Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 51

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 51

Chapter 51
Alpha Alexander has his hand around Theo’s throat in a blurred moment right after his words sink into our minds. I gasp, rising from the chair as he picks the sitting man up from the seat and lifts him in the air.
Your brother? How convenient. “Alpha Alexander hums, squeezing Theo’s throat who refrains from struggling and glares
back at him.
“Alpha Alexander. I stumble forth and grab his back in an attempt to pull him off Theo.
His face turns red due to lack of oxygen. My heart thumps inside my chest as I claw at Alpha Alexander’s back to free him..
Stay out of it! The enraged Alpha shrugs me off and yells at me.
*Leave him. Alpha Alexander. At least hear what he has to say first! I scream, grabbing his shoulder tightly.
He doesn’t budge. Daphne runs towards us but after seeing something on Alpha Alexander’s face, she decides to cautiously stay a few steps away from him..
Alpha, please. “She whispers.
The other girl stays behind, smiling at the display of violence. When I am sure I won’t find any help from anyone, I throw myself ahead and wrap my arms around Alpha Alexander’s waist tightly. My body trembles against his, letting him know how scary it is right now.
* Please. Please, leave him. Please. “I plead, resting my forehead over his taut back.
For a moment, I think it won’t work but then I feel his muscles loosening in my hold and a breath of relief escapes my mouth.
Theo coughs violently when he releases him. I don’t remove my face from Alpha Alexander’s back for fear that he is going to hurt him again.
My breaths come out in short pants, leaving me breathless and terrified. Alpha Alexander’s hands drop to my wrists, holding me tightly.
Explain. He hisses in a condescending tone.
He is is my elder brother. “I hear Theo saying in a h o a r s e voice.
I am left shocked and unable to comprehend this turn of events. The man who took my baby is Theo’s brother.
– What is your part in all this?” Alpha Alexander asks, trying to step forward but I tighten my grip around him and keep him back.
To my surprise, he doesn’t push me away and allows me to stop him. My heart pounds in my chest.
“I have no part in this. I didn’t know he was doing this! Theo huffs.
* How is that possible?” Daphne hisses, shocking me. She seems to be sharing Alpha Alexander’s thoughts.
“It’s possible because my Dad disowned my brother long ago. He took away his right to become the Alpha and exiled him from the pack. “Theo says.
“Did your Dad know about this? ” Daphne asks.
15110, Set, 8 May
Chapter 51
No. Dad threw him out because he was violent and had attempted to harm a young warrior during training. Our pack is all about peace, Alpha Alexander. That’s why my Dad doesn’t support anyone who tries to use violence.” He sighs.
Where is he now? “Alpha Alexander questions.
I wish I knew but I don’t. I ain seeing him after a decade, Alpha Alexander. I didn’t expect to find him in this position and it’s unbelievable that he turned out to be this—this man.” He sounds hurt and
I try to let Alpha Alexander go so I can move to Theo’s side but he pulls my arms back around him with a jerk. I gasp, my front pressing firmly to his back. His muscles shift stiffly against me, making me sure that if I let this man go, he will lunge for Theo again.
How can I believe you? “Alpha Alexander wonders.
You don’t have to waste your time on this, Alpha Alexander. We have to find Ayla and when we do, I will kill my brother with my own hands. I won’t spare him for hurting that baby and so many girls. “Theo hisses, making me shudder.
That’s the point. We can’t trust you, Theo. What if you are working with your brother? Daphne murmurs.
Silence falls in the room and only the breaths and heartbeats of everyone echo in it. I close my eyes, trying to find some comfort.
If I was with him, why do you think I told you he is my brother? I could have kept it a secret and you all wouldn’t have found out. Theo says after a while.
It makes sense. He has no reason to enclose that information. We have been trying to track down Cleodore’s background. information for years and yet, we found nothing because this man was apparently disowned. We wouldn’t have found out about this piece of information either if this guy hadn’t told us. “Ariana speaks up finally.
Alpha Alexander keeps his silence but I can sense he is still suspicious and if I could see him right now, I would definitely find him glaring at Theo angrily. I sigh against his back.
“Layla. “Theo calls my name softly.
I pull back, but Alpha Alexander refuses to let go. So, I only look over his arm and find Theo staring at me. His eyes display the pain he is feeling right now.
Do you not believe me?” He asks.
She is not s t u p i d enough to believe you.” Alpha Alpha states.
I blink, taking in Theo’s features. He doesn’t take his eyes off me and waits for an answer.
I have been blamed for things in my life that are never in my control. I know what it feels like to try so hard your whole life and find out that the people who are supposed to love you and trust you..have only hate and disgust for you in their hearts. And I don’t want to be like them.
“I trust Theo. He helped me raise Ayla. He will never do anything to harm her. I believe that. I believe in him. “I whisper, nodding my head.
He sighs visibly and smiles at me. This must be a huge burden for him to know that his brother is behind his pain, behind my pain and Ayla’s pain, and behind the pain of so many others.
How can you f u k i n g believe him for that reason alone? “Alpha Alexander hisses.
That reason is big enough for me to owe Theo the rest of my life. You don’t realize that because you have never let anyone be good to you and you are not kind to anyone either. “I snap at him, despite holding him.
He pushes me away. I step back, don’t mind his tantrum, and rush to get to Theo’s side instantly. My arms go around his
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Chapter 51
neck, pulling him in a hug as I stop caring about the watching eyes.
It’s not your fault. Don’t blame yourself for anything. Your brother’s sins and crimes are only his. Do you get me. Theo? “I state firmly.
* Uh-Hm.” He hums, pressing his face into the side of my head.
I sigh, closing my eyes. The last thing I want is to lose him to a monster who took my Ayla.
“I won’t let him hurt Ayla.” He whispers in a weak voice.
*WE won’t let him hurt her. “I release a shallow breath.
I hope I can be for him what he has been for me since the time we met; an anchor.
We pull apart and everyone calms down. Daphne goes back to stand beside the wall and Ariana settles into a furious Alpha Alexander’s lap. I keep my eyes on Theo who tells us more about his brother. From the stories, it’s clear that the brothers were never close and Cleodore has always been a troublemaker in their family.
Alpha Alexander’s frown softens after a while of hearing Theo talking about the nightmare that is Cleodore. This doesn’t my heart at ease though.
My heart will only be at ease when Levi gives us the news that they have located Ayla.
But my hopes get crushed and my spirits are killed brutally when that news doesn’t arrive for the next five day’s and when it finally does-
I am only a shell of what I used to be.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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