Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace ( Xanthea and Mirand ) Chapter 169

Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace ( Xanthea and Mirand ) Chapter 169

Chapter 169

Xanthea looked perplexed. “Why didn’t you just tell me directly?”

“Although I’ve known him for a while, we haven’t spent much time together. He always seems so aloof and indifferent, like he’s not really interested in anything. I can’t figure out what he likes. Since you’re his

assistant, you must know everything about him!” 

The CEO indeed didn’t seem to have any particular interests, except for one person, whom he treasured obsessively.

Perhaps, loving her had exhausted all his energy.

The CEO always keeps his personal feelings separate from work, so I don’t know much. But rather than what he likes, I think what he needs is more important. Given his current condition, what he really needs is probably sleep. Only proper rest can help him recover faster.”

“Sleep?” Xanthea was puzzled. “Is there anything I can do? I mean, I can’t just join him in bed, can I?”

“Actually, you can!”

Cedric suddenly had his eyes light up at the suggestion, which confused Xanthea.

“No, Ms. Nightshade, don’t get me wrong. I just remembered the last time on the plane, you fell asleep next to him, and soon after, he fell asleep too.”

“It’s really amazingThe CEO has had severe insomnia, and he can’t sleep well in unfamiliar environments or if there are strangers around. But somehow, he falls asleep when he sees you. It’s like magic.”

Xanthea was stunned. Was her presence really that soothing?

At the Glory Building, the set of “Realm of Illusions.”

In the editing room, Kevin was swiftly reviewing the footage from the morning’s shoot. When it was the turn of Phoenix–Xanthea’s character–he slowed down the playback, admiring every expression and movement she made. Suddenly, a tall shadow fell across the large monitor, accompanied by barely audible, steady footsteps.

Feeling curious, Kevin turned around and immediately smiled upon seeing the man. “Ah, Mr. Lockwood? What brings you here today?”

The man stood at the doorway, having his gaze intensely fixed on the girl on the screen, he was seemingly lost in thought.

Kevin noticed his interest and proudly said, “Mr. Lockwood, you really have an eye for talent! Xanthea is a natural at playing Phoenix. I was worried that her vibrant personality and delicate appearance might not suit the role. But in front of the camera, she transforms completely, bringing the character to life impressively, For her first role, her performance is extraordinary. She’s destined for great things.” Orion watched the girl on the screen, who looked both alluring and commanding, so different from her usual self. His–hand clenched slightly, as if trying to grasp something just out of reach,

Though she was right there, just a screen away, she seemed more distant than ever–so far that not even her shadow seemed willing to stay in his world.

“Where’s Xanthea?”


Chapter 169

His voice was low and husky. Kevin looked disappointed. “Oh, Mr. Lockwood, you came to see Xan? Unlucky timing. She just took the afternoon off, didn’t say where she was going, just mentioned it was something important. She probably won’t be back today.”

Orion had his eyes narrowed, hiding a bitter smirk.

“Send me that video segment.”

“Sure, right away!”

My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace ( Xanthea and Mirand )

My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace ( Xanthea and Mirand )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 5/14/2024 Native Language: English
My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace ( Xanthea and Mirand )"After Xanthea died, she witnessed the cold and ruthless president,

My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace

had actually killed the couple who harmed her. He knelt before her grave with bloodied hands, kissing her body, saying, “Xan, it’s too cold underground, I’m here to accompany you.”Reborn into her youth, Xanthea tormented the shameless bastard, Matthew and the despicable woman, Miranda, while also curiously investigating Orion, as they were completely unfamiliar before. Unexpectedly, as soon as they became familiar with each other, she was cornered by the man. “Xan, you know full well that I love you deeply, yet you dare to provoke me! In that case, never think of leaving me.”

My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace


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