Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 67

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 67

Chapter 67
We go back to the packhouse in complete silence. I feel the heat of his stolen glances on the side of my face but I don’t dare look at him again.
I am scared I will give in to him once my eyes meet his now.
The fear makes me walk one step ahead of him even when we are back and are approaching his office. He lets me have that space, following me quietly.
When I enter his office, I find Levi already seated on the visitor’s chair, looking at some papers. He picks his head as I near him and shoots me a nod of acknowledgment.
How was it, Layla?”
“Terrible. “I answer truthfully.
Levi smiles.” Good. You won’t insist on accompanying Alpha again.
“That’s not true. I think I can handle myself very well after tonight. I scoff and take my seat opposite him.
My feet hurt so bad in these six-inch heels. I can’t wait to remove them and then the tight dress which made me feel. exposed throughout the night.
“What’s the progress on the girls?” Alex removes his jacket and drops it on the couch in the corner of the room.
I glance at him from the corner of my eye to find him folding his cuffs to his elbows. Levi has his attention on his Alpha all
the same.
Tom is bringing them to Nina. She will take care of them.
Who is Nina?” I ask curiously.
She is the psychologist we hired for the girls. Many work under her in the safehouse to ensure these girls get the m e t a l and physical help they need until we find their families and send them home. “Levi reveals patiently.
My eyes soften. I notice the bags under his eyes and the puffiness of his checks. He looks restless and exhausted but he is working hard for the girls he doesn’t even know. Just like Alpha Alexander and others in his pack.
My respect for these men grows as I openly lock eyes with Alex. A shudder rolls down my body and everything heats up.
“Find their families immediately and report to me. “He orders Levi without taking his eyes off me.
Will we send them back right away?” Levi questions, closing the file and placing it atop the desk.
No. We will have to wait until we catch Cleodore but we should still find the families so we can contact them without delay when the time is right. “Alex rolls his neck, trying to ease some of the stiffness in his muscles.
“Sure, Alpha. I will get it done right away. “Levi gets up and stretches his back.
You should go rest now. Tell your male to do the same. We will look after Ayla from here on. “Alex commands, and turns his back to us.
17:10 Mon, 20 May B.
Chapter 67
You two should also take some rest. It’s been a long night. ” Levi sighs before leaving us alone.
Alex sits down on the couch and throws his head back tiredly. “are you alright?
1 am good. “I rub my nape nervously.
Whatever happened tonight—don’t think too much about it. It was something we both didn’t want to do, Layla, But we got something good out of it. Just think about those girls. It was all for them. “He whispers, closing his eyes.
1 lick my dry lips and stare at him. His big frame is occupying the space on the couch, his tired body exuding an aura of confidence and raw masculinity.
Did you trail off.

“Did you hate it? My voice drops, becoming a soft whisper that I doubt he will even hear.
Are you asking if I hated your mouth around my co c k?” He says sultrily.
I wet my lips again and get up from my chair before strolling to the executive chair placed behind the desk. It’s his spot, and like him, it gives off a powerful vibe. I want to sit in the chair and feel what it’s like to be in his place, but I don’t think I have the stomach to do it in front of him.
-You did say we both didn’t want what happened tonight. “I run my fingers along the edge of his desk, trying to keep my mind occupied while I am talking about this with him.
-That’s right. “His voice becomes deeper.
I turn my back to him and touch the armrest of the chair he usually sits in. A shiver runs down my spine, as the heat of his gaze settles on my back, scorching my flesh under the dress.
“I didn’t want those f u c k e r s to watch you suck my c o c k.” He sounds closer.
My heart s k i p s a beat.” then does it mean-
-You like hearing it from me. “The imposing presence towers over my body from behind. I can feel his warmth.
“You like knowing how strong I crave you, Mio Tesoro You enjoy listening to how bad I want to be inside you. Hmm?” His knuckles brush my arm, tracing a path down to my shivering fingers.
I gasp, falling back into his body to be near him. The desire has become a black hole inside me, ready to devour everything about him, everything he has for me in store.
So let me tell you just how desperate I am, how I love everything about you, how you almost had me on my knees the moment you took me in your mouth and made the amateurish attempts to suck my c o c k and please me. You have no idea how hard I tried to suppress the filthy moans that clawed at my throat because I didn’t want them to know how good you were.” He rasps the dirty words in my ear, making me close my eyes and moan softly.
*Did you really want me to feel good?” His hands fall to my hips, tugging me into his front and pressing his hardened c o c k into my lower back.
“y—Yes.” I admit shamelessly.
His teeth bite my earlobe. I groan, arching my back unconsciously. My thighs quiver, my core throbs with untamed need for him, and my mind decides to leave my body because it’s useless.
Chapter 67
Fack. He curses low in his throat before licking the spot he bit harshly.” Let me f
u k you, Layla, Let me bury myself deep inside you. Please let me feel good.
Butterflies explode in my belly, making me shudder against him. Yes. Yes, do what you want,”
One moment I am standing in front of him, and the next he is making me kneel on his executive chair. My hands fall on the headrest, seeking the much-needed support as the chair slides into the wall and comes to a halt.
Without further delay, Alex bunches the dress up to my waist and slides my panties to the side to run two fingers up my slit, gathering the wetness that is already pooling in them.
My thighs clamp shut as I moan his name. “Alex.”
Were you thinking about this, Mio Tesoro? Did you hope you will get me to f u c k you tonight?” He growls, pulling his hand back before I hear the clanging of his belt.
“Yes! “I push my a s s back, exposing myself to him.
I can’t think about anything anymore. I want this done. I want him to take me and satiate this primal desire I feel for him.
F u c k, Layla. I won’t be able to hold back. “Alex groans before the tip of his coc
k presses into my wet opening.
“Don’t—Don’t hold back. “My knees weaken and tremble as he pushes inside me with one clean thrust.
My p u s s y stretches, leaving a burning pain in the wake. His c o k pulses inside me, while he curses under his breath wildly.
It’s done. He is inside me. All throbbing and breaking the resistance I built for all these years.
It hurts but it feels so satisfying.
Can you take it?” He says through clenched teeth.
F u c k me. “I groan, resting my palms on the wall in front of me.
He pulls out, leaving the tip inside before he slams back into me. My body arches as another shriek escapes my mouth at the harsh invasion. Electric jolts accompany his touch inside out, leaving me writhing against his body uncontrollably.
He curses again and loses control over his desire for me. His hands land on the back of my hands as he thrusts in and out, faster, harder, deeper. His pace is insane, the power behind his thrusts maddening. He moves like an animal in heat and my lower half pushes back into him, seeking that animosity and craving it harder.
D a m n.
This is no lovemaking. This is a dirty f c k. The raw need is radiating off us both and we need to connect in some way. He needs to fill me, and I need to have him inside me. Now that we have both of them, we can’t seem to stop.
He keeps going at me, f u c k s me until I am screaming his name. His hands hold mine while the side of his head presses into mine tightly.
“You take me good, Mio Tesoro. “He groans in my ear among many other praises.
You are tight for me.
You are mine.
17:10 Mon, 20 May M G
Chapter 67
My Layla
My mate.
I explode when he growls in my ear, his admittance of possession over me setting off a bomb inside my body. My walls clamp around his c o c k, squeezing him in before I feel him twitch and release his c u m inside me. The hot splurts warm my insides, making me drop forward tiredly.
But he is there to catch me and cradle me in his arms gently. He is there to hold me when I am too tired to even sit straight.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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