Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 24

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 24

Chapter 24
I run a hand down Ayla’s pink princess dress. She giggles excitedly and twirls around for me to admire her.
Itsh the besht dress ever, Mommy.” She yells enthusiastically.
I smile. She has been happier since she got here. Alpha Alexander gets hier everything I couldn’t. It makes me feel bad as a mother that I was not capable of doing this for her myself but at the same time, I can’t complain because my baby is happy. He makes her happy.

Daddy needsh to shee.” She stops twirling and runs in the direction of the door without looking back.
I remain still in my spot and look at my reflection in the mirror. I am wearing a plain red dress that hugs my curves and has a slit on my right thigh.
Thank Goddess Theo sent my stuff over yesterday when I called him to tell him that I had nothing to wear, literally. I told him about Daphne’s initiation ceremony too but he couldn’t come because he was not part of either pack involved in this
It makes me sad. I really wanted to meet him and see how he was doing. But, I guess I will have to wait for that.
I shake my head and step out of my room. The packhouse is all decorated. It’s impressive that everything was done in a single day as Alpha Alexander gave Levi a sufficient amount of time. I can’t understand what the rush is for. I don’t want to think much about it either.
I am too immersed in preparing myself to face the people who tortured me in the past. I step down the stairs on my wobbly legs and head to the yard where everything is set for the event. Many pack members are gathered there, dressed in their finest clothes and suits. I look around the crowd, searching for my daughter. It’s not a hard job when she is clinging to a giant’s leg, urging him to pick her.
I glance up, my gaze meeting Alpha Alexander’s face. He exudes a dangerous aura that commands attention and submission from the people around him. When he looks down at our daughter, I almost expect him to brush her away because he has to maintain a stoic image but to my surprise, he bends in front of the crowd and picks her up in his arms.
My throat clogs as leans in to press a kiss over her check and whispers something I can’t hear from afar. But, whatever he says makes Ayla laugh and snuggle into his neck.
He combs her hair with his thick fingers, ignoring the people who were trying to talk to him. I watch in an awed trance. It’s hard to believe sometimes that he is the same man who is a cold-blooded beast when he is treating Ayla so softly.
As if he knows I am watching him, his stare cuts to mine. My heart jumps in my throat. His eyes are intense. They rake over my body, lingering a little longer on my exposed thigh.
Heat crawls up my skin, kissing the spots his eyes touch. I turn around to protect my sanity and stroll back inside to check up on Daphne who is still getting ready,
The inside of the packhouse is almost empty. All the people are out. The silence of the house is eerie compared to the cheerful atmosphere in the yard.
I rub my bare arms and continue to walk in the right direction on the ground floor. That’s where Levi’s room is and that’s where he insisted Daphne stays because apparently, that man can’t spend a single moment without her.
I smile at the thought. But my smile vanishes when a hand shoots out from around the corner and pulls me in Topen my mouth to scream, but a hand covers it to mask the sounds.
My panicked eyes meet the pair of brown orbs. I can recognize these eyes anywhere because they remained a part of my
Chapter 24
worst nightmares for years. His arm snakes around my waist, tugging me flush against his front.
Revulsion makes m
kes me nauseous. I push at his chest, trying to get him off me.
So he found you after all? “Josh grins wickedly.
My body freezes. I don’t want to hear his voice. It makes the whole experience so real and horrifying
His threats from the past echo in my cars as I stare up at him. Hate burns in my eyes, making them moist.
“That must be why he stopped pestering us.” He clicks his tongue to the roof of his mouth.
Josh turns me around abruptly. My back hits the wall. Pain knocks the breath out of my lungs.
Where have you been?” He leans in. His eyes flash golden and I know exactly what this means.
He is angry. He is going to hurt me again.
I move back in time and become the same scared girl who tried her best to avoid his path because she knew he would make
it hurt so bad. The way he beat me and the way he t r a m p e d over my pride is still fresh in my mind.
“Did you miss me, Layla?” His eyes flicker to his hand covering my mouth.
‘Do something. A female voice snarls in my head.
My body jerks forward but he pushes me back into the wall. My eyes narrow on him angrily.
“You got some anger in you now.” He grumbles, pressing his forehead to mine. Makes it all the more fun, you know, Layla.”
I swallow the bitterness in my mouth. He rubs his palm over my lips, sending wave after wave of disgust down the length of my body.
“Did you have that b a s t a r d child? “His brows lift to his hairline.
My heartbeat slows as I glare into his eyes. He c baby, he is wrong.
hurt me all he wants, but if he thinks he can get away after insulting my
My body goes lax in his hold. His grip loosens instinctively.
“Yeah, baby. That’s right. Give into me. Let me have a taste of you.”He pulls his head back and diverts his gaze towards my chest.
I take this chance and bite into his palm as hard as I can. I don’t care if I take a chunk of his flesh. I want to hurt him.
He shrieks, pulling his dirty hand back. The metallic taste of his blood lingers on my tongue. I see his wide eyes fixed on the b l o o d y hand and take this chance to knee him between the legs.
He doesn’t see it coming and releases me immediately to cup his jewels. His pained groans fill the air around us, but that’s not nearly enough.
You talked sh i t about my baby before, Josh, and I let you be because I was weak. “I hiss as soon as I am free and he is rolling on the floor.
or anyone
else tries to i
insult Ayla, I will show you hell for it. “I growl and stomp over his exposed
But not this time. If you or nose with my heel.
The tip digs into his flesh, drawing warm blood. He forgets about the area between his legs and screams before cupping his
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Chapter 24
This is not enough either. I feel an intense hunger inside me—an urge to hurt him, to make him feel what he did to me, to make him regret ever talking about my daughter, to make him think a hundred times before attempting something like this again in his life.
I stomp over his d i c k. His body lifts from the ground. His hands fall back there, to protect it from me and that’s when I kick. his shoulder.
He howls like a wounded, wild animal before he rolls on the floor again. I pant, gathering my dress between my fists.
That must be how I used to cry on the floor when he beat me up, I will never be able to forget that agony and helplessness but after tonight, I think those nightmares won’t scare me as much.
You will never touch me again, Josh. You will never talk about my daughter with your filthy mouth again! Never again! Or ! will kill you.” I yell, as tears start falling from my eyes.
I turn on my b l o o d y heels only to halt in my way. A startled gasp leaves my lips when my eyes land on Alpha Alexander, who is standing in the corner. He is leaning against the wall while his ankles are crossed. Our eyes meet—his betray amusement while mine spit fire.
Anger burns in my veins. I ignore Josh who is crying in pain and walk over to him.
“This is why you called him here, didn’t you? “I jab his chest and wipe my cheeks with my other hand.
Alpha Alexander doesn’t say anything. The lack of words fuels my rage.
I jab his chest again. Did you enjoy this? Did you like it when he touched me? Were you here all along?”
Tears blur my vision but I keep jabbing his chest. Why is everyone doing this to me? What have I done to these people?
I sniffle. I am showing my vulnerable side to Alpha Alexander once more. This is not good. He will use it against me later.
I curl my hand into a fist and drop it by my side. My teary eyes lift to the silver globes that are deep like an ocean on a stormy night–scary but magnetic,
“I hope you had your fun, Alpha Alexander. “I whisper under my breath before moving past him and deciding to leave his sight
His hand wraps around my wrist, making me stop in my way. An electric jolt hits my body. His touch is like an instant cocoon of comfort and security.
No, I shouldn’t seek either of these from him, in him. That’s wrong because he will always hurt me.
1 am not done having my fun yet. His warm breath caresses the side of my face and exposed neck. I shudder.
He tugs me into his chest. I fall against it and barely manage to plant my hands between our bodies to keep some distance.
Alpha Alexander’s stormy eyes search mine, looking for all the emotions I don’t want to show him again. His hands drop to my butt. He squeezes my flesh between his rough palms, drawing a soft moan from me.
utters one husky word and leaves me there.
He stalks towards the Alpha Heir who has regained a little of his composure because of his quick healing Josh cranes his neck to see Alpha Alexander’s tall figure approaching him.
“You like touching women up, don’t you Joshie?” He asks in a deadly calm tone that steals my breath.
Power radiates from Alpha Alexander’s body, enticing me to stay and watch as he wants. I tremble suttly as he stops in front of Josh and then-

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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