Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 54

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 54

Chapter 54
I stumble out of the car and unconsciously grab the gun Alpha Alexander gave me before running in my Baby’s direction.
The fact that I can hear no sound from her makes my heartbeat double its pace. Oh, Goddess. I didn’t hurt any Baby, did I?
Fear grips my insides, but it doesn’t paralyze me this time. I approach the car fast, ready to s n t c h my baby and make a run for it if needed.
A figure climbs the side of the car and looks at me. I halt and raise the gun in the air. The man I recognize to be one of the kidnappers from the pictures I have seen before glares at me as curses leave his mouth.
* I am going to f u c k i n g kill you, b i t c h.” He sneers, jumping down from the car and walking towards me.
“I will shoot you. “I hiss, jerking the gun forward.
However, my attention is drawn to the other man getting out with a Baby in his arms. I can’t see clearly due to the darkness. that surrounds us but the moonlight is enough to illuminate the familiar mop of hair. It’s my Baby, My Ayla
“That a s s h o l had no one better to send after us?” He scoffs, continuing his way to me.
I shift my focus to him reluctantly and remove the safety on the gun. I remember the training, at least that’s the plus point. My hands shake terribly and give away my inner conflict, that’s the negative point here.
She is my daughter you have over there, and I don’t believe anyone else will be more vicious than me right now for you. “I hiss, keeping the gun raised.
I will kill them both if needed. They will never take my Ayla again.
“Oh, you are Alexander’s w h o r e?” He chuckles, finally coming to a stop a few steps away from me.
Send her to me right now. “I say through my gritted teeth.
“That’s not going to happen, Babe. But you can come with us if you want. We can breed you so you can give girth to more beautiful girls like her. You will enjoy it, I can guarantee.” He grins at me maliciously.
Disgust fills me at the way he addresses my daughter and me. My respect for Alpha Alexander grows because he is taking out people like this one.
“Send my daughter my way and I will let you leave. “I say, keeping my voice balanced.
“Not happening, Babe. That girl right there is a lottery ticket. We will earn a lot once she is up for the auction. Crazy people will spend crazy money to have an Alpha’s doll underneath them for a n—”
The bullet leaves my gun and hits his knee. Screams echo in the silent forest as my forefinger shivers over the trigger.

The next bullet will go into your d i c k and then in your filthy head. I will rip out your tongue for saying those things about
my daughter, and I will pluck your eyes out for looking at her! After I am done with you, I will leave you for the animals. Now, if you don’t want all of those things to happen, send her here right NOW!” My voice rises in the end, making my throat soar with the force behind that crazy shrick.
Tears of anger p r i c k my eyes as I look towards the other man. He is already out and Ayla’s face is resting on his shoulder. My breath catches in my throat when I notice that she is not moving.
The man holding her grabs the top of her head I yelp, stepping forward instinctively.

Chapter 54
Insane f u c k i n g w h r ! “The injured man yells..
*I wouldn’t do that if I were you. “The other warns, keeping his threatening hand on my Baby’s head.
*She is just a child. “I whisper, taking a step back cautiously. “Just a harmless kid. Don’t you have children? Don’t you have any family?”

Step away from your car and let us drive away if you want her alive. “He hisses.
Listen. Just let her go and you can go wherever you want. “I tremble, taking another step back.
“That’s so not f u c k i n g happening after what you did. “The man in the middle shouts. I direct my gaze at him to find him holding a gun towards me.
I move my barrel in his direction. The situation is tricky. I can’t take on two werewolf men all on my own just because- –
I am weak. Alpha Alexander is right. I am weak, and I am incapable of protecting anything that matters to me. Self-loathe raises its ugly head inside me, leaving my heart shredded into pieces.
I will die trying. I tell myself. I will die before they touch my Baby.
But, where is Alpha Alexander when I need him? Where is he?
My desperate gaze travels to the man holding my baby when I notice the dark silhouette approaching him quietly. I can recognize the strong build and silver moons that shine in the darkness anywhere in the world.
A sigh escapes my lips unknowingly. He is here. He will protect Ayla if I fail. I am not alone anymore
I watch as the dark figure closes in on the oblivious man immediately. He towers over the kidnapper holding my Baby.
“I will take your daughter and when she is a little older, I will be the first man to f c k her. That’s perfect revenge for what you just did, b i t c h! “The man screams, igniting a fire inside me that’s hard to extinguish.
Another bullet flies out of my gun and hits his d i c k like I promised. But at the same time, he pulls the trigger and a force hits. my chest, throwing me back a few steps.
I pull the trigger again, hitting his head this time. His finger lands on the trigger before he goes down and the same force pushes me back once more.
Everything happens so fast that I hardly blink. Alpha Alexander grabs the head of the other man and our eyes meet. He breaks his neck, never giving him the chance to be alert or make a move to fight back. Our daughter falls forward but her Daddy moves at lightning speed and catches her in his arms.
“Ayla. “I whisper as a strange numbness takes over my
Alpha Alexander whips around. The gun slips from my hand and lands on the ground with a sharp clink noise. I try to breathe but when I see him with our daughter, I realize my lungs are too tight to take in any oxygen.
Maybe, he was right all along. Probably, I was in the wrong.
I will always be a liability for Ayla, Wouldn’t it be better if I didn’t exist? He can protect her, love her, and have a strong family with her.
My body falls back and drops on the hard road. I can hardly feel the impact. My eyes find the sky, filled with bright stars and
utter calmness.
They will be strong together. They don’t need me. A voice whispers in my head as I am lulled into an endless sleep. At least, I know my Baby is fine and she didn’t end up in the hands of those monsters.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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