Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 46

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 46

Chapter 46
There is a breach on the border. That’s all I could hear from the warriors who were rushing to the border to tackle the threat. Alpha Alexander was already there, making sure this pack and its members remained safe from whoever this enemy
I didn’t waste any time and sprinted in the direction of Ayla’s school. It completely slipped from my mind that it would take me at least an hour to get there no matter how fast Iran.
Fortunately. I had Daphne. She took one of Levi’s cars and came behind me. We both started towards the school in complete panic. Levi had mindlinked Daphne that he sent warriors to the school already but something was not settling right with me.
I didn’t see my baby off this morning. I never slept in before. Now, I was panicking that something-
No. I don’t want to think that.
My Ayla will be all fine. The warriors will protect her. She is the Alpha’s daughter and they will die before letting someone lay a finger on her.
And that’s exactly what they did. I find out when Daphne parks the car in the school’s parking. My lungs constrict when I see the bodies of several warriors in the lot, some are wounded, while most of them are dead.
“What the f u c k!” Daphne yells but I am out of the car, running in the direction of the school to find my baby.
She will be fine. Maybe, the attackers breached the border from the other side too and came to the school because it’s close. Then they encountered warriors in the parking lot and never made it inside.
My hopes shatter when I see the same b l o o d y scene in the corridors of the school Daphne comes inside behind me and gasps loudly,
I freeze on my spot, watching the massacred dead bodies, waiting for the panic to stop paralyzing me.
My Ayla.
I can’t breathe.
“Ay—Ayla “I whisper, breaking free of the imaginary restraints and making it to the first closed door. My fists pound on it violently, and it flies open to reveal a woman a teacher.
I push her aside and enter the classroom. I can see some heads of children behind several tables but I don’t see the familiar two pigtails.
“Ayla. “I call out, and get no response.
“We couldn’t mindlink anyone because of some spell they used. The signals also went out. It happened so fast– They didn’t hurt the children. They just killed the warriors and took off, it seems. We need to inform the Alpha but we can’t do that so maybe you can. “The teacher tells Daphne because she recognizes her as the Beta’s mate.
I get out of the class, and pound on each door to find a similar dreadful scene. Heads poking out from under the table’s surfaces and teachers informing Daphne of the situation.
I see everything, I hear everything but I can’t bring myself to stop and breathe until I have found her. Everyone is fine except for the warriors. The teacher keep saying that. They hurt no teacher or children.
I shake my head and run up the stairs to get to the other floor and continue my search. My hysteric yells of my daughter’s
Chapter 46
name make many doors open before I can knock on them. Unfamiliar faces peek out, find relief after seeing Daphne who is closely behind me.
But, I don’t find the relief I am looking for,
The panic finally surges to my throat, making me sick, making my heart pound, making my hands shake.
*AYLA!” I scream, running from one corner to another.
A crowd gathers, all faces increasing the surging panic. My daughter is nowhere. She is nowhere.
Where is she? Where is my Ayla?” I yell, tears running down my checks.
She will be around. Layla, Calm down. All children are safe.” Daphne tries to grab me or hold me but I can’t take it.
I can’t feel my daughter. I am sure I can always feel her when she is around me. But she is not. My Ayla. My Baby. She is not among the numerous faces.
My breaths become ragged as the final classroom door opens and a blood-stained face comes into my view. My heartbeat slows down when the familiar teacher steps out.
I recognize her. She is the classroom teacher for the grade K. My Ayla’s Teacher.
When she steps out, I notice the blood oozing out from the side of her head and her arm which is twisted at a weird angle.
All the people around me shift their focus on her. They look equally surprised to see the first injured teacher.
“I am sorry.” She whispers, hanging her head low,
What—What are you sorry for? “I don’t know how I walk to her or how I manage to keep myself standing on my feet
It seems they were here for the Alpha’s-
No! I interrupt, shaking my head.
I push past her and enter the classroom. The scene is similar and the only odd thing is the blood on the floor. I walk further in and look at each scared child.
“Ayla. “I call out her name, waiting for her small head to poke out and her little body to jump into
my arms.
“Ayla. Mommy is here. Please come out now, Baby. “My body trembles as I grab the girl with two pigtails hiding under the table. She flinches away from my touch, her green glassy eyes unsettling me.
It’s not my daughter. I release her and s t a g g e r back.
“Ayla. “I can’t feel my heart inside my chest
Where are you?” Tears blur my vision.
I tried fighting back but they knocked me down. I couldn’t fight so many of them. They just came in, grabbed Ayla, and left the rest of the children. “The teacher’s crying voice reaches my ears.
My vision blackens. My senses all dull down until all I can focus on is my shallow breaths. I find darkness around me, and there is no light anywhere.
The light was taken away.
They took my daughter, my Ayla/
Chapter 46
But, they couldn’t have gone too far.
My senses come back in one sharp motion. I jerk in my spot before running out of the room.
The crowd parts, letting me make my way away from the chaos. Daphne is hot on my tail, calling out to me but all I can hear is my own voice telling rise that she must be close. I can still find her.
In no time, I am out of the school and look around. Where do I go? My body shivers uncontrollably as I look from left to right.
Where did they take her? Which direction could it be?
Tears leak out of my eyes at the helplessness. I s t a g e r back and forth, unsure where to go, and where to start the search for my world.
Layla. Please stop. I told Levi about it. They will find her before they can take her out of the pack. “Daphne clutches my shoulder.
I turn around sharply and face her. She flinches away, finding something scary on my face. I grab her hands in mine and pull her back in.
They will find her right? No one will take her away from me, right? She will be back home in a short while and everything will be alright? “I ask for assurance.
Her eyes tear up but she doesn’t reply to me. I shake her up, desperately seeking that answer. I need my daughter.
“Tell me she will be home before I
there?” Madness swirls in
my eyes.
She keeps her silence when she sees it. I let her go and shake my head rapidly.
“No one will find her. No one cares about her or me. No one ever tries to save us or do anything for us. I have to find her on my own. I will find her. “I murmur and start running again.
I will run in any direction. I don’t need to be sure. I just need to get to my Ayla.
“Ayla!” My screams echo in the silence terrifyingly.
Before I can get far, a pair of strong arms wrap around my body and make me halt. I thrash in the hold before the scent hits me and my body goes still..
you– -find her?” I stutter, as he releases me.
I turn around and grab his shirt between my fists. His silver eyes meet my blurry vision before he cups my cheeks and pulls
me closer.
J will find her.” He speaks in a firm voice, trying to mask the panic and pain that reflects in his eyes.
“You didn’t find her. She is not with you. “I stumble back.
She will be with us. “He grabs my arms, pulling me back in.
“They took her.” My soul is shredded to pieces. Nothing is left of me anymore.
“They took her. My Ayla. “I start thrashing violently.” Aylal Ayla!”
I scream, losing what’s left of my sanity. Alpha Alexander pulls me in his chest, trying to m u f l e my screams against his trembling flesh but I can’t stop
I continue to scream, thrash, and writhe until my body gives up and my knees hit the floor in defeat. Everything gets taken.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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