercely trying to complete the coloring before the other.
I smile and sit down on the chair in the corner while I watch my best friend and my daughter becoming oblivious to the world
Daphne has played a big role in making Ayla feel better. I don’t know how I will ever repay this girl who stayed with me through thick and thin and made sure I was okay. Now, she is equally protective towards my daughter and looks after her like a mother when I can’t.
“I am done!” Ayla announces, showing the completed picture to Daphne.
“That’s cheating. You colored outside the lines.” She huff’s, pointing a finger toward the coloring book.
Aunt Daphne, don’t be a shore loser.” My Baby sticks her tongue out.
“I am not the loser, Sunshine. You just took the shortcut. Daphne sits up and places her hands on either side of her waist.
Not true! Tell her, Mommy. I won. “Ayla grumbles, facing me immediately.
shoot at me from over her shoulder, ready to push forth her point before her eyes drop to my neck and her brows
her forehead comically.
Looks like a mosquito bit you, Layla. “A wicked grin settles on her lips.
ne. I sigh, warning her to stay quiet in front of Ayla.
“Are you okay, Mommy? Did it bite you hard?” My Baby jumps down from the bed, forgets about her coloring book, and rushes towards me.
Tell her, Layla if he bit you hard. “Daphne mocks.
“Yes, Baby. I am alright. How are you?” I bend down, pick her up, and sit her down in my lap.
“I am good, Mommy. Aunt Daphne and I colored and we had sho much fun. “She tells me excitedly.
* Do you like playing with Aunt Daphne? “I smile, patting her back gently.
“Yesh, Mommy. “She nods.
What about Shawn? Why don’t you play with him now? “I wonder, looking down at her. She keeps avoiding Serafina’s son. and I need to know why because they were such good friends before she was kidnapped.

He–Mommy, He-Ayla trails off,/raising my curiosity.
-What is it Sunshine? Daphne rises to her feet and approaches us worriedly. She has sensed the panic on Ayla’s face just
like me.
He shaid-His Daddy didn’t want to let them take me but he had no other choice. They shaid they would hurt his Mommy if they didn’t get me.” Ayla hangs her head low as she whispers in a quivering voice.
Chapter 75
My gaze jumps to Daphne’s face. She has stopped at the distance of a step and is now looking at me with the same horrified look in her eyes that I share with her.
“I don’t want them to take me again, Mommy. I won’t talk to Shawn again. His Daddy shent me there.” Ayla snuggles into my chest and holds me tightly.
I cradle her trembling body in my arms. Do you not believe in Daddy, Ayla Baby?”
“I do, Mommy.” She murmurs.
Then trust him, Baby. Shawn’s Daddy will never take you away from us again. Daddy will make sure of it. “I press my lips. to her head as warm tears start streaming down my checks.
I will shtay with Daddy.” She nods.
“Yes, Baby, We will stay with Daddy. He will never leave us and we will never leave him. “I sniffle, pulling her closer to my chest.
After she finds the comfort she needs, she starts falling asleep. I hold her until I hear her light snores.
Give her to me. Layla, and go see Alpha Alexander. “Daphne pushes her arms forward, asking for my Baby.
How do I leave her alone? They are so close to her, Daphne. “My breath hitches in my throat.
“As long as I am with her, no one will touch her, Layla. I will rip apart anyone who tries to get to her.” She bends down and takes Ayla away,
Reluctantly. I let her go and get up from the chair. My whole body trembles with fury and hurt.
How could they do this to her?
How could Serafina and her mate do this?
places Ayla on the bed. I watch her sitting down beside her before I storm out of the room.
I barge inside Alex’s office. Levi is already occupying the visitor’s chair. He goes silent when he sees me coming.
“Layla. “Alex addresses me from his executive chair.
I am sure Daphne mindlinked you. “I stare at Levi.
She did. She told me everything. “He nods in agreement.
Where are they? “I hiss, losing my calm.
I will murder them with my own two hands and won’t regret a single thing.
“Layla. “Alex speaks calmly.
“Why are you sitting here? How are you so calm? “I cut my gaze to Alex and snap.
Layla”He says my name again.
“Did you kill them?” I ask, ignoring the way my name on his lips lulls me to calm down.
Come here.” Alex rests back in his chair and demands.
No!” I hiss.” tell me. Did you kill them?
Chapter 75
We can’t just kill our pack members, Layla. “Levi sighs.
I shake my head. “They helped the kidnappers. They made my Ayla like this. She is traumatized. And everyone who did this to her needs to pay.
They will pay.”Alex states, his voice carrying a dangerous note.
“How will they pay? By roaming around freely in the pack?” I yell, running my fingers through my hair.
Come here, Layla. “Alex’s voice drops, becoming dangerous and compelling.” come to me.
I resign with a sigh and walk towards him on my heavy feet. My hand lands on the edge of his desk when I stop in front of
Come closer, Layla. “Alex whispers.
I take another step forward. He leans in and grabs my hand before pulling me in his lap in front of Levi.
“Alex. “I gasp, placing my hand over his chest to push him away instinctively.
“Calm down.” He cups my cheek and stares into my eyes.
How can 1- “Tears well in my eyes. I hate it when people betray each other. It’s like the way of life shifts and we are forced to accept that someone made a fool out of us. I hate it with a deep passion.
They will pay. He presses his lips to my forehead. But first, you need to hear what Levi was just telling me.
“What is it? “I shudder and shift my focus to the unbothered Beta.
We found him.” He smiles at me.
“Who?” My eyes burn as I ask for confirmation.
“Cure. We found him, Layla. ” Levi says and his smile widens.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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