Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 30

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 30

Chapter 30
A week passes by in peace. I don’t see Alpha Alexander again. It’s like he is not even around. I haven’t bothered asking about him either.
He is an a-hole and I have no desire to see him or think about him after what happened between us.
Good for me though. I rejected him and now, I am free to do whatever I want.

But how did Alpha Alexander back off so easily? Why is he not pestering me and getting on my last nerves like he did every chance he got before?
Unconsciously, my eyes search every corner of the house to see if he is around. It’s not like I want to come across him. I am just making sure he is not planning something o u
s against me.
But, that explanation is not enough to tell me just why I can’t fall asleep most nights. It’s like I will find absolute relief if I see him and make sure everything is fine.
“What are you thinking about?” Daphne asks.
Surprisingly after that night, she came to me and told me she could send this pack to hell for me. If I need her, I will always find her by my side and she will never give me the impression that she is not my best friend again. For her, I am the most important person.
I believe her so I shrugged all bitterness off my mind.
I am just bored and worried. I don’t even know what I am supposed to do in this pack. I don’t go out of the packhouse and remain locked up inside. I feel like a freeloader here because Alpha Alexander is taking care of my meals and everything else. That’s not right. I should pay him rent and money for all the facilities if I am staying here but how am I supposed to get a job around here? “I sigh.
That man has a tons s t of money. He can burn half of it and he will still have enough left to pass down to his seven generations.” She scoffs playfully.
I shake my head and focus on Ayla, my baby who is playing with Serafina’s blonde son. They are the same age so they get along pretty well. A smile adorns my lips.
His mon
ot mine, D. I have to take responsibility for myself. I whisper after a while.
“You are his mate and baby’s Mama. He should spoil you. “She rolls her eyes.
“I rejected him. “I blurt, realizing I never told her about this.
Her head whips around so fast that I fear she might have broken her neck. I cringe, sliding a little back onto the bench to be away from her. Her wide eyes stare at my face.
I heard something weird just now.” She mumbles.
“You heard it right, D. I rejected Alpha Alexander. We are done. That’s why I need to pay him for everything he is providing
I am not his mate, or his pack member. He is not supposed to pay my bills. “I release a breath.
“Why?” She frowns.

Why what?”I shrug, feeling a heaviness in my chest.
Why did you reject him?” She whispers in a soft voice as her hands reach out for mine.
Chapter 30
I eye Ayla to make sure she is not looking our way. I don’t want my baby to think I am sad or anything.
He doesn’t want me as his mate. And I refuse to let him hurt me because he doesn’t want me. “I tell her truthfully.
* But I thought he was—improving, you know. He killed Josh because he had tried to rape you in the past and he got rid of the people who hurt you, Layla. I thought he was doing it to start a new life with you. “Daphne squeezes my hands between
I thought the same. But he didn’t do it for me, D. He did it for himself. Actually, the explanation he gave me doesn’t really make sense but I don’t care anymore. He can do whatever he wants. It’s none of my business now. “I blurt, finding myself getting angry all over again.
Whenever Alpha Alexander is mentioned, I just can’t help this rage building inside me. I don’t even know what it is but it’s like lava is brewing in my veins and it wants to unleash itself on him. I can’t help it.
Was it really that bad?” Daphne says, grabbing my attention.
“I tried putting up with him but he is impossible. So, yes. It was that bad. “I nod, deciding not to go into details and tell her the things he has told me because he is her Alpha now. I don’t want to ruin their bond because of me.
“Any hard feelings?” She tries to smile playfully.
I shake my head. ” nothing.”
“What do you plan on doing now?” Daphne asks.
I open my mouth to reply but the phone in my lap starts vibrating. I cast the screen a glance. My eyes light up when I see Theo’s name illuminating the screen
“Oh, someone is getting all the attention from hot dudes.” Daphne chuckles, s at chi g my phone away before I can grab it.
Daphne! I gasp, lunging for it.
“Nah! First, tell me. Do you have a thing for this Theo guy?” She teases, lifting her hand in the air so I can’t grab the phone.
No! Not right now but—“I trail off and sit back when the phone goes silent.
But what?” She drops the phone back in my lap.
“I think I sh
give him a chance. “I smile genuinely.
Awww, you are going to start something naughty with him. “She grins wickedly.
My cheeks flush as the phone starts vibrating again. I see the screen and find Theo’s name on it again.
Pick up. Hottie can’t wait. He wants to hear your voice desperately.” Daphne teases in a dreamy voice.
“Shut up! “I suppress a smile and pick up the call before leaving her side.
Her teasing laugh follows me as I rush inside while keeping the phone pressed against my chest nervously.
When I am sure I am in the safe zone and Daphne won’t appear out of nowhere, I place the phone against my ear and release a soft breath.
Hey. I whisper.
I miss you, Layla. “Theo’s husky voice sounds from the speaker, making me grin.
That’s what he does every day. He calls and tells me that he misses me and Ayla. He makes me feel wanted and important,
Chapter 30
16 May
unlike Alpha Alexander who makes me feel needy and whiny.
My smile drops when I realize I am comparing both men. This is not right.
-We should totally meet. “I utter absentmindedly.
“Really? “The surprised shrill in his voice makes me giggle.
“Yes. We should meet. Maybe, we can have a nice dinner. It’s been so long since we ate together. You can pick me up from here if you want. “I suggest, before nibbling on my lower lip.
Theo goes silent for a few moments. I breathe in and hold my breath while waiting for his reply.
Do you miss me, Layla?” He asks unexpectedly.
“Of course, Theo. I miss you. “I nod. It’s not a lie.
I miss him every day because he has been such a good friend to me. When he was around, it felt like I could share every problem with him and he would always stand by my side without asking for anything in return. That was a comfortable feeling. He is the only one who has managed to make me feel so safe and heard.
“How about tomorrow night?” His voice drops, turning into a deep whisper.
*Sure. “I mutter as my cheeks heat up.
“Will you bring Ayla?” He asks. I sense the hope in his voice and my smile shrinks.
“I will try to bring her. “I sigh.
“I can’t wait to see you two. I will pick you up at 8 tom
Okay? “Theo chimes.
“I will be waiting for you. “I utter before we say goodbye and hang up.
A serene feeling of safety engulfs me. My mind and heart feel much more at ease after talking with Theo. He is like a support pillar I need in this dire situation to stay on my feet. And he never fails to be one for me.
“You are not taking my daughter anywhere.” The throaty command coming from behind me makes my heart sk ip a beat.
It’s been a we since I last heard this voice and it has the same effect on me. It turns my world upside down, and forces all the cells in my body to pay attention to the owner. He has a hold over every inch of me even when I am sure we are done.

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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