Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 48

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 48

Chapter 48
Alpha Anthony, Alpha Alexander’s Dad was confused about the same thing at first so he started investigating things. It turned out. Conway was the leader of a gang in the city. He was involved in sex trafficking rings. Kidnapping young werewolf girls, training them to be the perfect sex product, and selling them was his business. “Levi reveals, shaking his head.
Layla gasps audibly and places her hand over her mouth. My stomach turns as I drop my gaze to the desk’s surface.
“Why werewolf girls? It’s hard to deal with wolves. ” Daphne sniffles. Her moist voice hints that she is crying again.
*People in this business are brutal. Daphne. They don’t deal with girls like they are living beings. They treat them like dolls and do whatever they want to do. Humans die due to the pain, wounds, and the extremity of their actions. But werewolves. have healing abilities and exceptional beauty. Others pay a high amount for them because of their beauty and treat them. however they want. Those girls just heal after a while.” He discloses further in a grim voice.
How can they—
Daphne’s voice breaks.
“They subdue their wolf and keep those little girls as s l a e s forever. “Levi sighs heavily.
“What happened to Conway? Tell me the Alpha killed that monster.” She s o b s.
I lift my head and look at Layla who has her head hung low.
Alpha Anthony died soon after this discovery under some unfortunate circumstances. But yes, Conway was killed. He got the painful death he deserved.” Levi says carefully as he looks at me.
I nod at him, giving him permission to continue because I don’t have the courage to tell that story yet.
We thought for a while that things were fine but then when Alpha Alexander came to power, we got information that somet guy from Conway’s gang had become the leader and he was continuing his activities. But this time, he was not only kidnapping girls, he was also buying the omegas from different packs. “Levi straightens up and approaches Daphne to
embrace her.
“We couldn’t locate that guy, Cleodore. So, we intervened and started buying the potential omega girls before he could. We freed them, kept them in the facility we built on our pack for them, and made sure they didn’t fall into Cleodore’s hands.” He whispers, rubbing her back.
But, it was impossible to be everywhere at the same time. Their business was still in full swing so we started attending the auctions. We bought girls from them and brought them to a safe place before destroying the auction people and their little gangs.” Levi continues and pulls apart to wipe Daphne’s tears.
“Sometimes, we were informed that there were some b r o t h e l s where these girls were being sold for nights so we raided. those places and brought those girls back home safely. It’s been a long time since we have been doing this. And it’s affecting Cleodore’s business now.” He sighs, pulling her back in his arms.
He had been retaliating a lot. Sometimes, he sets traps. Sometimes, he attacks our people outside the pack but he never dared to step foot in our territory before. But now—he knows Alpha has a daughter so his men came to take her because he wants revenge against him and our pack. “He says, glancing at me from over his shoulder.
“He took Ayla because he wants to take revenge against you for saving those girls?” Layla whispers in disbelief.
Our eyes meet. Guilt makes my ears heat up. It’s all because of me. Surely, she thinks that.
“I am sorry. It’s my fault that she is not with us today. “I admit, feeling a part of my heart chipping away. I have always had to pay a heavy price for trying to right the wrongs.
Chapter 48
Are you sorry because you saved those girls? “Her red-rimmed eyes become glassy.
“No.” I say without hesitation. If I am given a chance, I will do the same things I did but I will do a better job at protecting my daughter.
Then don’t apologize. Just- – -find her, Alpha Alexander. Don’t let our daughter become one of his girls. “Tears spill out of her eyes as her chin wobbles.
That’s what I have been fearing from the start. I know he won’t kill her. He will keep my daughter alive to make an example out of her for me and it’s ripping my heart apart to know that if I don’t get to her in time, something horrible will happen to her. I will never forgive myself for it. I can’t bear this pain twice in my life.
Our eyes remain on each other, silently conveying the fears and pain she can show but I can’t. I have to hold my demeanor, for her, for our daughter, and for everyone in this pack.
*Alpha. “Levi yelps all of a sudden.
“What?” My heart s k i p s a beat after recognizing that urgent tone.
Ariana is here. She says she has some information for us.” He blurts, looking at me with his wide, hopeful eyes.
I spring up from my chair and nod.” Call her in. Now,
“Who is she? Do you think her information is useful? Layla rises from the chair uneasily.
She is Alpha Maroni’s daughter from Westwolf Pack. “I tell her as my eyes move towards the door. She has always been resourceful and knew about my goals for a long time. She had infiltrated that ring before, in an attempt to gather intel so she could give it to me.

So she also wants to end this monstrosity? Daphne questions, separating herself from Levi while he is mind-linking the warriors guarding the main door.
Kind of. “I nod stiffly and steal a glance at Layla who is watching me. I don’t think it’s a great idea to let these two women meet right now.
She has no interest in anything good in life. She did those things to impress Alpha Alexander. And today she is coming here to do the same, I believe. “Levi says after he is done communicating with others.
Did she manage to do that?” She wonders in a suspicious voice.
Given that she dated Alpha Alexander for a long time, I think she succeeded. “He nods, oblivious to the cold change in the
“Oh. “Daphne rubs her nape, her eyes meeting Layla’s blank stare.
A knock sounds at the door. Levi pulls the door open immediately. The familiar face of the beautiful girl I once f u c k e d every night comes into my view.
She smiles when she sees me. She definitely knows what has happened due to her friendship with Serafina, yet she has the audacity to look so excited.
I eye her short sparkly pink dress and pink hair with disdain before f i s ti n g my hand over the desk. She strolls inside, swaying her hips seductively, and heads straight for me.
Xander, Babe.” Her smile widens, as she moves past Layla, and rounds the table to stop in front of me.
What do you know?” I ask, wanting to come straight to the point so I know if I should put up with her b l l s h i t or not.
I have a few guesses as to where they took your daughter.” She bats her lashes.
Chapter 48
My blood chills in my veins as I regard her blankly. If she says she has guesses, then one of them is going to be true. It has always been like this. She has been an asset to me.
Levi. Get the locations from her and ask Henry to narrow down his search to those places. “I glance at my Beta sternly
At least, let me say hi before we get to work. “She groans, cupping my face and dragging her razor-sharp nails down it teasingly.
I turn to face her and barely get the chance to notice it before her lips are on mine. She presses her body into my front. wanting me to feel those plastic boobs and hard nipples.
My gaze lands on Layla who is staring at us with her wide, surprised eyes. I stiffen against Ariana as she throws herself closer to kiss me in front of everyone.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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