Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 33

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 33

Chapter 33
Can I come inside?”Theo asks.
“Uhm. I am sorry Theo but I don’t think it’s a good idea right now. “I glance at the white and blue bungalow standing proudly in front of me.
1 understand. Keep me updated about Ayla.” He whispers.
I nod and get out before sprinting to the main door. The silence of the packhouse gets disturbed by my wet heels as I run inside.
My feet pause in the way when I look down. I have left a long trail of water behind. I swallow and eye the inconvenience I have caused before breaking out into a sprint again.
I can’t think about anything else right now. My baby is sick.
I climb the stairs and go straight for her room. My heart beats wildly in my chest. Ayla is a strong baby. She doesn’t get ill so easily. I must have hurt her deeply for her to have a fever.
Tears sting my eyes as I open the door to her room and run inside. The bed is vacant and the room empty to my surprise.
Where is she?” I mutter under my breath.
Maybe she is in my room.
I turn on my heels and make my way to my room hurriedly. When I step inside, I find the place empty. She is not here
My mind jumps to the worst scenarios. I drop my bag on the bed and bring out my phone to dial Daphne’s number. I can’t go around searching this big place so it’s best if I just ask her where my baby is
Are you done whoring around? The deep voice says from behind.
My heart misses a beat. Heaving a heavy breath, I drop the cell on the bed and face him.
Alpha Alexander stands in the doorway with his arms crossed over his chest and his side leaning against the frame. My heart misses another beat when my eyes meet the pair of silver globes–filled with anger and resentment.
Where is Ayla?” I ignore his hurtful remark and question.
“Oh, so you recalled you have a daughter?” He hums and unfolds his arms before rubbing the shell of his ear between his thumb and forefinger.
Alpha Alexander. Where is my daughter? “I sigh, finding my nerves all over the place.
“Where she is supposed to be. “He states calmly.
His gaze lowers to my neck and heaving chest. I gulp, noticing how a destructive storm rages in his silver orbs.
I ignore how his heated and enraged look makes my stomach flip and my legs weaken. I have to get to my baby, I remind myself.
“She must be in your room. “I conclude, already walking towards the door.
Before I can walk past his imposing figure, he grabs my upper arm and pushes me back abruptly. I yelp, barely managing to
Chapter 33
maintain my balance and saving myself from falling on my butt.
“What the hell is wrong with you?! “I shriek, glaring into his furious eyes.
Take off your f u c k i n g clothes. “He says, in a calm voice
“What do you mean?” I hiss, stepping back from him.
– a calm before the storm.
“I don’t want my daughter to see her mother parading around f u c k n g naked as if it’s something to be proud of.” He glares
back at me.
His eyes are much more intense than mine and knowing what a man like him can do, I can not help but shudder under his scary glare.
Instinctively, I look down at myself. My dress is pretty much transparent. Anyone can see my underwear, and my bra, and the rest of my naked body.
1 swallow the uneasiness this causes me and look up. His eyes are there to meet me and judge me.
What? Don’t act surprised. You look exactly like a w h o r e who is desperate to get k
e d down. “His words are not just words anymore—they are sharp daggers piercing my heart and slicing it in half brutally.
op insulting me.” I mutter as tears blur my vision.
I refuse to let them flow. I refuse to give him the satisfaction of seeing me cry and break down in front of him. I won’t let him know how he has affected me just now.
You are insulting yourself, Layla. I am just telling you what you are doing. “The corner of his lips turns up in a half-lipped. smirk.
I want to smack that way. I fist my hands and glare at him stubbornly.
Get rid of the filth on you before showing your face around my daughter. You can take your time. She doesn’t need you right now.”Alpha Alexander states before turning and leaving me trembling with rage.
I thought he was done breaking my heart. A tear slides out of my eye despite my best efforts to keep it in. I wipe it away instantly and rush to take a quick shower and change into something suitable.
My heart aches as I stand under the water and rub at my skin. I hate how his words actually made me feel like a w h o r e . Did spending a little time with a man made me a wh o re?
I shake my head and step out before grabbing a pair of pink silk pajamas with full sleeves. After thrusting myself into the clothes vengefully and drying my hair, I rush to get to my baby.
Just as I step inside his room after knocking once, I find Ayla sitting on his bed with black sheets.
Mommy!” Her eyes sparkle as she looks at me.
I cover the distance between us hurriedly and gather her in my arms. My hand touches her forehead to know how bad it is. A relieved sigh escapes my lips when I find her skin is cold.
“I misshed you, Mommy.” She giggles, pressing her nose to my neck.
I kiss the side of her head as my eyes wander to the side table where a few syrups are placed. She must have taken her
Oh, Goddess Selene. At least, Alpha Alexander took care of her.
Tears start sliding out of my eyes as I recall the insults he threw at me. I pull Ayla closer so she can’t see me crying.
She is the
Chapter 33
only solace I have in this world and the only reason I am staying here.
Daddy took care of me.” She mumbles in the crook of my neck.
“I know, baby. “I whisper, closing my eyes to stop the tears.
“He ish a good man. “She adds, surprising me with her big words.
“I know, “I nod and discretely wipe my tears with the back of my hand.
Sho, Mommy.” She pushes her head away and stares at me with her big eyes that are glassy right now.
Yes, Baby, “I caress her small cheeks.
Marry Daddy. “Ayla drops the bomb.
My cheeks flush as I stare at her without ever blinking my eyes. My breath gets stuck in my throat due to surprise.

He will take care of you too. He will s h i t you in his lap and feed you medicine when you are shick. Do you get it, Mommy? She grabs my shoulder and shakes me softly.
Who—Who taught you all this?” I finally manage to utter. A shudder rolls down my spine,
Everyone hash their Mommy and Daddy. I want it too.” A frown marks her forehead.
“You have us both, Baby. “I press my lips to the crease between her brows as I barely contain the scowl threatening to contort my face.
“Daddy shaid the shame but I don’t believe it.” She shakes her small head in denial as big tears well in her eyes.
“Don’t cry, Princess. “Alpha Alexander’s voice falls on my ears and startles me.
I jump in my spot and look to the right, dark corner of the room. He is sitting on his wing chair there, hidden in the shadows and looking dangerous.
Was he here all along? My throat dries as I think about it.
Why am I so oblivious to my surroundings? I scold myself and turn to my baby.
Mommy.” She stares up at me, the tears still shining in her eyes.
A lump forms in my throat as I look at her. She has never cried like this before, I didn’t know how much she wanted a family until now. Does this make me a bad mother that I believed I was enough for her and she was happy with me?
Ayla, Baby. We are a family. “I whisper under my stuttering breath.
My heart is breaking. No matter what I do, I am never enough for anyone. But I wish I wish I was. I wish I didn’t have to try so hard in life to make others happy only to end up failing.
“No!” She yells as the tears start rolling down her soft cheeks.
“Ayla. Please, Baby. You are sick. You need to get some rest. “I gasp, cupping her wet cheeks to rub the tears away.
I won’t shweep. Everyone shweeps with their Mommy and Daddy. But you don’t shweep with me.” She sniffs before glancing at Alpha Alexander.
My sight gets blurred with tears again but I swallow them all to be strong for her.
“I start softly.
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Chapter 33
You want us to sleep together, Princess?” Alpha Alexander asks.
“Yesh, Daddy, You, me and Mommy. On the shame bed. “She nods hurriedly.
No. That’s not possible. She needs to understand. I open my mouth to give her an excuse but close it after sensing the strong body looming over me.
Whatever you want, Princess, Daddy will make it happen. If you want Mommy to sleep with us, then she will sleep with us. “He says as if it’s all up to him to make the decision.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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