Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 31

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 31

Chapter 31
She is my daughter. I can take her wherever I want. You can’t stop me. “I frown, shaking away the sensations I feel when he is around.
Alpha Alexander’s cold eyes remain impassive. Something has changed in his gaze, and it makes me feel like we are strangers. It’s like he wants nothing to do with me and can’t be bothered to talk to me for more than a moment.
Isn’t that what I wanted? Yes.
But, it doesn’t feel that good.
“You can’t take her. “He repeats, before starting to walk past me.
Alpha Alexander, “I sigh, unconsciously reaching out to grab his wrist.
Sparks rush down my spine. I gasp, tightening my hold over him. These electric jolts haven’t died even after rejection.
He stops and looks at me. The height difference between us makes me crane my neck back so I can look into his eyes. Slowly, his eyes lower to my hand wrapped around his wrist. The indifference and warning reflecting in his gaze is clear to me. I let go of him. My feet move back to create distance between us cautiously.
You can’t-
If you don’t want me to throw you out of my packhouse, I suggest do what I say. Don’t try to defy me.” He says in his throaty voice.
I swallow the next words as I look into his silver eyes. He is serious. I can tell.
Okay. “I nod, not wanting to drag this issue.
He is angry right now. So, it’s no use talking to him. Once he settles down and stops being so interested in getting on my nerves, I can take Ayla out then.
I leave him the sight. It make
and walk back to my room. The heat of his intense gaze burns into my back until I am in the line of his e shudder and quicken my steps.
—1 day later—
Mommy. “Ayla jumps in my lap as I watch my reflection in the vanity mirror.
1 am wearing a plain white dress that reaches my knees. It’s sleeveless and has a plunging V-neck that reveals a decent amount of my cleavage. Daphne has forced me to wear natural makeup too, and it feels strange because I have never gotten ready for Theo before. What is he going to think?
Aunt Daphne shaid you are going out with Theo. Why are you not taking me?” She scrunches her nose.
I smile and press my lips to her cute nose. She rolls her eyes and clings to my neck like she always does.
Daddy wants to spend time with you, baby. “I whisper softly.
Daddy shpends sho much time with me. She tells me excitedly.
Thave seen how Alpha Alexander visits her room every
to meet her during the day too. He is forming a bond with Ayla and day by day, it’s strengthening.
Maybe, he is not good for me. But he is great for my baby. She is a lot happier since she came here.
Can Theo come here? “She asks hopefully.
I inhale a deep breath. I can’t bring myself to tell her that her Daddy won’t agree to something like this..
Your Mommy is going on a date with Theo, Ayla. They are going to spend some time alone.” Daphne chuckles from behind me.
Daphne. “My cheeks flush as I see her in the mirror’s reflection.
Date. “Ayla’s eyes widen.
Of course, she can’t know what a date is so I open my mouth to tell her that—
Are you going to marry Theo, Mommy?” Her big eyes stare at me.
I dose my mouth, surprised that she already knows such things. She is supposed to be two and a half years old but she already has a mind of an older child. I am noticing this again today, and I am recalling how the pack doctor told me that she is not a normal baby.
“If everything goes well, yes baby.” Daphne walks closer and pats Ayla’s small head.
Ish he going to become Daddy?” Her little voice questions.
I am shocked on
“Ayla baby—-
again. I can’t miss the hint of fear and doubt in her eyes.
“No! I already have Daddy. Theo ish my friend. He can’t be Daddy. “Ayla jumps out of my lap all of a sudden.
Ayla. “I frown. She has never behaved like this before.
“No. Don’t talk to me, Mommy! I am going to Daddy. I have a Daddy. I don’t need another Daddy. “She yells before running towards the door.
I get up, ready to print behind my daughter and catch her when Daphne grabs my shoulder and stops me.
Theo is here.” She tells me.
I frown, staring at the open door. Ayla’s changing behavior is alarming. When did she start thinking like this anyway? Why didn’t I notice this before?
You shouldn’t have told Ayla that. “I sigh.
She is sulking but she will be fine, Layla. You should go meet Theo outside before Alpha Alexander comes across him. I will look after Ayla when you are gone.” She squeezes my shoulder.
I release a soft breath. If they both indeed come across each other, I have a hunch it will be a disaster.
*Thank you, D. Please tell Ayla that everything will be just like she wants. “I whisper before walking towards the door,
“Have fun, Layla. Leave Ayla to me. She shouts from behind.
1 smile, but can’t stop myself from thinking about the look in my baby’s eyes. She looked so angry and hurt at the thought of someone else coming into my lif
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Chapter 31
I hope it doesn’t become a problem.
Once I come back, I will talk to my baby and tell her that I will never do something to upset her. Her happiness is all that
matters to me.
Theo’s Bugatti parked. He is standing beside it, wearing at I walk out of the packhouse and into the driveway where I se black suit with a white button-down shirt. His hair is styled back with gel, revealing his soft eyes that are drawn to me the moment I step out of the main door.
I guess I did right by listening to Daphne and getting ready properly. I run a hand down my dress and walk in his direction.
A wide smile spreads on his lips. He straightens up when I near him before his eyes go behind me and confusion starts reflecting in them.
“Hey. “I come to a halt in front of Theo.
“Where is Ayla?” His brows rise in confusion.
Uhm—She wants to spend some time with Alpha Alexander. “I shrug, finding it hard to meet his eyes when I am lying.
She doesn’t want to go with us?” He looks surprised.
Of course, she does. Theo. “I blurt.
But you just said-
I step closer to him and place my hand over his chest unconsciously.
“Let’s just go. Okay! I whisper.
Theo’s gaze lowers to my hand. The tips of his cars turn red as he nods and steps back.
My cheeks flush when I realize how close I really got to him just now. Theo opens the car’s door for me and gestures at me to get in with a genuine smile on his lips.
I tuck a strand of hair behind my ear and glance over my shoulder, at the huge bungalow behind me. My hand pauses close to my ear when my eyes find the dark silhouette standing on the terrace, staring deep into my soul. His eyes shine in the darkness surrounding him.
Alpha Alexanur. His name echoes in my mind. I shudder and turn around to get inside.
Theo closes the door and walks to the other side to take the driving seat. My heart beats like crazy. I can feel the side of my face burning as his eyes drill holes in me.
Just what does he want? Why does he look so murderous?
Theo’s scent wraps around me. I glance at him. He is everything Alpha Alexander is not. Kind, generous, and considerate.
But why can’t he send those thrilling shudders down my back?
I sigh, realizing what I am doing again.
I don’t want to compare the two men. I want to enjoy Theo’s company and find comfort in him.
But how can I do that when the storm in the pair of silver eyes follows me everywhere?

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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