Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 40

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 40

Chapter 40
The next day, we repeated the drill as we drove to the school to drop Ayla there for her first day. My heart pounds in my chest and tears blir my vision as she gets out of the car and runs for the main gate. I take out my phone and click a quick picture of my Baby.
Her teacher is standing there to receive her while Alpha Alexander and I stay behind, watching the little ray of sunshine making her way to her school.
My baby didn’t cry like other kids. She showed enthusiasm and her eyes burned so bright that I felt my heart fill with pride and happiness
Say bye to Mommy and Daddy. “Mrs. Alina, her teacher grabs her hand and softly turns her to us.
grins in our direction. I smile back as I push the tears away
Bye Mommy! Bye Daddy! She yells.
“Bye, Baby. “I wave at her.
You will do great, Princess. “Alpha Alexander’s heavy voice cheers her.
The teacher turns around and takes my baby inside. I can’t peel my gaze off her back. She is all big now. My chest tightens and tears start flowing out of my eyes.
Do you miss her already! “The heat of Alpha Alexander’s body envelopes my figure as he comes closer to me.
It’s not that I miss her. “I sniffle and wipe my cheeks with the back of my hand.
Ayla is not in my sight now. And it makes me restless but at the same time, it loads me with contentment.
-Why are you crying then?” He hums. His voice is void of the usual mocking tone.
I inhale a deep breath and feel my lungs filling with delight. A smile touches my lips as the sunbeam falls on my face.
It feels like I have accomplished something great in life. “I raise my hand in the air and block the sunlight as the smile. remains on my lips.
Just by sending her to school? He chuckles but it is soft.
I turn my head and look at him. Alpha Alexander seems so different at this moment. He is not dressed in a sharp suit but is wearing his casual grey sweatpants with a white T-shirt. His silver eyes meet mine and I sense the joy in them. It feels like he shares my feelings right now, but he can’t express them like I do..
It feels like just yesterday when she was born with a sharp cry. I endured so much pain during her birth. In the end, they had to perform a C-section on me.” I whisper and look at my raised hand. Sunlight peeks through the gaps in my fingers and falls on my face, warming my skin.
It was a

tough delivery. I thought we both were going to die. At that time, I wished…for my child to survive even if it meant death for me. That’s when I truly realized she meant more than my life. She was the one person who was my whole world. I could sacrifice anything for her. She made me strong, Alpha Alexander.” My vision blurs again.
I was just a weak girl before her birth but then, I became a mother and I was ready to cross the sea of fires for her. But still, it always felt like I was lacking and filling short. Times were hard. I had to work and leave her alone at home so many times. Raising her all alone was harder than surviving a near-death experience. But it’s all worth it now. She is big enough to go to school. In some years, she will be going to high school, then college, and then she will be getting married and- “Tears
12:39 Fri, 17 May
Chapter 40
flow out of my eyes freely as 1 image the scenarios in my head. Overwhelming emotions clog my throat.
“It feels like I made it.My Baby and I made it to a little happiness, Alpha Alexander. I don’t want this moment to end. I want to stay like this… Happy and Content with life. “I pull my hand down so sunlight can kiss my skin. It’s a bright day. I will always remember it.
eyes A surprised gasp spills out of my mouth when his warm hand cups my cheek. I turn to him and find his
fixed on
the tears on my checks. There is a genuine gentleness in the way he looks at me. It steals my breath and leaves me with a stuttering heart in my chest. His thumb brushes the spot under my eye, wiping away the tears softly.
You did a good job. You should be proud of yourself. “His thumb keeps moving back and forth under my eye, wiping away the hot tears.
My breath hitches in my throat as I tilt my head, basking in the warmth of his palm over my check. His thumb pauses as our eyes meet. Something shifts in the air, charging it with razor-sharp tension which is a mix of desire and serenity. My muscles tighten as I hold my breath and just look at him.
Guided by my instincts, I place my hand over his. Sparks fly everywhere, leaving me shuddering in front of him.
“I wish I knew you were her father.” I whisper. No matter what poisonous words I spewed at him some time ago, I want him to know that he is a great Dad and I can never deny it.
He steps closer, covering the distance between us. In the broad daylight, we peer into each other’s eyes and breathe the same charged air. My heart flutters in my chest.
If I knew, I would have never stolen all this time from you, Alpha Alexander. I am sorry, I really am sorry. “I apologize sincerely.
Even though it is not completely my fault that he not was present in the initial years of Ayla’s life, I still feel the keen urge to tell him that deep down, I do feel sorry.
Alpha Alexander’s silver gaze takes in my features, lingering a little longer on my lips. My tongue darts out, wetting them as
he watches
*You are a good father to her. Thank you for everything that you do. Thank you for finding her and making her happy. “I admit, tracing imaginary lines with my thumb on the back of his hand.
He drags his gaze up to meet my eyes. His brows furrow as if he is confused about something. His caressing thumb ceases its movement. I feel a heavy weight settle on my fluttering heart.
The tension grows thicker until I feel it making my hands itch to touch more of him. I remind myself that in that moment, we are just Ayla’s Mommy and Daddy. We are only ever civil with each other when it’s about her. When we are in front of each other as a man and woman, pain lurks around the corners to claim one of us.
Alpha Alexander seems to share my thoughts and pulls his hand away. I release a breath I have been holding for a long time. My lungs ache just like my heart.
It feels like I wanted something more, something impossible, something like standing in front of each other as a man and woman and telling the pain to go away.
He wears his sunglasses and moves away from me. I realize once again, that I have no place in his life, just like he has no place in mine.
Get in the car. He commands.
I shake my heavy head and take the passenger seat as he revs the engine and we start our journey back to the packhouse. Silent tension stays hanging between us like a scary ghost, and no one from us addresses it.
When we reach the packhouse, Alpha Alexander stops the car and turns to me abruptly.
12:39. Fri, 17 May
Chapter 40
My phone starts ringing at the same moment in my hand and makes him pause. I look down at the screen to find Theo’s name shining on it
The tension becomes hostile again. I can sense darkness radiating off him. My nervous gaze meets the side of his face as I look at his gritted jaw.
Get out. Alpha Alexander says without looking my way.
I sigh and do as he says. There is no way we can ever be good with each other for more than a few moments.
I pick up Theo’s call and walk towards the packhouse.
How was it?” He asks as soon as I pick.
A wide smile lights my lips after I sense the mix of excitement and anticipation in his deep voice. This is the man I am supposed to be with, a man who will always cheer me on, a man who will share my happiness, and a man who respects me.
I move inside the house and start telling him everything about the day but until I remain close to the door, I don’t miss the heat burning my back.
It bothers me and makes me feel things I don’t want to feel. But I choose to ignore it and ignore the man who scorches my skin with his intense stares every time.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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