Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace ( Xanthea and Mirand ) Chapter 117

Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace ( Xanthea and Mirand ) Chapter 117

Chapter 117

In the driver’s seat Cedric was intently steering the wheel when suddenly it felt as if a roller coaster had whooshed past him. Was it an

If you can’t handle it, don’t use me as your test subject Just drop me off at the hospital up ahead. I still have to shoot later, and I can’t afford any Gosh”

The cold touch of the iodine soaked cotton ball gently brushed against her wound, making Xanthea wince in pain. “Ouch, go easy, please”


Onon, looking at her face tuming slightly pale from the pain, made his movements even lighter, yet his gaze towards the wound was even sharper than the thorns inside

“How did you get these injuries?”

Xanthea didn’t really want to talk to him nor tell him about her situation.

But talking to someone during the painful process of removing the thorns could be a good distraction.

1 got pierced by some roses from overzealous fans by accident”

“At the launch event? Were there cameras around?”


Xanthea nodded, puzzled by his line of questioning. Why was he asking these questions?

Was he suggesting she should hold those fans accountable? Even if it was possible to identify them, and even if they were adults accountable by law, their fanatic behavior would likely get nothing more than scolding by the police, hardly worth the hassle of gathering evidence

Onion spoke up. “Bear with it, I’m going to start pulling out the thorns.”

Upon hearing about

ut pulling out the thors, Xanthea immediately clenched her lips, her pitiful demeanor nearly melting hearts

“Don’t be afraid, I’ll be gentle.”

“Mmm, ah-”

Despite his gentlest efforts, the sharp pain of the rose thoms being pulled from her tender skin was agonizing.

“It hurts, Orion, ah!”

“There, there

Orion blew gently on her wound, his tone as soothing as one might use with a child, “Just bear with it a little longer, I’ll be done soon.”

“Be gentler, please!”

She bit her lips tightly, her pretty little face slightly tilted upward from the pain, a fine sheen of sweat breaking out on her forehead. Orion watched, his deep eyes flashing with a fierce, almost ruthless light, as if he wanted to crush something utterly.

He reached into the car’s cooler, took out a lollipop, unwrapped it, and held it to her lips, “Bite on this if it hurts.”

Xanthea bit into the lollipop, her cheeks puffing out, turning her cries of pain into muffled murmurs, “Mmm–hmm,” 

“Slow down, it’s too fast”

As each thorn was extracted from her arm, Xanthea’s pain caused her to crunch the lollipop into pieces. The sweet taste of peach filled her mouth, seemingly alleviating some of the pain. She looked down to see Orion placing down the tweezers and carefully wrapping her arm with a light gauze bandage.

It was finally over

“Did you get everything out? Is there nothing left inside?” She had just started to ask when her phone rang. It was from Oliver,

“Hello, Uncle?*

“Xan, where have you gone? I’ve been looking for you for ages and couldn’t find you anywhere.”

Xanthea glanced at Orion, who was diligently bandaging her and intermittently seemed almost kind, a mischievous idea suddenly popping into her head, “I’ve been kidnapped.”

My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace ( Xanthea and Mirand )

My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace ( Xanthea and Mirand )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 5/14/2024 Native Language: English
My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace ( Xanthea and Mirand )"After Xanthea died, she witnessed the cold and ruthless president,

My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace

had actually killed the couple who harmed her. He knelt before her grave with bloodied hands, kissing her body, saying, “Xan, it’s too cold underground, I’m here to accompany you.”Reborn into her youth, Xanthea tormented the shameless bastard, Matthew and the despicable woman, Miranda, while also curiously investigating Orion, as they were completely unfamiliar before. Unexpectedly, as soon as they became familiar with each other, she was cornered by the man. “Xan, you know full well that I love you deeply, yet you dare to provoke me! In that case, never think of leaving me.”

My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace


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