Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 47

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 47

Chapter 47
My eyes scan the several CCTV footage playing on different screens in the control room. Henry, the computer guy fast- forwards them so we can only focus on the people who kidnapped my daughter.
Stop there. “I point at the screen while tapping the back of his chair and looming over his shoulder impatiently.
He taps a button and the video pauses. On the screen, I can see the two familiar faces carrying my unconscious Princess out of the school building. Anger enters my veins, becoming the very blood that flows through them.
Fear follows shortly. I am not used to this emotion. I never feel scared but right now my heart can’t stop s k i p p i n g dreadful beats.
“They are Cleodore’s men. “Levi slams his palm over the desk’s surface in frustration.
I glare at the two men in the feed. They have been hiding for so long, and just when they got to know about my weakness, they struck.
But—how did they know about Ayla? I kept that piece of information confidential so my daughter.didn’t get dragged into my enmity.
“Find them. “I state, sensing the anger brewing in my veins, becoming cold and calculative.
*Yes, Alpha. * Henry types away on the keyboard hurriedly, getting the pictures from the CCTV and running them through his face recognition system to catch the f u k e r s.
I turn around and dash out of the room. Levi rushes behind me, cursing under his breath all the time. I can’t even bring myself to do that.
If they have my daughter, 1 must find her before they ship her away to somewhere I will never reach her. They have that kind of power–a power to make girls disappear.
I barge inside my office, feeling panic chewing on my guts. I have to keep calm, I remind myself. I have to be very careful about it.
What’s the situation at the border?” I ask Levi.
“It was just a distraction. They sent a pack of rogues so they could grab Ayla from under our f u c i n g noses. “He snarls, beating himself over the fact that he couldn’t protect her. It was his duty, but it was everything to me. And I—lost her to them.
Do the surviving rogues know nothing? “I march to the window to open it and get some fresh it because I am finding it hard to breathe.
No, Alpha. They were paid to do this job. His voice drops, just like his morale.
The girls. “I turn around abruptly and glare at him. “Ask the girls. Some of them might have useful information.”
*Alpha, we already asked them everything. They know nothing about Cleodore and his men. He runs his fingers through
his hair.
We must have missed something. Contact them again. “I demand, turning back to face the window.
They are traumatized as it is, Alpha. We can’t make it worse for them. “He says dejectedly.
I know he is right. And I hate it. I absolutely f u c i n g hate myself for not being there when Ayla needed me the most. I was
Chapter 7
busy protecting this pack and didn’t think about her.
thow is it possible that I can’t find a single clue about my daughter?! “I hiss, punching the wall beside the window
“How is it possible that they came here and took her without leaving a f u c k i n g trace as to where they went?!” I yell punching the wall again.
The bones in my knuckles c r a c k, just like the wall and blood starts pouring out of the wounded skin. I punch the wall once more dang the pain better than this sickening feeling.
Alpha Come to your f u ck i n g senses. We still have to find her. “Levi hisses..
place my fist over the hole in the wall and close my eyes to take some deep breaths. He is right. I can’t lose it yet.
But stocking hurts so bad.
The door to the office opens with a loud bang and voices rush inside. I sigh, opening my eyes a
Lay Daphne shouts.
Did you find her?!”The mad voice screams at m
and staring at the wall
I take my hand off the blood-stained wall and turn around to look at her. Her disheveled hair is falling all around her face which is pale. Her swollen, red-rimmed eyes bear a touch of insanity that I have never seen before.
They are searching for her, Layla Daphne comes behind her carefully and grabs her shoulders. She is crying, unlike her friend who seems to have lost her mind.
Layla jerks her shoulders free and approaches me. Her hands lift to my collar, attempting to shake me violently.
Where is she?” Her voice lowers, becoming a horrified whisper of a
I have to awer for her. So, I keep my mouth closed and peer into her eyes.
You didn’t find her. You are still here lazying around while someone has her out there and they—What are they doing to my Baby” Her eyes widen, lowering to my chest as her grip on my collar loosens.
*Are they hurting her? Color drains from her face.” They must be-
I cup her cold cheeks before she can utter that nonsense. I don’t want to think that I don’t ever f u c k i n g want to imagine that.
Layla. “Jwchusper, waiting for her eyes to meet mine.
I regret wishing for eye contact when she finally looks at me. Light has left her eyes, leaving her looking like a dead body.
Nothing will happen to her “My heart squeezes in my chest as I offer her the comforting words.
But it already did. Everything has happened already.” She mumbles under her breath. Her eyes are staring at me, but I don’t think she can see me.
I can’t beari
*Layla” I bass, tightening my hold over her cheeks. She blinks, bringing her focus back to me.” She needs us right now! Do you understand?”
*She needs us. “She repeats, placing her hands on mine.
Snap out of it. You can’t be like this when some f u c k e has our daughter!” 1 squeeze her cheeks, so the pain can bring her back here
15:05 Sat, 18 May M
Chapter 47
The dead look in her eyes gets replaced with fury as she digs her nails into my hands.
“We will get her back. And we will kill every single one of those a s s h o l e s who tried to take her away from us. Do you get me? We will do it. She will be back with us and no one will ever hurt her again. “I press my hands harder into her cheeks.
She grips my hands and pulls them down. Her body trembles as she stares up into my eyes. My gaze is drawn to the blood stains I have left on her cheek.
“Who took her? Do you know?” She asks.
I’search her face, wanting to make sure she is out of that state of mind. She grits her teeth, indicating that she is,
Sit down. We need to talk. “I tell her and step away.
Without saying anything, she walks to the chair and sits down. I can sense determination and anger reeking off her frame.
I thought she wouldn’t recover from this blow so soon because of how she screamed and cried in my arms earlier today. until I had to call the pack doctor to sedate her. But, she is proving me wrong.
Levi leans against the wall and Daphne closes the office’s door, hinting that they both won’t be leaving either. I nod at both of them before taking my seat on the other side of the desk.
Layla looks at me impatiently. “Is it one of your enemies who took her to blackmail you?
“It is. But he doesn’t want to blackmail me. “I nod.
I expect her to start accusing and blaming me instantly because, in the end, I failed to protect Ayla and one of my enemies took her. But instead of starting to yell at me, she asks for further explanation.
What does he want then? ”
He wants to inflict damage on us just like we have done to him many times in the past. “Levi interrupts, hissing angrily.
My shoulders tighten as Layla directs her gaze at him. “what do you mean?”
Silence falls in the room. Levi refuses to continue that story so Layla is forced to watch me expectantly.
My Dad had a cousin brother who was kicked out of his previous pack and came here for refuge during his time as an Alpha. My Dad took him in because they were good friends when they were children. He didn’t bother to investigate why Conway was exiled from his former pack. Everything was fine for a few months. Conway had some job in the city so he used to spend lots of his time there. He had only joined our pack so he didn’t become a rogue, not because he wanted to have anything to do it. Dad didn’t really have any problem with it so he let him be until… “I trail off, finding it hard to go down that memory lane. There is nothing but pain in my past and I don’t think I want to tell Layla about it in this situation.
“Until what?” She asks, leaning in.
Until girls from our pack started disappearing.” Levi senses my discomfort and takes it upon himself to tell the rest of the story without mentioning the horrible, personal parts.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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