Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 38

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 38

Chapter 38
Alpha Alexander’s words keep ringing in my ears even after a week passed by. He hurt something deep inside me once again. and I can’t get rid of this pain in my chest.
But I have to put on my brave girl panties and pretend everything is fine so I don’t make Daphine and Ayla worry about me. That’s what I am doing even now,
Ayla is jumping up and down in front of me as I smile at her. She is a beam of sunlight in my
dark life.
Mommy! I am going to school.” She throws her hands in the air and says the S word correctly for the first time.
My smile turns into a grin as I lean in and kiss her forehead. She giggles, grabbing my cheeks in her palms.
Ayla saw Shawn going to school and wanted to get admitted to his school. He is actually six from what I know. He looked so small and similar to Ayla in age that I assumed he was three. This made me realize that Ayla’s brain is not the only thing that’s developing rapidly. Even her body has gotten bigger than a three-year-old’s body.
Anyway, I talked to Levi about it because I was skeptical about making this decision hastily. He conveyed that message to Alpha Alexander and came back with the reply that Shawn’s school is the pack’s school and it’s good. So, now I am going for Ayla’s admission to the school
*Come on, Baby. Let’s hurry up and get there on time. “I tell her.
My baby grabs my finger obediently. I am wearing my best clothes-a yellow dress that reaches my knees and looks presentable enough and my baby is wearing a similar dress so we can match. We both stroll out before I stop dead in my tracks.
I thought Levi would take us to the school.
But Alpha Alexander is the one leaning against his car, talking to someone on the phone. He is dressed in a tailored black suit which looks expensive like the rest of his clothes. His presence alone is enough to command attention and demand submission from others.
He turns his head and stares in my direction. My heart Jeaps to my throat. He is an a h l e, but he is undeniably the best- looking man I have come across. H He exudes an aura of immense power and confidence which beats all other men.
Daddy!” Ayla leaves my fingers and runs in his direction.
I gasp, following her on hurried steps. “Baby, Daddy is talking on the phone. Don’t disturb him.
Alpha Alexander leans down and picks our excited daughter with one hand before plastering her to his chest like she is the most precious existence in his life. My heart misses a s t u p i d beat when I see him expertly continuing to talk in a stern tone on the phone while affectionately patting Ayla’s back
“Yes. Fine by me. Get it done. “Alpha Alexander states before hanging up.
All ready for school, Princess?” He asks her, his voice instantly losing the stern note and becoming as soft as it will ever be.
“Yes, Daddy!” Ayla nods and nuzzles in his neck.
1 love you, Daddy. You are the besht.” Her m u f f l e d voice reaches my ears,
Alpha Alexander throws me a pointed look, probably taunting me over my words from a week ago. I poke the inside of my cheek with my tongue and look away.
Chapter 38
“I love you, Princess.” He murmurs to her
Ayla gets down from his arms and opens the back door of the car before sliding inside. I smile when I see her at her best behavior. It’s another happy day for my Baby and he is by her side.
My gaze moves to the man in question. He is already staring at me. His eyes move from my head to my toes, leaving no place untouched. I shift uncomfortably, knowing what’s going on in his head.
“Get in. “He commands in a husky voice.
“You don’t need to come with us. “1 blum.
I don’t need your permission.” He pushes his back off the car. Now if you want me to allow you to come with us, get in.”
I bite the inside of my cheek so I don’t burst out. He moves in the other direction to take the driving seat. I walk to the car and open the backseat’s door.
I am not your driver, Layla “He grumbles
Ayla looks between us, her lips pouting. I release a tired breath, not wanting things to escalate in front of her, and silently to the passenger seat.
His proximity affects my sanity. He takes up a lot of space and his expensive cologne fills the rest of it. When he is around. it’s hard to not notice the veins in his arms, the tattoos on his body, the darkness behind his eyes, and his hot breaths.
He starts the car while I look out the window to avoid him. I can already feel heat pooling between my legs, begging for his
The past week, I touched myself more times than I have done in the last three years and I couldn’t o r g a s m. My walls ached for his touch, for the sparks, and the dominance. And it’s getting on my nerves. I am sexually and m e n t a l l y frustrated just
because of him
Did you two fight again?” Ayla’s head pokes between us.
I almost choke on my breath when I look at her and find her eyes narrowed. She looks like the spitting image of her Daddy when she looks at someone like this
Your Mommy is feisty, She keeps fighting with me. “Alpha Alexander hums playfully.
I eye his face which betrays no emotion. Anger burns in my eyes.
Mommy “Ayla turns to me
Your Daddy talks too much, Ayla Baby. “I huff.
*Daddy.” She turns her head toward him
“I told your Mommy that I won’t talk so much if she plays with me once. But she refused. “The corner of his lips curl up as he says.
Mommy won’t play with you, Daddy? But she plays with me. She is a good girl.”My Baby reasons in her small voice, not knowing what she is talking about,
But she won’t play with me. She says the doesn’t like me. He shrugs.
My checks heat up as I glare at his side profile.
Mommy. “Ayla looks at me with her big eyes. Pleash play with Daddy. He will be good to you.
12:38 Fri, 17 May
Chapter 38
I blink, opening and closing my mouth rapidly to come up with something.
Yes, I will be good to you if you play with me. You will enjoy it.” Alpha Alexander smirks.
“Pleash, Mommy. “Ayla shakes my shoulder.
Baby. “I sigh.
“I won’t talk to you if you don’t play with Daddy.” She huff’s before sitting back in her seat.
Ayla Baby-
No.” She mumbles.
No. Mommy, “She folds her arms over her chest, shaking her head.
I release a breath before directing my glare to Alpha Alexander’s smug face. He is such a meanie.
Fine, Baby, I will play with your Daddy. And I will make him lose. “I utter through my gritted teeth.
His brow lifts to his forehead as he glances at me. The heated look in his eyes makes me squeeze my thighs. He really got me addicted to him. My body reacts to the simplest of gestures.
I love you, Mommy! You are the besht!” Ayla yells excitedly.
I love you, Baby. “I keep glaring at Alpha Alexander as I tell Ayla.
I will stop ignoring this man now and give him a taste of his medicine. He will never be able to make me cry again. Instead, he will be the one crying and begging me.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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