Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 70

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 70

Chapter 70
Layla looked conflicted after we f u k e d. I tried to be as gentle and patient with her as I could but it’s not working,
She continues to be lost in thought, the detestable lines of worry etched between her brows. My Princess is sitting in her lap, refusing to get down and leave my side while we drive to the ice cream parlor on the outskirts of
my pack.
“Daddy.” She speaks up and I look down, taking my eyes off the woman who is busy ignoring me.
“Yes, Princess, I ask, shifting my focus to the road.
* Will I go back to shchool?” She mumbles, fumbling with the hem of her dress.
Do you want to?” I question carefully.
She has been sensitive since the time we got her back. I don’t doubt that I will murder all those f c k e r s for making my ray of sunshine like this. She was always so joyful before she was taken, and now she is more serious and scared of everything.
-Will they come to take me again? “Her whispering voice reaches my ears and makes me drown in guilt.
No, Baby, “Layla says before I can.” Daddy won’t let anyone take you again. They surprised us before because we were not expecting them to pull this prank on you but it won’t happen again.
The trust in her tone makes my heartbeat escalate. I lost our daughter once and this woman, this pretty woman still trusts me to protect her.
Ish that right, Daddy?” Ayla grabs the side of my jacket, tugging at it gently.
Mommy is right, Princess. They shouldn’t have played with you. It was between us. We will punish them for it.” I whisper, patting her hand before placing it back on the steering wheel.
My insides hurt every time I see her sad or scared. I want to make it all better but I know, it will take a lot of time. But at least, Layla and I are together now. We will bring our Princess back on the track. She will become a bundle of joy again.

Daddy.” Ayla mumbles as I park the car in the empty parking slot.
I kill the engine and turn to face her completely. My hands land on her small cheeks that barely fit in my fingers before tilting her head back.
“What flavor does my Princess want?
Chocolate chip.” Her eyes beam when she looks at me.
Momentarily, she is out of that dark place inside her head. A force tugs at my heart as I nod and glance up at Layla.
She nods at me subtly, telling me it’s fine or it will be alright if it’s not yet. I find that gesture beautiful. Her attempts to make me feel better when she doesn’t want to be with me are adorable, to say the least.
What do you want?” I lift my brows while keeping my hands over my Princess’ cheeks.
I am not in the mood for
11 Mon, 20 May
Chapter 70
You must like vanilla. “I conclude.
She shoots me a displeased look. “I don’t.”
What do you like then?”
Chocolate.” She blurts.
My trick becomes successful. I grin triumphantly. She glares at me, realizing what I just did.
“Chocolate it is then. “I whisper, leaning in to kiss Ayla’s forehead.
She giggles and places her hands over mine, becoming her old self if only for a few moments. I get out of the car, feeling weird in the guts. I have never made such efforts before—efforts like taking someone out for ice cream or going out to bring something. Things were always taken care of for me. And when I became capable of doing things for others, m
family was gone.
“We have a family now. My wolf whispers, deciding to establish a rare interaction.
He is right. I have a family now. My woman. And my Princess.
A smile plays over my lips as I order the ice cream and wait for them. My eyes are drawn to my two girls sitting inside the car, talking about crayon colors as I hear from afar.
My heart beats on a new rhythm. Rare emotions surge inside me, leaving me content and terrified at the same time.
What if even after everything Layla doesn’t forgive me and chooses that loser Theo?
What if this family breaks because I was an a s s h o l e towards my pretty mate?
I can’t help but feel that if this happens, I will not be able to let Layla go. I will cage her in my arms, imprison her in my life, and brand her inside everything that belongs to me. I might become the worst version of myself just to keep her tied to me because the opposite of that thought makes it hard for me to breathe.
What is it? I ask myself quietly.
What is this intense feeling that leaves every cell in my body restless and desperate for her?
-Your order, Alpha. The voice makes me break out of the trance and face the pack member serving the ice cream.
I take the cups from him and stroll back to the car. Ayla jumps in my seat to open the door for me when she notices me holding two cups. I can shift two of them in a single hand and help myself, but I don’t tell her that. I let her help me and smile at me widely as if she has achieved great success.
Thanks for opening the door, Princess. “I coo, plopping inside.
Icecream Daddy!” Ayla claps her hands before reaching out to the cup of chocolate chip ice cream in my hand.
Thanksh Daddy. She chimes when she gets it and starts eating right away.
Layla smiles down at her. I push her ice cream cup towards her. She looks at me and shudders unconsciously.
She can try to hide the arousal from me, but she doesn’t know I can smell it, I can tell she wants my c o c k inside that tight p u s y again. And I can’t wait either. I want to f u c k her until she is one with me and she starts thinking the same.
17:12 Mon, 20 May B.
Chapter 70
She is mine.
My Layla
My Woman.
My Love.
Thank you. “She takes the cup from me while I freeze on my spot.
Time slows. My heart stops beating. I watch her pretty face, her perfect lips, her long fingers around the spoon. The words ring in my ears like a haunting whisper.
My Love.
1 don’t really love her.
That’s a big word.
A huge commitment.
“You asked the same from her. Rage, my wolf says.
Why did I ask her that? Why am I so desperate to make her love me and stay with me?
My Love. The words continue to echo and resonate deep inside my soul because she is there. Forcefully, she has occupied a part of me that I didn’t know existed before.
She is my Love.
I love her.
“Yummy, Daddy. “Ayla hums, pushing her spoon towards me.” Why are you not having any?
“I don’t like sweet things, Princess. “I whisper absentmindedly.
All the while, my eyes remain on her lips which have a chocolate stain. It tempts me to dive in and get addicted to the sweetness that I hate—Cet addicted to her, and my newfound feelings.
Officially, Layla Jones won.
She can bring me to my knees if she wants now.
I think I should taste some. “I grab the back of Layla’s head and pull her in before she can register the sudden movement
Hungrily, my lips smash onto hers, tasting the chocolate and the taste of her sweet mouth. All my life I have never craved something so sweet but it seems, from now on, all I will crave will be this—Her.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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