Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 16

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia Chapter 16

Chapter 15
We need to stay here, Theo. “I whisper.
“What do you mean?” His brows rise to his hairline.
Alpha Alexander is Ayla’s Dad, Theo. It’s natural for her to want to be here. And 1—1 want to stay with her. Here. In this pack. I am here because I want to be here. “1 tell him while looking into his eyes.
I can see the pain I am causing by saying this to him. He wants to stay with us. We are essential to him and yet, I am telling him that we don’t share the same sentiment. My heart twists inside my chest when the muscles in his arm tighten under my grip.
“You want to stay here? With him?” His gaze switches between me and the man far behind me.
*No. “I shake my head. I can’t be this cruel.
You just said…” He trails off.
“I said Ayla wants to stay here, Theo, and she deserves to spend this time with her father. I just want to stay with my daughter. This doesn’t mean I am breaking all bonds with your pack. This only means I will stay here as long as Ayla wants. I hope he gets it. I really hope so.
Tell me he is not using something against you. “Theo grabs my hand suddenly and squeezes it.
No. Theo. He will not hurt her, or me, because I am the mother of his child. “It’s a lie. I can tell Theo hardly believes it, but it’s best in this situation.
His eyes search mine for a brief moment. I stare back, trying to give him the assurance he needs.
Go back home, Theo. This war is not worth it. “I whisper softly when he doesn’t say anything,
“Is that what you want?” He asks in a similar soft voice,
It’s so easy to talk to him and convince him because all he cares about is what I want and what Ayla wants. I don’t think I will ever meet a selfless man like him, who puts others’ needs and wants above his own. I can tell he desperately wants us to return with him and he is ready to fight for it, but he won’t say it.
With a heavy heart in my chest and tears in my eyes, I nod my head.
Theo releases my hand almost instantly. He covers up the pain in his eyes with a gentle smile.
You know I am always here for you, right? You know I will do what makes you happy, right? “He whispers to me.
I know, Theo. You are a great
friend. “I’nod.
His smile falters but he manages to stretch his lips again. He nods reluctantly and looks behind me.
*I apologize for this intrusion, Alpha Alexander. I was under the impression that you were trying to hurt two of my pack members, so I came with the Army. This won’t happen again. “Theo speaks to him.
“Get out of my territory at once. The cold reply comes from the distance
Theo sighs and looks at me.
“You will be fine here?” He asks yie
one last time.
er 15
I nod. I will be fine here. I promise.
Please take care of Ayla and bring her to meet me once in a while.” He whispers,
I can tell it’s hard for him to even imagine not meeting Ayla every day like he did for the past few years but he is holding himself together better than I expected.
Nothing changes between us. Theo. Nothing. It doesn’t matter if we stay in the same pack or not, you mean the same to me and Ayla. “I leave his arm.
This time, the smile he shows me is genuine. I smile back and wrap my arms around myself.
Move back. “Theo commands the warriors.
His eyes never leave mine. The warriors get back inside their cars, ready to move out of Alpha Alexander’s territory.
Theo stays behind for some moments, watching me.
“By the way, I have your car and it’s
Keep it. He blurts before I can tell him that I wrecked it.
I chuckle, shaking my head. I don’t think I should tell him.
Thank you. “I whisper.
He steps ahead to hug me again but the growl coming from behind makes him pause in his way. He looks at Alpha Alexander from over my shoulder curiously and throws him a wide smile.
“Get out. Right. F u c k i n g. Now. Alpha Alexander growls.
“You should go. Theo. “I shudder.
Theo nods and moves to his car. I stay behind and see them all leaving. I can tell that the warriors behind me are doing the
I am so relieved that there was no war today. I don’t think I can live with myself after harming others.
– Did you f u c k him?” A deep voice sneers in my ear.
My hair rises on its ends as I abruptly turn around. My foot twists, leaving me falling back. I gasp as a strong arm wraps around my waist and tugs me into a hard chest.
My nose presses into his bare neck. To my surprise, a full-body shudder rolls over him. I pull my head back instantly and look into the pair of silver eyes that are murdering me with their intensity.
“You know what—“I whisper over his lips.
His dark, blazing eyes fall to my lips, drinking the sight. My stomach twists into knots. It’s not hard to realize that the bond affects him much harder than it does to me. He has his wolf, after all, and that creature won’t let him rest unless he has his mark on me.
Yet, this man resists the bond just because I don’t have a wolf. So, it’s high time, he gets a taste of his own medicine.
“He did. Every night. And, you know what else—“1 push at his chest but he doesn’t let me go.” It’s none of your business, Alpha Alexander.”
Don’t test me, wornan. I don’t think you will like the consequences. He growls above my lips, sending tiny shivers down

Chapter 15
“Don’t test me, man! You don’t know what an angry mother can do. I scoff, pushing at his chest harder.
* 76%0
His scowl turns into an unexpected grin. I frown at the suddenness of the gesture. My eyes take in his lips before stopping at his right cheek.
He has a dimple.
Oh, Goddess.
I never saw this before.
My fingers itch to touch it but I control the urge and stand still on my spot. He takes a long breath and releases me from his death grip.
This is going to be interesting. Layla. Be prepared for what’s to come.” His husky warning leaves me breathless.
He turns around and walks a little away before stopping. My jaw hangs low as I watch his back. He glances at me from over his shoulder.
“I don’t have all day.”Alpha Alexander groans.
I shake my
head and start following him back to his car. I don’t know how to deal with this man. He is angry one moment, smiling another, and then flirting in the very next.
I don’t think he can decide what he wants.
Neither can you. A strange voice giggles in my head, making me stop beside his Bentley,
What is this now?


Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

Hiding the Alpha’s Baby by Lia (Layla and Alexander’s)

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Layla Jones is abused and rejected by her mate the night they recognize each other before he goes on with banging her ex-bestie. In an attempt to take revenge, she lands in the arms of a mysterious stranger, and her life takes a shocking turn.

Hiding the Alpha's Baby by Lia


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