Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 52

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 52

Chapter 52
You need to eat something. “I whisper, standing behind the woman who is staring out the window lifelessly.
It’s been 102 hours and a few minutes without my Princess and her mother looks dead. All she does the whole day is to stand in front of the window with a direct view of the main door so she can see when a person with a piece of news arrives.
She doesn’t eat, doesn’t sleep, and doesn’t talk much. We were fine four days ago we had hope but now it is all vanishing slowly and it is killing me as much as it’s killing her.
But, I am still sure that 1 will find my daughter and mur o y days and I haven’t managed to get to her yet.
Levi and Henry have surveilled all locations, and only two of them are left. One of those locations has little to no cameras so they are waiting for someone to show up in the limited feeds.
In the meantime, I have to make sure this woman stays alive. I don’t want my Princess to come back and find her Mommy in this state.
F u c k, even I can’t see her like this.
I am breaking apart from the inside, but I am careful enough to not let it show and bring everyone’s morale down. But she doesn’t even bother to pull herself together.
“Layla. “I murmur, stepping closer to her so she can get some of my warmth.
“Do you think they gave her something to eat?” She asks in a lost tone.
My throat clogs as I grab her arms and run my hands up and down to warm up her cold body.
You need to be strong for her. “I whisper, lowering my lips to the back of her head
“I can’t. I don’t know how to be strong without her. She says, her shoulders losing their strength and slumping.
Layla. I utter, ignoring the pain in my chest, and turn her around so she is facing me.
The pain gripping my insides increases tenfold after one look at her hollow eyes and sunken cheeks. She is not the woman who flaunted around my house and my life with her fierce eyes and red cheeks that I came to like. She is just a shadow of that woman, empty and miserable.
I swallow and place my forefinger under her chin to tilt her head back. Her dull eyes meet my gaze, making me blink a few times to clear the haziness from my vision.
How do you plan on continuing your search for her if you are like this, Layla? Do you want our daughter to know you ended up like this instead of fighting for her?” I whisper, keeping my voice unconsciously soft and low for her.
It’s strange that I hated her weakness, but seeing her so vulnerable in the past few days has drawn me to her in a way I can’t deny. It feels like for the first time we are on the same page. My strength and her fragility don’t matter. The similar emotions we feel are the only things that make sense and make us inseparable..
Tell me again.” She whispers, her eyes void of any tears. She has cried so much that she couldn’t even muster up the tears
What do you want me to tell you? I run my knuckles down her cheek gently.
“That she will be back here and we will be a family again.” Her eyes watch me expectantly.
apter 52
rop my hands on her waist before coiling my arms around her and pulling her in my chest. I didn’t think it was possible “the to ever want to offer comfort and safety in my arms to someone. But this girl is making me want to drop all thoughts. d gather her frail body against mine so she knows as long as I am here, I will make things right.
will kill every last one of them. And we will live the rest of our lives…as a family happy and at peace. “I promise, meaning ery single word of it./
te shudders against me and sighs heavily. I keep her close, not wanting our vulnerable hearts and bodies to be separate
e stay like this for a while but then I hear Levi’s voice in my head and instantly let her go.
We caught one of the b a s t a r d’ s faces in the live CCTV recording. He yells in the mindlink, sounding both relieved and jitated.
Get everyone ready. We are leaving to get my daughter back right f u c k i n g now. I hiss, already starting towards the door.
The warriors are on standby. They will be at the border, ready to leave by the time we get there. “He informs immediately.
hasten my steps, wanting to get to my daughter in a f
u c k i n g moment if that’s possible. My heart pounds in my chest, due a mixture of fear and thrill. I found her, a voice chants in my head and I almost forget to inform Layla about the new evelopment.
Layla! They found the location. “Before I can turn around and let her know, I hear her friend screaming.
What? Surprise and relief pour out of her voice as she yells.
Yes. They saw one of the kidnappers on the CCTV recording. Levi told me just now. “Daphne runs towards her.
glance at them from over my shoulder and find Layla looking at me instead of her friend.” is it true? Is that where you are oing in a hurry?”
Yes. I am leaving to bring our daughter back. “I admit and start to walk again. I can’t waste any time.
Alpha Alexander. “Layla sprints to catch up to me.
I am not taking you with me. “I say before she can ask me to do it.
No. I am not staying behind.” She shouts as I cross the main door and step down the stairs.
Her petite body is hot on my tail. I can outrun her if I want and even knock her down to get her off my back but something tells me that I shouldn’t hurt her after all she has gone through.
Alpha Alexander.” She catches my arm as I stop beside my car.
I whip around to face her and grab her forearms.” Stay here. I will bring her back with me.”
Her anxious gaze settles on me as she shakes her head violently.” I can’t, please. I need to go with
Layla. It’s dangerous. You can get hurt. “I squeeze her arms.
* It’s about my daughter. How do you expect me to stay put when I know you are going to her? Besides you don’t care about me. If I get hurt, you will be the first one to celebrate that.” Her voice rises in volume.
A muscle in my jaw ticks when I hear her utter f u c k i n g nonsense. I tighten any grip over her arms until I see her wince in pain.
1 care. I f u c i n g care about you And I won’t let anyone hurt a hair on your head. Do you get me, Layla’ 1 won’t let anyone take you away from me like they took our daughter. “I hiss in her face.
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Chapter 52
She freezes in response and searches my eyes as if she can’t believe it. It’s unbelievable to me that I have said it out loud but I think something changed when she cried in my arms when they took Ayla, and when she sought comfort in me all these days while asking me to bring our baby back. She showed me a broken side of her that was new to me and I wanted to show her the ugly side of me that I have been hiding from her and the rest of the world.
* Please.” Her hands land on my chest, gripping my shirt tightly between her trembling fists.” don’t leave me behind, Alpha Alexander. Let me come with you and I will do anything for you. If you want me to sleep with you, I will do it. If you want me to be out of your life, I will do it. But please take me with you.
“Layla. “I whisper, unable to believe the things she is saying.
“You did make her believe that you only wanted to bang her once like an a s s h o l e when we both know the way you crave her won’t change even if you f u c k her every night for the rest of your life. A gruff voice sounds in my head, making me press my lips in a thin line. It’s my wolf, who only speaks on the rarest of rare occasions. I am surprised that he has chosen this time to speak up.
I blink focusing on the hopeful eyes peering into mine. Unconsciously, I lean in and press my lips to her cold forehead. She sighs, loosening her hold over me.
*Get inside the car. We don’t have time to waste here. “I release Layla’s arms and rush towards the driving seat.
She doesn’t waste a moment and slips inside. I drive the car out of the driveway, glancing at Daphne in the backview mirror. No doubt, Levi has asked her to stay behind and take care of the pack for the time being, and at least, she has listened to him because she knows some of us need to be here to protect the pack.
You won’t get out of the car once we get there. “I tell her as I w h i z z past everything and approach the border fast.
No arguments about it. Layla. You will do as I say or else I will drop you somewhere on the way. I can’t let you risk your safety and die before meeting Ayla. “I hiss, shutting her up.
She closes her mouth on the spot, but something tells me she won’t be so obedient once we get there.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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