Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 6

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 6

Chapter 6
I settle down on the couch in the sitting area. He hands me the plate and places the glass filled with cola on the center table. Then, he sits down beside me.
I slide a little to my right to put some unconscious distance between us. I don’t know why I can’t give him a chance when I am single and not bound to anyone. He is nice and loves Ayla. No one can be a better partner than him but
I just can’t.
-Dad called you in his office today?” He starts the conversation.
I stab the pasta with the fork before pausing. The earlier talk with Alpha Marcus repeats inside my head.
“Yeah. I nod absentmindedly.
“I don’t believe it’s only your former pack looking for you, Layla. Theo says.
My eyes widen as I look at him. Suddenly, I lose all interest in the pasta and place the plate down on the center table.
“What do you mean?” I ask him in a high-pitched voice.
Theo runs his fingers through his hair. My eyes drift to his bare tanned chest before my cheeks heat up.
* I don’t think if I should tell you this—“He trails off.
I drag my gaze to his blue eyes. He places his arm on the headrest and leans in subtly.
“What is it about Theo? I think I have the right to know,
“When you came here, we got an unexpected visit from the Alpha of the Silver Heart Pack. Alpha Alexander. He reveals.
Blood drains from my face. It becomes difficult for me to take the next breath without feeling a dull ache in my lungs.
“Alpha Alexander?”
Silver eyes. Storm and night. My body shudders at the memory in my head. I only met that G o d of a man once, and I can’t get him out of my mind. He seems to have a hold on me which makes my thighs quiver and clench every time I recall his face that never blurred in my memory even after 3 years.
Uh-huh. Alpha Alexander. He was furious when he came. He suspected you were here. He claimed you were his and he was ready to go to war to get you. Dad had a hard time convincing him that you were not here. “Theo discloses
“Why didn’t Alpha Marcus tell me?” I huff.
You were pregnant, Layla. Dad didn’t want to worry you. He still doesn’t want to tell you because he thinks it will give you unnecessary stress. His voice softens as his gaze flickers to the closed door of the bedroom.
I run my fingers through my hair restlessly. Alpha Alexander came looking for me. Did it mean Alpha Benjamin didn’t return his money? Did Alpha Alexander still think of me as his property because he bought me?
Is he still looking for me?” question.
I am scared. I don’t want him to find me. I don’t want to give up on this lonely but peaceful life. I am tired of pain, and heartbreaks.
Chapter 6
Theo nods silently. I take in a deep breaths as tears sting the corner of my eyes. Why are people not leaving me alone? What’s my fault? Why do I have to suffer?
Why is he after you? Do you know him?” He questions and cups my check softly.
I stiffen, feeling the touch of his fingers on my skin. This is the first time Theo has pushed past the cold wall between us and touched me.
My eyes meet his blue orbs and 1 sigh softly. He cares about me. He likes me. And I
I feel like I am taking advantage of it.
I place my hand over his and softly pull it off my check. He eyes his hand before placing it in his lap.
Can we not talk about it. Theo?
“If it makes you uncomfortable, we don’t need to talk about it but I just need you to know that Alpha Alexander is a force to be reckoned with, Layla. If he comes again, and I tell you to run, you must take Ayla and get to safety, okay?”
The tales of Alpha Alexander’s ruthlessness are a topic of gossip among the teenagers who come into the diner so I know all about it. He is a terrifying man with a strong bloodline. Some believe he has extraordinary powers that help him win against everyone easily
He has waged war on three packs already and he won all of them. What happens to his enemies after the war is won is a horrifying experience. They get killed or worse, punished brutally. He is a beast hidden under the layers of his expensive
business suits.
My breathing stutters at the reminder of his body, and his scent, and his eyes– his unique and piercing eyes.
Sh i t. I shouldn’t be thinking about him like this.
“What about you all, Theo?” I shake my head and ask him
-What about us?” He is sipping on my cola now.

If he finds out I am here and I run away, what will happen to you all?”
“We will go to war with him.”
No. I don’t want you to go to war with him for me, Theo. “I hiss
His eyes go round as he puts the glass back and turns to me.
“Calm down, Layla. Everything will turn out okay.” He assures me and then gets up,
“Are you leaving?” I eye his naked upper half.
Do you want me to stay the night?” His voice drops a few octaves.
My stomach flips. Heat spreads in my checks. I know what he is implying but I can’t bring myself to do it just yet. I didn’t have sex after I lost my virginity to a complete stranger and I am not ready for it again right now. Something holds me back. I don’t know what but it holds me back and makes me wait for I don’t know what
Theo grabs his shirt from the corner and pulls it over his head. I avert my eyes to the wall and wait for him to dress up properly.
“You will come to me, Layla. One day, you will and I will be waiting for you. “He whispers before he leaves my cottage.
else I will just go mad all alone.
The next day is spent like usual days. Ayla wakes me up by jumping all over my body and then we both make breakfast. I play with her for half the day and then make lunch and dinner for her. When Ayla’s babysitter comes, I leave the cottage and get to the diner.
The conversation with Theo revolves in my head all the time I work in the diner. My heartbeat speeds up every time I think about Alpha Alexander coming for me.
I can’t understand what he wants from me. I am not special. I am not the most beautiful woman in the world either. With a face, body, and power like that, he can get any girl begging to be in his bed.
My breath hitches when I imagine him in bed with another girl. His deep voice breathless and deep, and his body pleasuring her good.
It makes my blood boil with an unknown emotion. I shake all those dirty and strange thoughts away from my head when my shift ends.
Mrs. Harrison bids me goodbye and then goes back to work. I leave the diner with a heavy heart and a tingling sensation between my legs.
I cover the distance back to the cottage while battling my thoughts and trying to understand why I feel so odd, to begin with.
When I near the cottage, I find the lights turned off and darkness spread all around it. My brows lift to the forehead but I don’t find it too shocking.
Theo often stops by and takes Ayla out with him. She enjoys her time with him and loves him.
Perhaps, I can give Theo a chance for her. Even if I don’t fall in love with him, at least, Ayla will have someone kind as him to call Daddy. She really needs a father figure in her life.
Shaking my head, I fish out the main door’s keys from my bag and insert them in the hole. To my surprise, the door is already unlocked. It slides open as I push it.
Did Theo forget to lock it? But he never forgot before-
Sighing. I pull the key out and throw it back in my bag. I step inside the cottage and lock the door behind me..
Cold air brushes against my naked lower legs, making me shudder. The atmosphere inside the cottage is a little weird.
Not giving it much thought, I drop the bag in one corner and walk further inside. I can’t see properly in the dark, but I don’t feel like turning on the lights either.
I just want to undress, take a bath and then slip under covers for a while. Maybe, I can slide my hand between my legs and get rid of this tingle before Theo comes back with Ayla.
The thought makes my body heat up. Arousal curls my toes. My hand goes behind my back, unzipping the pink knee-length dress I am wearing.
I slide the straps down my shoulders and tug the dress down from my chest. It falls, pooling around my ankles. I step out of the circle and lift my legs in the air one by one and remove the sandals
The tingles between my thighs worsen, making me gasp softly. My body feels so sensitive and awake right now.
Chapter 6
It has never happened bef- —
You are so f u c k i n g turned on. “The husky voice snaps front close.
My heart sinks. I shriek, pushing my back against the wall and looking at the couch in the stark darkness.
Two silver orbs sparkle in the dark like two moons on a bleak night. My eyes widen as the pressure between my legs increases tenfolds.
The silver moons trace my body, lingering longer on my clenched thighs before lifting to my eyes sharply.
Alpha Alexander. “My breath gets knocked out of my lungs.
He found me.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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